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The owners of long locks know like nobody else does how bothersome it can be to deal with those tresses, especially when it is necessary to keep them in order! And if you are one of them, and you are not fond of making complicated hairstyles every time you need to go out somewhere, using a simple hair scrunchy can become a true salvation.

However, scrunchies also need to be kept clean, and that is when most ladies have to face a seemingly simple question: how to wash them properly?

Don’t worry, dear ladies, we will share a couple of secrets of how to maintain your hair accessories and do it carefully.

Washing Hair Scrunchies. Tips And Instructions

To some of you it may seem strange and odd: what instructions can there be about simply washing my scrunchy?! And, well, we can agree to that to a certain point. 

Maintaining these hair accessories of yours is basically of no fuss and bother: most scrunchies are made from the materials that are washable and can be easily tossed into a washing machine barrel. 

However, taking into account the variety of designs and types of this hair decoration, we need to admit that sometimes it is necessary to consider how it will be laundered including the water temperature, the washing settings, and all that stuff. Yep, basically, sounds like preparing to wash your favorite cashmere sweater, right?

Nevertheless, such preparations are often rather reasonable. Scrunchies often have all sorts of decorative elements like beads, ribbons, glitter, etc. And we are sure that every girl knows how delicate those are when it comes to washing! Beads that are glued to the fabric of your scrunchy may fall off if washed in too hot water, for instance. 

This is why we recommend everyone to adhere to some basic instructions prior to tossing their hair accessory into the laundering machine.

So how to wash scrunchies? Well, this can be done either manually or using a machine as we already mentioned before. Each of these approaches has its perks and benefits.

  • Manual wash is obviously gentler. You can carefully treat the most delicate areas of your hair accessory, for instance, if it has beading, laces, ribbons, or any other decorations. 

Kids’ scrunchies with the attached elements (such as fluffy pom poms or mini toys) are also better be washed manually. In fact, the same as the thin ones that can easily be destroyed in a barrel.

In addition, manual laundering is more suitable for washing scrunchies made of delicate fabrics (for instance, velvet or silk) that can be ruined when undergoing a standard washing cycle. 

  • Another option is a machine wash. This one is better for the accessories that are durable and do not need any delicate attitude. 

And now that you are familiar with some very basic information, let us take a closer look at scrunchies washing topic.

Washing Hair Scrunchies
Photo by Dazzling & Hypnotic

In general, the procedure of scrunchy laundering includes several steps:

  1. Define whether your accessory needs a wash. It is easy to do, you can just give it a sniff. If the item smells not OK, then it is time for a bath!
  2. Define the material it is made of. Certain fabrics, such as linen, rayon, silk, and wool must only be hand-washed whereas cotton, acetate, spandex, acrylic, nylon, or polyester scrunchies will easily survive the laundering machine barrel. To figure out what your scrunchy is made of, take a look at its care tag. If it doesn’t have one (let’s say, you already cut it off), well, then you will have to take a risk!
  3. Once you know how the item will be cleaned (manually or not), proceed to the washing. Put the items that need to be hand-washed into a sink or a plastic bowl. Add water and swirl them to let the fabric soak with aqua. Add some fabric detergent, wash the scrunchies thoroughly, squeeze the excessive water out, and rinse. For drying, place the scrunchies on a towel in a well-ventilated area. 
  4. To wash scrunchies in a washing machine, place them in a tightly tied sock or into a lingerie bag, otherwise, there is a high possibility that you will never see them again, and also that your machine will get damaged because of a hair accessory stuck somewhere in an improper place where it does not belong. After that preparation actions, just choose the fitting laundry setting, and start the machine. 
  5. For drying the machine-washed scrunchies, it is fine to go for the air-dry method, however, using a tumble dryer for that will significantly save your time. And remember that for drying, the items must also be placed into a bag!

As for the laundering detergent, there are no specific requirements when it comes to washing hair scrunchies. It is more than fine to opt for the one you use usually when doing a laundry. However, if the item is made of a delicate fabric, it will be better to use a detergent meant for this particular material, for instance, for silk, etc.

Also, we would not recommend you wash scrunchies with your hair shampoo. The purpose of washing them is to delete the build-up and grease, and shampoos are not quite suitable for that, and can be used only as an emergency method.

How to Know When My Scrunchy Needs a Bath

How I Discovered I Had Natural Curl | How ToHow I Discovered I Had Natural Curl | How To

That is quite a reasonable question since scrunchies do not get dirty that much as our shoes, for example. So how do we know when it is time to clean them?

Well, in fact, this is quite simple. To figure out whether your hair accessory is dirty or not, give it a sniff. No jokes! Your nose will definitely tell you how badly the scrunchy is greased.

You see, when we are wearing the same scrunchy daily, the grease and build-up from your scalp end up on its fabric making it smell, well, not quite attractive.

Because of this, it is better to have several scrunchies that you can change daily, and thus wash them regularly. 

Also, take a closer look at the scrunchy. Does it look dull and kind of dusty? Can you say that its color looks a bit faded? If yes, then this is another sign of it being dirty.

To not miss the moment, check your hair accessories once a week, and of course, if you are wearing them actively (for instance, when going to the gym), your scrunchies might need more frequent care.

Washing Scrunchies Of Different Fabrics

Washing Scrunchies Of Different Fabrics

A cotton and polyester scrunchy need to be washed using different detergents and machine settings. And this is what people usually forget about, and what later leads to the hair accessories getting ruined.

So to save your favorite hair bands from ruining, consider to memorize the basic washing requirements regarding the temperature and other stuff prior to beginning the wash.

