How to Store Fireworks?

Learn how to keep them safe at home for further use

Written by Camilla Moln. Updated on Learn how to keep them safe at home for further use

Fireworks are a great and fun way to celebrate any occasion no matter whether it is Christmas or your Birthday!

But there is always a chance that we get carried away and buy a bit too much of those explosive things.

What shall we do with them after the party is over? 

Below we will share the basic rules of how to store fireworks safely at home so that you won’t set your house on fire by accident.

And how to store fireworks?

Store fireworks outside your house, at 125 °F maximum temperatures, away from the living areas, in a locked, humidity resistant secured storage, without access to other explosives. Thoroughly wrap fireworks up in plastic packets to store fireworks for up to 10 years.

Keeping Fireworks Indoors Safely. Tips And Warnings

Fireworks add that unforgettable feeling of joy and holiday to any event, but for security purposes, it is highly recommended to enjoy them when attending the displays conducted by the professionals.

According to the Fire Protection Association, the number of accidents, as well as injuries, caused by this fun and fiery “toys” counts tens of thousands every year.

But if you still want to handle them yourselves, we would recommend considering the major safety suggestions regarding both handling and storage.

To keep firecrackers safely in your house, remember to follow certain precaution measures.

  • It is better to stock them outside the place you live in, and even keep the firecrackers away from the living areas. If you happen to have a storage shed that can be securely locked, that would be the ideal location.
  • Watch out the humidity! Keep the fiery stuff dry since this is the key requirement for them to stay safe.

In case the place where you keep them is not humidity-resistant, we would recommend leaving the firecrackers in their original packages or in a fireproof tank.

  • In case the firecrackers have to be left in a place that is damp, for instance, if you stock them in your garage, basement, or in the attic, remember to wrap them up thoroughly and tightly in a plastic packet that can be properly sealed. 

Also, always place a sachet with some silica gel desiccant inside of the package or into the containers to absorb the moisture.

  • Never keep fireworks or other explosives in self-storage units!
  • Keep in mind that fireworks are highly explosive, so never put them next to any heating object or the sources of heat, such as water heaters, gas stoves, etc. Also, keep them away from any flammable items and materials, for instance, paints or different oils.
  • Those who have little kids or pets at home must stock such explosives locked in a cabinet since, otherwise, the little ones can easily reach them.
To keep firecrackers safely in your house, remember to follow certain precaution measures.
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When these steps are taken, you can be sure that the firecrackers will survive safe and sound until the day of use.

And this is where we must especially emphasize the importance of secure use of these things.

Storage Place

When storing firecrackers at home, make sure the location they are going to be kept in is cool. It must also have a low humidity level and be free from any chances of flooding or water dripping.

See, water and excessive humidity will cause damage to the bangers which will create a hazardous situation when you try to light them up.

This is why, if you find out your leftover firecrackers have any signs of water damage (for instance, bleeding dye or creased texture), discard them instantly!

And of course, the place you store the bangers must be as far from any sources of heat and ignition as possible!

If there are any water or gas heaters, propane tanks, or exposed wires nearby, better replace the fireworks in a safer place.

Storage Place
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Consider the Tank They Will Be Kept In

The container you choose also matters a lot. Don’t even think of keeping the bangers in a carton box!

Carton is the perfect fuel for the fire in case such a hazard takes place, but also, this material is not impervious to water.
Because of these issues, a metal tank will be the ideal solution.

Only ensure you will not overpack it with the bangers, otherwise, the upper ones can crush those that are in the bottom making them potentially dangerous.

Except for the metal trunk or tank, a plastic alternative can also work well.

Only choose the one that has a tight lid to better protect the explosive content!

Consider the Tank They Will Be Kept In
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Make Sure the Storage Area Is Safe

Even if you found a proper container and a place for keeping fireworks, it will not be of much use if the area around is not safe. This is why, stock your firecrackers in a room, drawer, or closet that can be locked, especially if you have kids at home!

In addition, always keep a fire extinguisher near the storage area.

Make Sure the Storage Area Is Safe
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How Long Can Fireworks Be Safely Stored?

If you like using fireworks on holidays and at your home parties/events, you most likely buy them in batches so that you have some extra in case you will need more than you previously planned. However, buying extra fireworks often leads to leftover items that should be somehow stored until the next celebration or occasion to use them.

Of course, you might have a question: how long can I store fireworks safely to use them later? Well, we have good news for you, guys! Fireworks can typically last from 8 to 20 years if you keep them in a cold, dry, and safe storage container. 

Fireworks Safe Storage Tips

Fireworks are flammable and can explode if you store them wrong. In the worst scenario, this can lead to injuries to your family members or yourself. If not handled and stored correctly, fireworks can lead to burns and eye injuries! But even though fireworks can always pose some threat, it’s generally safe to store them in your home if you take precautions.

  • Place fireworks in a plastic container with a lid.
  • Use a lock and label them.
  • Keep them away from children and pets.
  • Keep fireworks away from temperatures over 130 °F (54 °C).
  • Store the fireworks in an area with low humidity.
  • Keep your fireworks away from heating objects.
  • Separate them from electronic appliances.
  • Avoid moving fireworks around too much.
  • For better quality and safer use, store them for no longer than two years.
Storing FireworksStoring Fireworks

These simple precautions require no special skills or much time, but they will help you keep the fireworks usable longer and protect them (and your household) from any accidents.

In order to use firecrackers without any threat to your wellbeing, be sure you follow several simple suggestions.

