How Long Do Helium Balloons Last?

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How Long Do Helium Balloons Last

Balloons are one of the most favorite and funniest things both for kids and adults. They are nice and bring us joy and happiness. What could be better than a bunch of bright and colorful floating things brought to a party?! Of course, we would like to keep them up in the air longer! 

If you have ever wondered how long helium balloons last, this article will help you to answer this question!

How Long Will Helium Balloons Last? What It Depends On?

How Long Do Helium Balloons Last

You have probably noticed many times that the ordinary balloons that you inflate yourself with your own breath only don’t last so long and usually, they are already wrinkled after less than a week.

It’s mostly because we can’t properly inflate them whilst when being inflated correctly, they can last for a very long period of time, approximately for weeks or even longer

Another odd trait of the balloons filled with the air is that they won’t float if you put them in a room.

That is why helium-filled balloons have become so widely popular nowadays! How long does helium in balloons last? The balloons inflated with helium last less than air-inflated ones but they can charmingly float in your room making it look cheerful and nice.

How Long Will Helium Balloons Last
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How long does helium last in balloons? Usually, when being inflated with helium, an eleven-inch balloon can last approximately from ten to twenty hours.

If someone blows it up accidentally, its duration won’t be that long.

So what affects the lifespan of the helium-filled balloons?

  • First of all, a helium balloon lifespan depends on how tightly and properly the end of the balloon is fixed and how safe the balloon is itself.
  • Also, the temperature in the room where the balloons are kept matters a lot. The balloons inflated with helium are best to be kept at the even and comfortable room temperature, not too hot and not too cool.
 how long helium balloons last
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That’s why it’s also advised not to transport your balloons in a car when they are already inflated. Moreover, keeping them close to the heaters or the air conditioner can also cause them to deflate soon.

  • Another issue that you might not be aware of is that the balloons must be taken out of the balloon transport bag ASAP because when staying inside for too long, their durability becomes lower.
  • The material which was used for the balloons is also essential. For example, latex balloons release helium faster because this material is porous whilst foil balloons can remain afloat much longer.
  • And finally, the bigger the balloon the longer it will last! The average 11 inches balloon made of latex normally remains afloat for a maximum of twelve hours. Instead, the same latex balloon of 90 cm will last for three to five days!

Pay attention to all of these factors when choosing what balloons to buy!

 How Long Do Foil Helium Balloons Last?

helium balloon lifespan
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Foil balloons filled with helium usually last for five or even seven days if they are being kept under the proper conditions and were blown up correctly.

Foil doesn’t release helium so easy as latex does so that’s why this sort of balloons is more long-lasting compared to how long latex helium balloons last.

Helium Balloon Fill Chart

Photo by Minh Trí on Unsplash
Photo by Emin Sefiyarov on Unsplash

Is it possible to calculate how much helium the balloons of different sizes will need? Absolutely! Simply use the following chart and go back to it whenever you need to doublecheck.


Balloon SizeHelium Amount per Balloon
7’’ latex balloon0.15 cubic feet
9’’ latex balloon0.27 cubic feet
10’’latex balloon0.30 cubic feet
11’’latex balloon0.50 cubic feet
12’’latex balloon0.52 cubic feet
14’’latex balloon1.00 cubic feet
16’’ latex balloon1.25 cubic feet
20’’latex balloon2.42 cubic feet
36’’ latex balloon14.10 cubic feet
18’’ foil balloon0.44 cubic feet


This chart will allow you to know precisely how much helium each type of balloon needs.

Frequently Asked Questions. Extra Hints to Know About the Balloons

Helium Balloon Fill Chart

If you still have questions regarding the specifics of balloons usage, we have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions that may be interesting and useful for you to check out. 

These are good to keep in mind when going to buy some balloons for a party or as a gift.

  • How long will helium balloons float?

A ten-inch latex balloon inflated with helium will float for eight to ten hours whilst twelve-inch one will last for twelve hours.

  • How long do latex helium balloons last?

Latex helium balloons are quite long-lasting. They can remain afloat for ten to twenty hours depending on their size.

  • Will helium balloons last overnight?

If they are foil balloons, then they will. Otherwise, simple latex balloons won’t be able to keep their shape so long.

Helium Balloon Fill Chart
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  • How to make helium balloons last longer?

If you want to prolong the lifespan of the latex helium balloon, use a Hi-Float, a protective substance that is inserted into the balloon to cover its insides and prevents helium from leaking out.

  • How long do helium foil balloons last?

Foil balloons, when being kept properly, can delight you for weeks and sometimes even for months!

  • How long does balloon with Hi-Float last?
latex helium balloons last.
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When applying Hi-Float, the lifespan of a balloon can be extended for several more days and up to one week.

So, before purchasing ballons for a party of a birthday, ensure that you remember all the useful advice given above. 

Keeping the balloons under the correct conditions and properly prepared for being used will allow them to last longer without becoming wrinkled and dull.

These life hacks and tips can help you not only to correctly calculate the amount of helium required for the ballons but also they will allow you to enjoy these beautiful and joyful floating things much longer!


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