Does Oatmeal Go Bad? 

All useful information about oatmeal

Does Oatmeal Go Bad

Oatmeal is a great option for a quick and nutritious breakfast both for kids and adults. They taste perfect when being cooked plain, with sugar, honey, nuts or berries, and fruits. 

Of course, oats shelf life has always been a point of concern for many generations of housewives! 

Can oatmeal go bad? This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

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Health Benefits of Eating Oats

All of us heard many times that oats are extremely useful and healthy. Some of you may still remember a bowl or morning porridge that you had to eat before going to school.

Gosh, how many people hated that porridge and tried to skip it no matter what! However, consuming oatmeal on a regular basis is indeed a great help for our health.

First of all, oats are gluten-free and contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Oats have a very well balanced nutrient composition with a high level of fiber, carbs, and protein.

Can oatmeal go bad
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Iron, zinc, copper, vitamins B1 and B5, phosphorus, and magnesium – and that’s not a complete list of all the healthy things that can be found in the ordinary portion of oatmeal.

Consuming oats allows making our blood flow better and dilating our blood vessels, they bring down the cholesterol level keeping it on the normal index.

In addition, oats contribute greatly to the blood sugar level control and – you will be surprised – they are very helpful for keeping our weight under control!

These grains even make our skin better!

Since oats are so healthy and great, why not learn more about their shelf life and storage?

Oatmeal Shelf Life

Oatmeal Shelf Life
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The duration of oatmeal durability depends on several different factors.

First of all, it matters how it’s being stored. Oats are grains by nature which means that they must be kept in the airtight tank with a lid being tightly and properly closed. Ensure that no air or moisture can get inside the tank.

Besides, the firmly sealed lid will protect the oats from the intrusion of any vermins.

The best place to keep oats is a cool and dark cupboard, however, if a longer-term of storage is required, it would be better to refrigerate the grains.

How long does oatmeal last
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How long does oatmeal last?

Normally, oatmeal is a very long-lasting product. Of course, everything depends on what type of cereal we are talking about but any uncooked oatmeal will remain edible for months, to be precise, from one to three years in total.

  • Does oatmeal expire?

Oatmeal does expire if it’s being kept under improper conditions, for example, if it’s being exposed to the influence of moisture or any temperature fluctuations.

  • What is the average shelf life of oatmeal?

Here everything will depend on what type of cereal it is all about. For instance, flavored instant oatmeal stays edible for six to nine months which is the shortest validity period. Instant and steel-cut oatmeal will last longer, something like two years at most whereas five-minute oatmeal will be consumable even after three years of storage.

Now that we have figured out the basic nuances of the oatmeal life, let’s find out what actions to take if, by any chance, we notice that our cereal has turned bad or about doing this soon.

Everything You Wanted to Know About  Oatmeal Expiration

Does oatmeal expire
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As we have already mentioned, oatmeal is a pretty durable grain so you really need to make an effort to spoil it. 

Do oats go bad? Of course, they do. Oats are very sensitive to the excess moisture and temperature fluctuations which can start the spoilage process.

How do you define the expired oatmeal? Well, if it’s uncooked, examine it thoroughly. If you notice any traces of mold (it can look like a web a bit) or the grains change their color, you’d better discard the oats instantly.

When being cooked, old oatmeal usually has a bitter taste so you will easily understand that it is not good.

Can you eat expired oatmeal? We would not advise you to do so as rotten oats can cause different foodborne diseases with all the unpleasant effects.

Can Oats Go Bad? FAQ

shelf life of oatmeal
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So now you are aware of the most essential information regarding oats. But life shows that it’s not the only thing that one needs to learn about this food.

We have collected several most frequent questions that you might ask regarding different types of oats and we hope they will be useful for you.

  • How long are rolled oats good for?

Like most of the oats, rolled type of cereals usually remains edible for two years at most.

  • What’s the instant oatmeal shelf life?

No matter whether it is unopened or already unsealed, instant oats will surely stay consumable for a couple of years.

  • Do quick oats go bad?
 Oatmeal Expiration
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They do only if you make an effort. Otherwise, quick oats can safely stay in the cupboard for three years.

  • Rolled oats shelf life

When being stored in a tightly sealed tank in a cool and dry place, rolled oats remain consumable for 18-24 months.

Does instant oatmeal go bad?

Any oatmeal goes bad if it’s being kept under wrong conditions but normally, instant uncooked oats last for two years at most.

Can steel-cut oats go bad?

If you store this type of oats in a place with the high moisture level or in the improperly closed tank where vermins could get, steel-cut oats can get spoiled soon.

That is why be cautious and attentive when dealing with cereals to ensure they are still edible. Check the oats in your cupboard regularly to spot any signs of spoilage and to manage to prevent the rotting at its beginning.

We do hope that these simple tips will allow you to organize the oats-storing process better and more efficiently so that you will be able to enjoy this tasty and healthy food longer together with your family.

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