How to Store Marshmallows

Learn how to keep them soft and tasty longer with no big effort

How to Store Marshmallows

Marshmallows are one of the most widespread and popular sweets all over the world. Their delicate and soft texture, gentle taste, and moderate sweetness complement any hot drink from tea to cocoa and even hot chocolate.

However, every sweet tooth knows that, after opening the packet of these spongy white yummies, they tend to deteriorate pretty fast and lose their taste and softness. So today we will tell you about the basic terms of marshmallow keeping and give a couple of hints on how to make them stay the same soft and delicious as on the day they were bought.

How to Keep Marshmallows Fresh

An opened packet of marshmallows does have one really bad habit that can make any person, even the most patient one, go nuts. Yep, we mean that its content tends to dry pretty fast. And let’s agree, while fresh marshmallows are super delicious and pleasant on the tongue, their dry and rubbery alternative is way less attractive and appealing!

No wonder that so many people who are in love with this sweet stuff are in constant search of effective ideas about the storage and protection of their precious dessert! And even though there is no officially best way to store marshmallows, we decided to figure out how this soft candy can be prevented from its early “death”.

So if you have been constantly asking yourself the same question regarding storing marshmallows properly, we suggest you get acquainted with some handy rules and nuances that can help to keep mellows longer.

First of all, let us start with the two most frequently asked inquiries.

Can you refrigerate marshmallows?

Well, basically, yes, you can do that! This approach will work especially well if you have too many leftover sweets, and you know for sure that they will not be finished in time before the expiration date indicated on the packet.

Fortunately, the good thing about marshmallows is that they are not demanding at all when it comes to the storage regulations. So if it so happens that they need to be chilled, we suggest you find a hermetic tank and transfer those soft candy from their original packet inside of their new “home”. 

How to Keep Marshmallows Fresh
Photo by Jessica Ruscello

Since marshmallows are very sensitive to moisture in the air, it is crucially important to keep them safe while storing in the fridge since it is quite moist surrounding in there. Luckily, a proper airtight container will be a great help!

Moreover, such a container will protect the dessert from picking other odors since marshmallows are extremely good at that!

Can you freeze marshmallows?

Freezing marshmallows is something people usually don’t even think about since it seems so weird. Is that even possible to leave these soft yummies in a frosting camera?! Surprisingly, it is. Moreover, these spongy delicious sweets proved themselves to be quite freezer-friendly!

So even if it is not indicated on the packet that its content can be preserved this way, we encourage you to not hesitate and give it a try. Leaving them frozen is an ideal way to keep marshmallows fresh when you still have a batch of them that will not be eaten before it expires.

So how to do that, you may wonder? The scheme hangs upon whether the packet is already opened or not. If the package is still sealed, simply toss it into the frosting camera and don’t bother yourself.

However, if you already opened it, then some additional steps will have to be taken. In this case, the soft candy can be transferred either into a frost-resistant packet or into the hermetic tank that can go to the frosting camera. Once the sweets are in there, make sure they are not packed too tightly, otherwise, there will be a great risk of squishing them!

How to Store Marshmallows | Dehydrate Marshmallows | Vacuum Seal MarshmallowsHow to Store Marshmallows | Dehydrate Marshmallows | Vacuum Seal Marshmallows

If everything is fine, simply leave the tank with marshmallows in your frosting camera until you will need them next time.

What about unfreezing? Well, just like with chilling them, defrosting marshmallows is very simple and far from being time-consuming. Whenever you need them, take the tank out from the frosting camera, and place it into the fridge. Like that, the content will soften back again smoothly retaining the texture of the candy. 

However, if you figure out that your mallows are a bit too sticky compared to how they felt before, don’t worry. Go for some cornstarch or powdered sugar to sprinkle it over the spongy sweets to revive them.

How to Keep Marshmallows Soft

Marshmallow storage is not that complicated task to complete, however, people often face certain difficulties and issues when trying to preserve this candy’s softness.

And indeed, marshmallows tend to dry quite quickly if kept improperly, so if an issue of how to soften hard marshmallows is your constant pain, we will gladly share a couple of tips with you.

  • To keep the candy soft in an opened bag, try to put a slice of white bread inside.
  • Always keep the opened packet of marshmallows tightly sealed! Twist the opened end of the packet tightly, and fix it with a rubber band or a twist tie,
  • Find a cool and dry spot that is located away from the direct light. Such a spot will be the optimal choice for your mallows.
How to Keep Marshmallows Fre
Photo by Briana Tozour

Of course, it is better not to leave this spongy candy out in a bowl since air will do its nasty job and turn the soft and delicate yummy into a dry and rubbery rubbish.

But basically, the tips we described will help to keep marshmallows the same soft and delicate as on the day you purchased them.

Do Marshmallows Go Bad?

Do marshmallows expire? This is perhaps the most thrilling inquiry of all times for the sweets lovers! This soft candy looks quite durable and people tend to believe that it has almost endless lifespan.

If only it was true! Unfortunately, just like any other foodstuff, marshmallows will one day expire. Can you eat expired marshmallows? Well, the fact that they passed beyond the expiry date does not mean that, once expired, they become unsafe to eat. Marshmallows are very unlikely to lead to any foodborne diseases or food poisoning.

However, expired marshmallows will definitely not look that attractive and they will not taste that delicious as the fresh ones, so you will most likely not even want to give them a try.

In most cases, this kind of candy degrades when being improperly stored, for instance, when we let it be exposed to air or light, or if we leave them too close to the heat sources (for instance, a stove or heating devices).