Linen Rayon Silk Wool
Hand wash 40 C, any detergent wash in cold water each one separately to avoid color bleeding wash with silk care detergent at 30 C 40 C, wool detergent
Machine wash 40 C - 30 C, in a mesh bag, delicate or silk cycle 40 C, wool detergent

Scrunchies Maintenance. Tricks And Tips

Have you ever asked yourself whether you store your scrunchies correctly? We are pretty sure you have not. And it is not bad, it’s just that we don’t usually bother about such things!

Nevertheless, proper storage, as well as some other nuances, can help to keep our hair accessories fresh and good-looking way longer.

Mind how they are being stored

Scrunchies Maintenance
Photo by Emma Simpson

We will say it shortly: proper storage helps to avoid smelly scrunchies and makes them look better. 

  • Try not to hang them by the elastic. Instead, make use of a clip or a peg.
  • Keep your scrunchies in a dry and cool place away from moisture and extreme heat.
  • Buy yourself a scrunchie holder to make the storage easier.

Fresh all the time!

Wearing a smelly scrunchy on the freshly washed hair will not add you more charm, rather on the contrary. To avoid ending up in such a situation, wash them regularly (once a month or weekly if you are wearing them actively).

Follow the storage instructions (see above).

Do not blow-dry them, and try not to expose them to excessive heat.

Dry the scrunchies thoroughly after each wash to ensure they will not get smelly in a drawer or wherever you keep them.

With these simple tips your scrunchies will not only serve you longer, they will also remain good-looking.   

Why to Use Scrunchies At All

How Scrunchies Became Cool Again | History Of | RackedHow Scrunchies Became Cool Again | History Of | Racked

If we look back at the past days, we will see that scrunchies were pretty popular in the 80s and 90s. After that, other hair accessories arrived, and we forgot about this convenient stuff for a while. 

However, not so long ago, a victory march of scrunchies began, and this soft hair accessory has gained popularity again both among the young people and adults, not speaking of kids, of course!
Most of us would say that scrunchy is just another trend of fashion, but in fact, we found out several reasons why using this stuff can be really beneficial for your locks!

  1. Soft scrunchies are way gentler to our heads and scalps since they decrease the tension headaches that are usually caused by the too tight elastic hair bands.
  2. Scrunchies are designed so that they could carefully slip and slide over the strands. It allows us to reduce the damage caused by constant frictions that take place when we are wearing common hair ties.
  3. Silk scrunchies are especially good for the owners of curly manes! They are very careful to such fragile and often coarse tresses preventing any possible damage. And if the silk is  pure, such a hair accessory will be even healthy for your locks! Silk contains proteins that will help the locks to retain moisture.
  4. Scrunchies made of silk can be safely worn during the night without the risk of waking up with your mane full of knots!
  5. Since scrunchies are quite big, they are pretty hard to lose!
  6. Unlike the common ties, scrunchies do not dig into the hair causing those annoying kinks and split ends girls will have to fight with later. 

 How Did Scrunchies Appear?

 How Did Scrunchies Appear

Finally, after figuring out how to clean and maintain our favorite hair accessories, it is time to actually learn when and how such a useful thing was invented.

And here we can see that history turns out to be somewhat tricky. The official “birth” of a scrunchie dates back to 1963 and a man whose name was Philip Meyers. It was him who created such a design for a hair accessory.

Nevertheless, the scrunchy we all know nowadays became widespread and literally took off two decades later, and that story is connected to music. How? Let us explain it to you.

There were a pianist and a singer whose name was Rommy Revson. She had quite a curly mane, and she always suffered from those metal harsh hair ties that used to ruin the locks. So she started looking for a safer and comfier alternative, and this is how scrunchie appeared. 

They say that the design of this hair accessory was inspired by the waistband of pajama pants and that Revson named it after her pet toy poodle, but who cares?! The design was patented, and this revolutionary hair accessory became incredibly popular. 

Throughout its history, scrunchy had over five hundred designs including neon, metallic, funky patterned, and tons more. And today this fashion is back again, and we can see various designs, colors, patterns, and materials of this item in stores.

Ways to Wear Scrunchies

Ways to Wear Scrunchies
Photo by Bryan Dijkhuizen

If anyone heard a “How to wear a scrunchie?” question, he or she would definitely become surprised. What does it mean ‘how’? Just tie it where it belongs! But the thing is that this hair accessory can be worn in many different ways, and we decided to introduce you to some of them just in case.

  • The most obvious and simple way is to make a bun on top of your head and fix it with a scrunchie.
  • A topknot is another variant of how to wear this hair accessory to create a slightly messy and yet stylish look.
  • If you are already tired of simple hair designs like ponytails, why not to try something new? For instance, make a bubble ponytail with two scrunchies.
  • To create an elegant and aristocratic look, make a low bun with a silk or velvet scrunchie of subtle color.
  • For a bit childish and easy-going style, don’t hesitate to make pigtails.

With only these few hair styles every girl can experiment with her look and create new combinations and creative ways of fixing her locks with scrunchies.

So, as you can see, such a seemingly simple thing as a hair scrunchy appeared to have tons of benefits! And perhaps the best thing about it is that this hair accessory is very affordable. So get yourself a bunch of scrunchies of all colors, patterns, and designs, and let your hair and yourself enjoy its convenience and usefulness.

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How to wash your scrunchies - How to clean scrunchies - Machine wash or Hand-wash?How to wash your scrunchies - How to clean scrunchies - Machine wash or Hand-wash?