Fireworks Safety 101: A How-To Guide (Full)Fireworks Safety 101: A How-To Guide (Full)
  • Never let children play with or especially handle any of these explosives including firecrackers and sparklers. 
  • Do not work with fireworks and any other explosives if you are somehow intoxicated, especially with alcohol.
  • When using fireworks, do that in a clear area away from houses, barns, cars, and other vehicles, as well as keeping the distance from trees and any items that can be inflamed easily.
  • If the day is windy, it is better to postpone the firework party since the flow of the wind can carry the sparks into the house or grass and lead to a fire.
  • Always have a bucket of water and a hose ready in case anything happens. It doesn’t mean you shall expect any accidents, but being prepared is always better than being not.
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket (even if they are unsealed) because frictions can make them ignite and set off!
  • When lighting the fuse, do not bend too close to the firework and do not put yourself over it too low to avoid burns!
  • Shooting fireworks in plastic, glass, or metal containers is dangerous and forbidden.
  • Light one firecracker at a time. If you notice that it’s malfunctioning, better put it aside and don’t use it.

It is also good if you explain the basic safety rules to your children so that they know how to behave when fireworks are being lit.

Kids (especially the little ones) can try to throw those sparkling things into one another which is strictly forbidden and can lead to serious injuries, so ensure they are well aware of the danger and possible aftermath of such behavior.

How Long Do Fireworks Last?

How Long Do Fireworks Last
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This question is often asked when folks find a bunch of fireworks bought a couple of years ago that are still not used. Of course, the first thing we think of is whether they are still safe to fire.

Well, on the one hand, fireworks (any kinds of them) don’t have a specific term of use so there is no need to worry that they will not be utilized in time.

But there is always the other side of a coin, and if we flip it, we will see that sometimes firecrackers can not explode properly or not work at all.

Does it mean they are expired?

In most cases, the answer is no.

Such things can happen simply because the fireworks were stored improperly which led to their damage. Of course, malfunctioning stuff must not be used for security purposes since such fireworks can explode in an unsafe manner.

How Long Do Fireworks Last?

Fireworks last for 10 years maximum, stored at 125 °F maximum temperatures, in dry, humidity resistant, secured storage. If fireworks are stored in cardboard boxes or plastic bags, or in very hot, beyond 125 °F areas they will last for 2 years only.

How to Figure Out What Fireworks You Need

If you’re not a firework pro, you can probably find it challenging to figure out what products will suit your occasion better.

Nowadays, there are tons of different firecrackers and sparklers in the market, so we prepared a brief guide for those who still feel confused about the topic.

We hope it will help you to puzzle things out easier.

Finale racks Rockets Aerial spinners Fountains Firecrackers Sparklers Party poppers
Aerial fireworks Multi-shot, with different colors and effects. Very loud. Attached to a tube with a stick. Produce effects e.g. stars, whistles, etc. Emit a shower of colored sparks after being lit.
Ground fireworks Emit a shower of sparks and make whistling sounds.Don’t shoot in the air. Lit individually or in a pack. Very loud and go off fast.
Novelties A wire covered with a flammable compound. Can be held or stuck into something.  Produce a loud sound and emit confetti after pulling a string.

Well, now you’re aware of how to handle fireworks in a secure way, and even learned the most popular kinds of them.

So next time you’re about to have fun with friends, ensure to use the tips we shared to enjoy the celebration safely.

How to Dispose Of Expired Salutes?

Imagine you bought a pack of firecrackers several years ago, and quite many of them remained unused. Of course, you didn’t discard them back then hoping to make use of the bangers later!

But what if you found out they don’t work properly?

In this case, the only possible way of action will be to dispose of such fireworks and to do it correctly. The same must be done if you notice that the bangers were in contact with water or that their dye is bleeding which are both signs of damage. How to get rid of really old or damaged bangers, you may wonder?

  • Never throw them into the trash bin to avoid fire hazards!
  • Make them inert first by “drowning” the bangers before discarding them. Just place them into the water for 48 hours to deactivate the explosives inside. Such inert fireworks can be disposed of into your daily trash, but the water must not be poured down the drain since it’s dangerous!
  • If the bangers are old but can still be used safely, feel free to set them off instead of discarding them.

No matter which way you choose, ensure you and your family members stay away from the firecrackers when those are being set off!

So, these were the very basic rules of fireworks storage. Now you are aware of how to store fireworks safely at home and how to dispose of them properly. Be sure you follow our suggestions, and bangers will only bring you lots of fun!

How to Dispose Of Expired Salutes
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So, these were the very basic rules of fireworks storage. Now you are aware of how to store fireworks safely at home and how to dispose of them properly. You also know what safety storage rules to follow to keep your fireworks until the next party or celebration safely.

Be sure you follow our suggestions, and bangers will only bring you lots of fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How to store fireworks in the damp areas?

Simply ensure they’re covered with a sealed plastic wrap or placed in a packet of the same kind.

⭐ How to store fireworks for next year?

First of all, keep them somewhere your kids or pets can’t reach them. Also, find a hard box/tank for them to exclude any external damages. And of course, protect the firecrackers from humidity and sources of heat.

⭐ How to store fireworks in the house?

The best solution is to keep them in the attic or in a locked cabinet following all the safety rules and precautions.

⭐ How to store leftover fireworks?

If they are not damaged or malfunctioning, then just keep them as you’d usually do.

⭐ How to properly store old fireworks?

The storage rules are the same for both old and new fireworks, but if the old ones are malfunctioning or damaged, better discard them.

⭐ How to safely store fireworks in summer?

The major point of concern is to keep them away from heat, so find a cool shady place that’s not too humid where you can keep them.

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