So if you want to enjoy them longer, we would recommend following all the storage instructions. And of course, in case you notice that the marshmallows you bought turned too dry and became gooey and even rubbery, don’t waste your time and effort reviving it. At that point, doing anything makes no sense, and the only possible and reasonable choice will be to discard the old stuff and buy a bag of fresh yummies.

How Long Are Marshmallows Good For?

Naturally, when buying a large pack of mallows, we would like to know for how long they will remain edible and tasty. Regarding this, marshmallow shelf life is the first thing we must think of when deciding how many of them we need.

In general, the lifespan of this candy varies hanging upon the manufacturer. Some brands can be stored for two months whereas others will easily survive in your kitchen cabinet for half a year. 

Nevertheless, when dealing with mallows, keep in mind the rule of thumb: as long as the packet is sealed, its content can stay consumable for a few weeks past the expiry date. After being opened, these spongy yummies will not stay alive for long.  

And of course, if there is a need to prolong the lifespan of this candy, think of making frozen marshmallows.

To better see the difference, check out the comparative shelf life chart below.

  Pantry Fridge Freezer
Unopened best by + 1 month up tp 2 weeks 4 month
Opened 3 days 1 week 4 months

Of course, take into consideration that all these terms are approximate, and the actual lifespan of a candy strongly hangs upon how it was manufactured. Any marshmallow is better to be eaten as soon as you can until it is of the highest quality and taste.

How to Keep Marshmallows From Sticking Together

How to Keep Marshmallows From Sticking Together
Photo by delfi de la Rua

If you ever left your mallows for too long in a pantry or the kitchen cabinet, then you definitely know that they often become annoyingly sticky. We would even say that sticky marshmallows is the worst nightmare of any sweet tooth since it is pretty bothersome to try to pull those softies away from each other when they obviously don’t feel like doing that!

So how to unstick your stubborn marshmallows? There is one simple but yet a good-working method. Take some cornstarch or powdered sugar, pour it into the bag or tank with the sticky candy, close it, and give it a proper shake! 

You need to ensure that all the pieces are covered with the sugar/starch. Once they are, it will be much simpler to divide mallows from each other.

And even if you manage to complete that mission from the first try, we would recommend memorizing how to keep marshmallows from sticking.

  • Keep the opened bag of mallows tightly sealed or tied. As a variant, place it into the hermetic tank.
  • Try not to stuff too many marshmallows into the container, otherwise, they will stick more likely.
  • Don’t leave your precious sweets close to heat, exposed to air and light since those are the risky factors that can lead to sticking and/or drying.

What Are They Made Of?

This Is How Marshmallows Are Really MadeThis Is How Marshmallows Are Really Made

Have you ever wondered what is in those soft and spongy sweet treats we all love so much? No? Then you have come to the right place since we are going to reveal that secret to you today!

See, this confection is traditionally made of dissolved sugar, gelatin, and water that are then being whipped to a solid mass with a soft consistency. To make them so spongy, a whipping agent (usually protein) is used. 

In fact, the procedure reminds us of making whipped cream or fluffy scrambled eggs in a way, only this time it is all about sweetness.

Are marshmallows beneficial? Well, in terms of sugars, we would say one shall be careful with them just like with any other dessert or candy. But on the other hand, this confection does have certain positive features:

  • marshmallows contain zero fat which makes them safer to eat for those who watch for their weight
  • they are quite low in calories containing only ninety-two grams per 100 gram packet of sweets
  • these spongy yummies are zero fiber
  • 100 grams of them contain only 0/5 grams of protein

So, as you can see, they can’t be called that nutritious, but as a weight-loss friendly snack, it is fine to chew them on occasion.

Ways Of Eating Them

Ways Of Eating Them
Photo by Joyful

Yes, we are not joking, there is not just one way we can consume these soft and delicate sweets! First of all, can you say how marshmallows can be eaten? We bet you will say something like “just chew them as they are” or “sprinkle some into your cup of cocoa”. 

Well, basically, yes, those are the most popular ways. But we know several more that can widen your outlook!

  • You can add them on top of brownies next time you will be baking them.
  • When being slightly burnt over the fire, mallows become even sweeter and tastier! (good old marshmallow bbq)
  • They can be used as a topping for cakes.
  • You can put marshmallows between two cookies and melt them a bit in a microwave to get that super gooey and extremely delicious filling!
  • Put marshmallows on a stick like an ice cream, immerse in hot chocolate, and chill. Voila, a delicious and quick dessert is ready!
  • For a Christmas party, make candy cane marshmallows covered with chocolate.
  • Make use of these moderately sweet candies for creating an extremely delicate frosting for a cake.
  • Mallows can become an ideal choice for topping on fudge cakes.
  • As topping on muffins covered with chocolate glaze, they will make your day for sure!
  • You can try to make quick and easy lollipops by inserting a stick into each piece of marshmallow and covering them with chocolate or caramel.

Of course, these are only a few of possible ways how we can enjoy that tender yummy. Show some creativity, and we will sure you will easily find more curious and funny options!

So yeah, now you learned about the shelf life of marshmallows and tons of other useful information regarding this dessert including how to eat it.

With all that, there must be no issues now about storage, consumption, or use of this sweet yummy for you anymore!

Enjoy and take care!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How to store chocolate covered marshmallows?

The basic rule is the same: keep away from light and heat. Fridge will be the optimal variant since chocolate can melt if they are left out.

⭐ How to store homemade marshmallows?

The storage terms for homemade sweets are the same as for the commercially made ones.

⭐ How to store marshmallows made with egg white?

Layer them with waxed or parchment paper to prevent stickiness, and stock in an airtight tank in a dry and cool place.

⭐ How to eat store-bought mini marshmallows?

As cocoa topping, as they are, by sprinkling the cake or a muffin - there are many ways.

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