How to Store Radishes?

All You Need to Know About How to Store Radishes

Written by Elisa Chan. Updated on best way to store radishes

Radish is well-known for its fresh odor and crispy, watery flesh. It is a frequent “guest” in our salads, especially in summer, and it gets along well with other vegetables which makes radish a popular ingredient.  

Radish season is on the way and everyone is looking forward to enjoying a bowl of fresh radish salad. 

Of course, a question of how to preserve radishes is relevant more than ever. To find all the necessary information, switch your memory on, and read attentively!

However, storing radishes may cause questions regarding how to do it properly without harming the vegetable. 

If keeping radishes fresh is your goal, then this article will be a great help for you!

Meet Radish! Curious Facts About This Vegetable

We all know radish. We frequently use this vegetable in various salads, some people like eating it raw right from the garden and certain kinds of radish can even be cooked. But do we know why it has become so popular? 

In fact, radish is a great thing to have on the table more often as this vegetable has a bunch of useful qualities and even more benefits for our health.

Eating radish regularly makes our red blood cells stronger and protects them from any damages, it also provides us with the necessary amount of fiber and is good for the liver. Moreover, radish lovers will have no problems with their heart and blood pressure as this pinky vegetable strengthens the first and balances the second.

how to store radishes
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What else do you need to know to love radish more than ever? It is a best friend to our immune system and metabolism (ladies, pay attention to that fact! Radish is a good way to keep your body slim!). And this is not the complete list of its benefits!

No wonder that you may become interested in how to keep radishes fresh and healthy longer.

Radish Shelf Life. How Long Do Radishes Last Under Different Conditions

Radish is one of those picky and demanding vegetables that have specific storage requirements. You can’t just toss a bunch of it into the freezer and forget about that for days or even weeks – radishes won’t forgive you that!

If you have ever tasted this vegetable (and we are pretty sure that you have), you could have noticed that its texture is pretty much watery with enough juice. This peculiarity makes radishes more sensitive to the storing environment. 

So how to keep radishes fresh? Unlike potatoes or onions, radishes can’t be kept outside the fridge, so, for example, your kitchen counter or the table is not the best place for them to dwell. 

Also, freezing radishes is not the best idea as these vegetables won’t survive the impact of the frost.

On the contrary, the best way to store radishes is to refrigerate them instantly after you brought them home from the store or the market.

Like that, they can remain available for ten to fourteen days at most if you follow the storage instructions of course.

How to store radishes

How Do You Store Radishes? Easy-to-Do Tips

Well, now it is time to talk preserving radishes and keep them crispy and eatable.

Despite the fact that this vegetable can be properly stored when refrigerated only, there are several ways how one can store radishes without destroying them.

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For short-term storage, storing radishes in water is the most effective option.

Take a big bowl, plastic, ceramic or glass, and pour approximately from two to five centimeters of water in it. The water must be cool but not ice-cold, however, to avoid ruining the vegetables.

Take a bunch of radishes as it is together with the tops and immerse it into the water. Ensure that you spread the vegetables evenly around the bowl to give enough space for them to float. Like that, you may ensure that all the radishes get enough water and air.

When being kept this way at room temperature, the vegetables will remain fresh for two days only so remember to use them fast.

How to store radishes in the refrigerator?

use the method described above only instead of leaving the bowl on the kitchen counter or a table, put it to refrigerate.

Like that, the expiration date of the vegetables will shift to five or even eight days.

How to Store RadishesHow to Store Radishes

Another option for storing radishes long-term is to use a plastic tank.

Start with cutting down the roots and the tops from the root-crops but don’t wash the vegetables as, after being washed, they won’t last the same long as when unwashed. You see, extra moisture normally leads to faster rotting of radishes and you are into the completely opposite result, aren’t you?

So after you trim your unwashed veggies, put them all into a plastic bag alternating the layer of radish with the layer of damp paper towel (though tissues or pieces of cloth will work well, too). Ensure that the top layer will be the towel, too. 

Why do so?

Such a method will provide root-crops with enough moisture to last fresh longer as long as their roots were cut off.

Now you only need to squeeze the air from the bag and refrigerate it. 

This method provides preserving the vegetables for two weeks at most.

how to keep radishes fresh
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Canning jar method 

What is required to be done is to cut down the tops and the roots of the root-crops, wash them, stow to the jar and cover with clean water. 

After the lid is on, feel free to refrigerate the vegetables for eight days.

If you want to know how to store radishes long term, use the following option.

Take a carton box and fill it up with damp sand. 

Double-check that the sand is not soaked with water by dampening it with a spray bottle.

Immerse root-crops into the sand ensuring that their roots don’t touch each other, otherwise, it will lead to rotting. There is no need to wash the vegetables as it will also prolong their life.

Now you can bring that box to the cellar or any other cool and dark place and leave there for three months without any worries.

How to Store Radishes to keep them Fresh and Crisp for 1 week!How to Store Radishes to keep them Fresh and Crisp for 1 week!

How to store radishes on the counter?

Radishes can be safely kept on the counter at room temperature. However, you should not leave them for long this way.

Otherwise, they will turn soft and degrade fast. Is it possible to extend their lifespan? Yes, it is. Simply use a bowl of water!

  • Don’t wash or trim your radishes. 
  • Place them in a bowl, unwashed and untrimmed, with the leaves pointed upward.
  • Add cold water to cover the radishes partially.
  • The leaves should be dry!
  • Change the water daily until the leaves begin to droop. 
  • When the leaves droop, cook your radishes at once or move them to the fridge.

