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How Long Do Grapes Last In The Fridge?

Find out how to store out favorite fruit

How Long Do Grapes Last In The Fridge

Grapes are among the most widely consumed berries. These juicy bunches are a true relief on a hot summer day! 

Want to know how long grapes can stay fresh in the fridge?

Find this and more useful information together with a grape shelf life nuances below!

Health Benefits Of Consuming Grapes

We all know that consuming fresh fruits and berries is useful to our health since it gives us vitamins and plenty of other healthy and not quite understandable for us things.

What fruits do you like best of all?

Grape is not an exception.

Even though it is very sweet and has a pretty high content of sugar, this is, first of all, a healthy sugar, and second, the grape has many more health benefits that people may not even guess about!

grapes benefits
  • Grape is very low in fat and it has a low amount of calories 
  • It is rich in vitamins C, K, and B6
  • Regular consumption of grapes works as a great antioxidant (means that it contributes to repairing our cells) preventing many chronic diseases
  • Eating grapes on a regular basis will protect us from cancer
  • Grapes lower blood pressure
  • These berries protect our heart and strengthen it
grape shelf life
Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash
  • Grapes work as cholesterol reducers
  • Despite it is very sweet, it gets down the level of blood sugar and protects us from diabetes!
  • Consuming grape will have a great positive effect on the eyes health
  • Improves our mood, memory, and attention (students, pay attention to this!)
  • The grape makes our bones stronger
  • It also fights against certain bacteria, yeast infection, and viruses
  • Reduces inflammation
  • And finally, grapes allow us to age much slower

Now you understand why it is so important to keep this fruit fresh longer

Luckily, the grape is not too demanding, however, certain storage nuances must still be taken into account.

Grapes Storage Specifics

How To Store Grapes

Even though grapes are more durable compared to their counterparts, certain conditions must be provided to prolong their lifespan and preserve useful qualities.

  • Never wash grape bunches before storing them
  • Keeping them unrefrigerated is prohibited since they get spoiled pretty fast
  • At room temperature, grapes will stay fresh from two to twenty-four hours. Then the berries begin rotting
  • Avoid keeping grapes near the sources of heat to avoid rotting
  • Rinse grapes right before eating them
  • The ideal environment for grapes is 30-32 F with 90-95 percent relative humidity
  • Always use the grapes that have fallen from the stems first since they tend to spoil faster
  • Never put grapes close to the food or veggies with the strong smell since they are very sensitive to odors and intake them easily

These tips sound very simple but following them will allow preserving grapes tasty, fresh, and sweet.

Grapes Shelf Life

Grapes Shelf Life

Since these berries are not so picky, it would be useful to learn how to deal with grapes correctly. One only needs to memorize the basic requirements regarding their shelf life.

Which grapes do you prefer?
Red grape
White grape
Pink grape
Black grape
  • How long do grapes last?

Everything hangs upon the conditions.

Refrigerated berries have a lifespan equal to seven or even fourteen days whereas frozen are OK to consume within a year after exposing them to frost.

  • How long do grapes last at room temperature?

Fresh berries remain like this for several hours when unrefrigerated. When being left longer, they will dry slowly.

How long do grapes last at room temperature
  • How to tell when grapes are bad?

Normally, the first sign is the wrinkled skin. In case the berries have been exposed to warm air long enough, they will also have a specific sour odor.

Rotten grapes will have traces of mold on them.

  • How long can grapes sit out?

The longest term grapes can be left out is twenty-four hours.

How to Tell If Grapes Are Bad?

How to Tell If Grapes Are Bad

Everyone knows that consuming spoiled food including fruits and berries will not end up well for our health. Respectively, it’s good to know the first signs of grapes spoilage to be able to prevent the complete rotting

When do grapes go bad? Usually, when we store them improperly, in a too hot place, for instance, or under the direct sunlight. Also, these berries don’t like it when we wash them before storing them since it makes grapes rot sooner.

To define spoiled grapes in your kitchen or fridge, look for the following symptoms:

  • wrinkled skin
  • berries that became too soft or mushy
  • strong sour odor
  • traces of mold
  • color deterioration

What happens if you eat bad grapes? If by any chance, you happened to consume several spoiled berries, you won’t die, of course. You may feel slight nausea or feel nothing at all if your stomach is strong enough or if the grapes were not too spoiled. 

