How to Store Macarons?

We are in Love with macarons. How to store them in the right way?

How to Store Macarons

Macarons can be a perfect match for any party or serve as a gift. Light cookies, they are loved all over the world. Naturally, everyone wants to know how to keep macarons fresh longer!

How long do macarons stay fresh?

We will reveal the secrets of the shelf life of macarons and will share the specifics of their storage at home.

What Are Macarons Made Of?

To begin with, to understand how to store macarons, we need to figure out what they consist of. It will tell us a lot about their storage nuances.

As you all know, different products have different terms of validity due to what they are made of. It is all the same with macarons!

This dessert is made of grounded almonds or almond flour, icing sugar, and egg whites whipped into the meringue-like consistency. Also, some filler is added.

Such content makes macarons impossible to store at room temperature for a long time since they will turn dry and crumbly pretty soon because of the influence of air. In addition, if it is quite hot in your kitchen, it will speed up the process of hardening and drying.

So, if you don’t feel like having crunchy dessert instead of a delicate meringue-like yummy, we would advise thinking about the other ways of preserving them.

Macaron Storage Specifics and Nuances 

How long do macarons stay fresh
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Since macarons are made of egg whites and sugar with some almond flour added, they have certain storage specifics. 

  • For instance, these sweets are sensitive to moisture so, if it is too humid where they are kept, the shells become soft and somewhat sticky.
  • Since the dessert is quite sensitive to the exposure of air, too, macarons must not be stored at room temperature uncovered for more than one day.
  • Never leave unpacked macarons close to the sources of heat or under the direct sunlight, otherwise, the dessert will dry out pretty fast.
  • To prevent macarons from drying or ruining, always protect them with the cover. Leave macarons in the original package when planning to consume the sweets right away and remove the dessert to the plastic packet for longer storage.

How long do macarons last?

When correctly packed, they will remain edible for four days refrigerated and for nearly three months being frozen.

Storing Macarons. Precise Guideline With Tips And Lifehacks

Macaron Storage
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Since now you are informed about the major macaron storage nuances, let’s take a closer look at the details of the storage process.

First of all, to keep them fresh, one can refrigerate macarons. Leaving the dessert in a fridge will extend its lifespan for something like four days – a perfect choice if you need to keep them for the party or, as a variant, for storing store-bought dessert. 

However, macarons can often be made at home and then we will need another way of preserving them since some leftover sweets can remain unconsumed.

For keeping macarons longer, we would advise freezing. This is the best way to store macarons if they have to be kept fresh and edible for more than several days.

Below, you will find the instruction on how to deal with both purchased and homemade desserts.

Storing Macarons After Purchase

how to storemacarons
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For proper fridge storage, follow these simple tips:

  • Always put the dessert into the airtight tank. If it was sold in a soft packet, find a glass or a plastic box with a tight lid and remove the desserts there.
  • Keep macarons placed side by side or on top of each other with a sheet of parchment separating the pieces to prevent them from sticking.
  • Avoid placing the desserts in several layers. If there are too many of them, separate the layers with a sheet of parchment.
  • Keep the box with the desserts on the middle shelf of the fridge. The temperature is more stable there.

Nothing complicated at all! 

And remember that refrigerated macarons must be eaten within three days, otherwise, their quality will begin to get worse after that period of time.  

How to Keep Baked Macarons Fresh

How long do macarons last
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If you made some macarons yourself, the storage scheme will be slightly different.

  • After baking the shells, let them cool first.
  • Then, you can go two different ways. The first one is to fill the cooled shells with the filler and refrigerate the finished macarons using the airtight tank.
  • The second way is to refrigerate the shells for filling them later.

No matter which of the approaches you choose, make sure the tank is tightly closed and it is clean and dry completely since macarons are sensitive to moisture!

Both homemade and purchased desserts will stay refrigerated for a maximum of three days.

Can You Freeze Macarons?

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Of course, a question may occur whether freezing macarons is acceptable.

In fact, this dessert freezes quite well and keeps its taste and delicate texture. 

So, if you wonder how to freeze macarons, remember this simple instruction.

  • For preserving store-bought macarons, better replace them to the glass or plastic airtight tank with a tight lid.
  • Put the desserts in one layer if possible. If not, separate the layers with a sheet of parchment.
  • To freeze homemade macarons, one can either freeze them whole or do it to the shells first adding the filler later. Anyway, the requirements for the tank are the same as for the store-bought desserts.

When exposed to frost properly, macarons are able to preserve their qualities for up to six months.

For defrosting, just put the deserts to the fridge for several hours and remember that defrosted macarons are edible for 2-4 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Keep Baked Macarons Fresh
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Even though now you know all the specifics of macarons storage, some additional questions may always appear. To help you out, we have collected the most frequent ones regarding this delicate dessert.

How long do macarons last at room temperature?

Normally, macarons don’t like being stored like this, that is why they won’t last longer than one day.

How to store french macarons?

French macarons don’t differ from all the other types of this dessert. That is why the storage requirements are the same: in the airtight box, refrigerated or frozen.

Can You Freeze Macarons
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How to store macaron shells?

They can be either refrigerated or frozen depending on how soon they are planned to be consumed. The requirements for storing macaron shells re the same as for the whole desserts.

How to store macarons overnight?

If you are sure that they’ll be used the next day, keep the dessert away from the direct sunlight and the sources of heat and cover them to protect from moisture and drying.

Do macarons go bad?

They do. The major signs of macarons spoilage are the overdried surface of the dessert, the porous texture of its inside and the shells that became too crumbly.

Use these macarons storage tips and you’ll always be able to enjoy the delicious dessert!

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