How Long Does Red Bull Last?

Everything you wanted to know about properties of Red Bull

How Long Does Red Bull Last?

Drinking red bull is a common and normal thing for those who need to boost their energy instantly when tea or coffee doesn’t work anymore.

In this case, to drink a bottle of the red bull may seem to be the best option to cheer up and keep on working.

But is it really so? Does red bull keep you awake indeed? 

Let’s find it out!

Is Red Bull Bad For You? Pros and Cons

Does red bull keep you awake

The red bull energy drink has become widely popular all over the world quite a long time ago. Its story begins in Asia where the idea of an energy drink has arrived from Japan that released a similar drink in 1962.

So how does red bull work? As comes from its name, it is an energy drink which means that its main goal is to give you an extra energy kick. Does the red bull give you energy indeed? The answer to this question lies in the contents of this product.

Like any other energetic, the red bull consists of a very high amount of caffeine and sugar – the most popular energy boosters in the world. 

how does red bull work
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In one bottle of the red bull drink, there are about eighty milligrams of caffeine which is, in fact, the same amount as you would get when drinking a cup of strong black coffee without milk.

In addition, the red bull consists of such extra ingredients as taurine and inositol. Their amount is not so big compared to caffeine and sugar (it is only 0.4 percent) but the effect is significant.

What do these elements do? Taurine is an amino acid that regulates the heartbeat and our muscles’ contractions. Whilst inositol is a part of the B vitamin group that assists in relaying the messages within the cells in our body.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But is it all really so safe and nice? Someone may be drinking red bull every day, you know! 

 Is Red Bull Bad For You
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As we have already figured out, the can of the red bull contains as much caffeine as a cup of strongly brewed coffee.

Caffeine boosts our energy, that’s true, but, when being consumed regularly and in the big amounts, it will finally start affecting our blood vessels making their walls fragile and causing the instant blood pressure surges which will end up in problems with the blood vessels pressure and ability to transport the blood properly.

Sugar is also not the best friend for our body and the circulatory system in particular. After being consumed too often, it produces the scurf on the inside of the walls of our blood vessels. It may result in different illnesses like varicosis and others.

So what does red bull do to you in fact? It does give you extra energy but in exchange, if you use it regularly, you will most likely pay with your own health.

How Long Does a Red Bull Last In Your Body After Drinking It?

Does the red bull give you energy
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How long do the effects of red bull last? Everything depends on each person’s body specifics but normally the effect of one can last for five hours at most. However, there are cases known when a person could stay active for one or two hours only.

That is why some people tend to develop some sort of red bull addiction drinking this energetic regularly.

However, when taking a red bull every day, its effect will soon reduce because of the caffeine that begins to work worse the more you drink it. 

How many red bulls can you drink in a day? The officially recommended safe dose of caffeine per day is four hundred milligrams (400 mg), nevertheless, there are people who are more and less sensitive to its effect. Respectively, some can stand bigger or smaller dose per day.

Negative Effects of Drinking Red Bull

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Those who tale the red bull on a regular basis have noticed that their bodies have some side reactions to this drink.

“Red bull makes me tired,” they say or “red bull makes me sleepy”. And it is absolutely expected reaction! The ingredients in this drink block the brain chemicals that are involved in sleep. If you block them for too long, sooner or later all the tiredness will burst out and you will not be able to resist.

When taking a bottle of red bull a day, get your body used to it and soon it requires more caffeine to feel active. However, caffeine has a side effect: the more you drink it, the less it works making you literally a red bull addict.

Another unpleasant result of drinking this thing is that the red bull causes headaches, especially when a person has a weakened circulatory system or problems with blood pressure.

Red Bull Shelf Life

Is Red Bull Bad For You

Of course, you may be wondering: how long does red bull last?

Well, after you open it, it will remain consumable for at least two and the longest four days.

Does red bull expire? That’s a good question because nobody would like to get food poisoning after taking a sip or two.

The expiry date of the red bull is from twelve to twenty-four months after it was produced. But it is true to the unopened can only! If you opened it, consume the drink within four days at most.

We hope that this article and the information provided in it was useful for you and you will take it all into account before buying the next red bull can or before you decide whether to start using this drink at all or not.

Red bull is one of the most expensive energy drinks today and its effect doesn’t differ from coffee much which is much cheaper.

Anyway, there are many more ways how you could restore your energy without using energy drinks that tend to make you addictive and may ruin your health after a while.

Be reasonable and take care of your body and health.

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