For this method, we recommend you use a sturdy bowl, e.g., a ceramic one.

How to store radishes on the counter
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How to store radishes in a cellar?

If you have a cellar, you can store fresh radishes there. This is a good alternative to freezing or keeping them on the counter. To store radishes in a cellar, follow several easy steps:

  • Fill a box with damp dirt or sand.
  • Bury the radishes beneath the dirt or sand in the box. 
  • Ensure they are buried separately and don’t touch each other.

Now you can take the radishes out of the box as needed and then store them in the refrigerator or freezer.

How to store radishes in a cellar
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How to defrost radishes?

If you freeze radishes, you should be able to cook them from frozen. However, if you need (or want) to thaw them first, just transfer them from the freezer to the fridge and leave them there for a few hours.

Your radishes should thaw relatively quickly. But if you want to speed up the process, simply hold them under running water.

How to defrost radishes
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How to Tell When Radishes Are Bad?

You may be very cautious but your vegetables can still get spoiled.

Do radishes go bad? They do if we store them improperly.

How to define if something went wrong with them? If you spot any traces of mold or color-changing or if there is a bad smell coming from the vegetables, discard them instantly without hesitation.

Radish Storage Life Hacks

Proper storage conditions are a must if we want to keep this vegetable fresh and crispy. To achieve that, everyone needs to memorize several tips regarding how to prepare radishes for storage.

  1. There is no single way to store this veggie. Hanging upon the desirable duration of storage, different options may be chosen.
  2. For extending radishes’ lifespan, don’t clean them after harvesting and cut their leaves off.
  3. Always keep the roots of the vegetable in water to protect radish from drying too soon.
  4. Don’t discard the greens unless they are non-eatable. The radish tops are also edible!

The best way how to clean radishes is to wash the dirt away and cut off the greens and roots. Peeling isn’t necessary unless you don’t like the skin. Do the cleaning right before consuming radish, that’s the first point one must remember!

Radish Storage Life Hacks
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Frequently Asked Questions

Storing radish may seem to be quite easy but in fact, some unpredictable questions always appear now and then.

There are several ways of preserving radishes and now it’s time to learn them all.

To guarantee that you won’t have problems with the storage process, check this list out.

How to store daikon radish?

Keep daikon refrigerated in a plastic tank or wrap it with a damp towel. Like that, you will prolong its life till two weeks.

Can you freeze daikon radish?

Radishes can’t stand the impact of the frost and daikon is not an exception, so freezing won’t work well unless you want to spoil it faster.

can you freeze radishes
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Can I freeze radishes?

Any kind of radish is afraid of frost, so freezing them will only make things worse.

How to prevent the dehydrating of radishes?

Want your root-crops fresh and crispy? Then store them in water or being wrapped with a damp towel. Keeping these vegetables in a box with damp sand will also help.

Does radish storage last long?

Depending on the way of storage, radishes may remain eatable from two days to three months.

storing radishes
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How to store fresh radishes?

Fresh root-crops can be either stored in water or in a plastic tank. Also, a box of sand is a good option.

Can you freeze radishes from the garden?

No radish can be frozen, no matter whether it is freshly picked or bought at the store.

How to store sliced radishes?

Cut radishes tend to dry faster so, to save them, wrap them with a wet cloth, a tissue of a paper towel and put it into a plastic tank to refrigerate. 

How to store sliced radishes
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How to store cleaned radishes?

Do it either by packing them into a plastic packet or by stuffing the veggies into the canning jar. For short-term preservation, it’s OK to put the bunch of radishes into a bowl with water.

What’s the best way to store black radishes?

First of all, don’t wash them. Just cover tightly with a newspaper or put them into a perforated plastic packet and keep refrigerated.

How to store fresh radishes from the garden?

The optimal way is to leave them unwashed. Then, hanging upon the type of radish (red or black) they may either be kept in a newspaper wrap (black radishes) or put into a plastic packet or a jar (red ones).

How to store fresh radishes from the garden
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How to store fermented radishes?

If it is already sold packed, just follow the instructions on the packet. If it’s a homemade radish, keep it refrigerated when both opened and unopened.

How to Store Radish Chips?

Dried radish is a great replacement for unhealthy potato chips and other fatty snacks.

To extend their lifespan, keep the snacks in a cool and dry place, preferably in the airtight tank.

How to Store Preserved Sweet Radish?

If it was purchased already sealed and packed, just leave it like this and follow the instructions on the packet label.

However, if you made it yourself, you’d better keep the jar in a cool and dry place away from direct light.

How to Store Preserved Sweet Radish
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How to Store Radish Leaves?

It might be surprising but radish tops are edible! They taste great when sauteed or braised with some olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, and a bit of roasted garlic.

In case you ever wondered how to store radish microgreens, the optimal way is to keep them between the wet paper towels to prevent drying. Also, note that they must stay cold so you’d better choose a resealable packet or tank for them.

Now you are knowledgeable about how to preserve radishes and many other handy things.


This is all you need to know about storing radishes using different storage methods and places. You can freeze them or refrigerate, as well as keep them in a cellar.

Either way, fresh radishes will last long enough for you to enjoy their taste and get all the vitamins they contain.

Besides, with all the storage tips you have now, you will have no problem with keeping radishes fresh and crisp longer!

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How to Store Radishes to keep them Fresh and Crisp for up to 4 weeks!How to Store Radishes to keep them Fresh and Crisp for up to 4 weeks!