However, consuming rotten grapes will bring harmful bacteria, fungus, and spores into your body and that’s not good because one can get badly sick because of them.

So check the grapes for any signs of spoilage regularly to discard the off berries instantly. 

What to Do With Grapes Going Bad?

What to Do With Grapes Going Bad

If the berries are bad only a bit, they’re still OK to use – just in a bit different way.

Of course, we don’t mean eating bad grapes!

But did anyone know that bad berries can still be consumed safely after certain manipulations?

For instance, old grapes can be dried in the oven! It will release their natural sweetness, besides, oven-dried berries will be a great match for grains or salads!

Another way to use old berries is to make raisins in a special dehydrator or the oven.

Obviously, the badly rotten grape will do for none of these recipes.

How Long Will Grapes Last In The Fridge?

How to Tell If Grapes Are Bad

The optimal method for extending grapes’ life is to refrigerate them. It will preserve juiciness and will keep the texture untouched.

How long can grapes last in the fridge?

From seven to fourteen days, if they are packed correctly.

To achieve good results in refrigerating grapes, follow several simple steps.

  • Take unwashed (!) bunches of grapes and put into a well-ventilated tank or packet
  • If grapes were brought from a store, leave them in the original packet, it’s already meant for proper refrigerating
  • Find a place away from the strong odors
  • Keep grapes there until deciding to taste some. 

Grapes Freezing: Yes Or No?

How to freeze Grapes

Naturally, someone may ask whether it is fine to freeze grapes. Moreover, how long do frozen grapes last?

Well, grapes are easily frozen, indeed, and the process won’t take you much time.

  • Just wash the bunches and dry them
  • Put into sealable plastic packets
  • Toss into the freezing camera

That’s all! If you want, remove the grapes from their stems first, then spread them over the baking sheet covered with the baking paper and freeze until they’re hard.

Then stuff the frost-resistant packets with the grapes and return to the freezing camera.

Feel free to experiment since grapes taste well both fresh and as a part of a salad or being added to the juice.

Grapes Keeping. FAQ

Grapes Keeping. FAQ
Photo by David Köhler on Unsplash

Everyone knows that foods will last to the longest when stored according to the respective keeping instructions. However, we sometimes don’t know for sure how to deal even with the most common products, especially when it comes to keeping fruits and berries.

These sorts of foods are especially delicate since they are apt to spoilage more than other foodstuffs.

In particular, grapes need quite a lot of attention and care since when stored wrong, they tend to rot very quickly.

To solve this problem, we collected the most widespread inquiries from those who consume grapes often enough to see what bothers people most of all about these berries.

What is the best way to stock fresh grapes?

What is the best way to stock fresh grapes

The optimal method is to keep them unwashed (that’s important!) in a plastic bag refrigerated. Cool surroundings will be the best variant for this kind of fruit.

Shall I rinse grapes before putting them to refrigerate?

By no means! Grapes must not have any contact with water before you eat them! The excess moisture caused by water will make the decaying process go faster which will lead to sooner rotting.

Can grapes be kept together with apples?

Neither apples nor any other fruits must not be put to the same bag with grapes to be stored! Such a contact will speed up the spoilage process in both of the fruits.

Is it ok to leave grapes close to the vegetables when refrigerated?

Is it ok to leave grapes close to the vegetables when refrigerated
Photo by Mahdi Shakhesi on Unsplash

First of all, grapes quickly absorb odors so keeping them near the strong-smelling vegetables (let’s say, onions) would not be the best idea. Besides, certain vegetables (like potatoes and onions) and fruits (e.g. apples, peaches, mangoes) give off a lot of ethylene gas that speeds up ripening and further rotting.

In what tank is it better to keep grapes in the fridge?

Some people keep grapes in a plastic bag, others prefer airtight firm containers. Whi is right? 

Grapes belong to that sort of foods that are in need of a cool and moisture-free place to remain fresh. So the basic requirement is to ensure that they are away from water and heat. As for the tank, the soft packet is ok until there’s a guarantee that grapes won’t be smashed by the heavier foodstuffs. So in terms of safety, a firm tank would be a more preferable option.

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