How to Stop Foundation Settling In Pores?

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Applying makeup is not that easy as it may seem at the first sight. It is not just about “painting your face” stuff, applying cosmetics is a true art, and like any artist, you need to know how to prepare the “canvas” for the upcoming process.

Unfortunately, ladies often complain about their makeup settling into pores making the latter ones bigger and way more visible. Since this is not what makes our faces look prettier, the issue of getting rid of that clogging becomes number one goal for almost every woman.

So how can we prevent our pores from getting silted? Let’s see what can make our skin cleaner!

How to Stop Foundation Sinking Into Pores

Preventing foundation from settling in our pores implies taking multiple actions that will altogether lead to cleaner skin. The whole process includes proper cleansing procedures, hydration of the skin, and other no less essential steps that must be taken both before and after applying makeup.  

Foundation itself belongs to one of the basic principles of any makeup. It highlights your facial features, but also, it works as a concealer hiding the flaws of the skin. However, women often notice that this wonderful stuff tends to clog their pores making those look bigger and, well, way more visible! Not quite the desired effect, right?

And since such pores will anyway make your skin look dirty, greasy, and dry, protecting our faces from the foundation that settles into pores is an essential part of any makeup application process.

How to stop foundation settling in pores? Clean your face well, use makeup remover. Apply moisturizer, wait until it is absorbed, remove the leftover cream with a sponge. Apply a good primer on a face, it evenly covers the skin and prevents the foundation from penetrating your pores.

To complete this mission, you will have to take several tips into consideration.

Clean skin is a must!

This advice seems obvious, however, you will be surprised when you learn how many women skip this step! Nevertheless, this step must always be present when we are applying makeup.

The foundation can only be applied on the cleansed and well prepared skin. Ensure your face is free from dirt, grease, gunk, and any traces of grime before applying the product since oily substances will make the clogging process much faster. 

How to Stop Foundation Sinking Into Pores
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See, the explanation is pretty simple: if we apply foundation onto the dirty skin that has any  signs of dust on it, such a combination will lead to the product being stuck in the pores. Of course, it will not contribute to clear skin, as you can understand.

This is why always make sure you cleanse your face with a gentle cleaner to carefully delete any dirt without disturbing the skin. Too vigorous cleaning is the same bad as no cleaning at all.

Hydration is everything

The more hydrated the skin is, the better the makeup will be applied onto it. In addition, proper hydration makes our skin smoother which means any cosmetics and other products will be laid better and in a more even manner.

Why do you think foundation tends to clog the pores? Simply because the skin was not properly hydrated prior to the application procedure! As a result, it became flaky and dry which led to the product coming out in lumps. And those lumps are exactly what makes ladies look older than they really are.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem which consists of simply moisturizing the skin properly. Just apply your favorite moisturizing product right before using foundation, and you will see how well the soft and supple skin accepts it.

Don’t forget about the primer

It is a surprising fact, but so many women skip the primer application stage when applying makeup! Nonetheless, it is a fundamental concept of all facial makeup concepts. You might not know about it, but primer actually helps to prepare the skin for the foundation application. After the primer, the other product is applied in a way smoother and even way.

Finish it right

For flawless and gorgeous makeup, consider ending the procedure with the application of the lightweight powder finish. This powder has to be applied right after you are done with foundation to give you two major benefits: first of all, the foundation will stay on your skin longer, and second, the facial skin will be protected from the foundation getting into the pores.

Check how you apply the foundation

 Even if your skin is properly moisturized and cleansed, this is not completely enough for the effective foundation application. What else is needed, you may wonder? Well, simply a proper brush for applying it! It can even be a sponge, it doesn’t matter that much, what does matter is that the product is applied evenly to create a smooth layer. Only then the foundation will be spread flawlessly blending equally well on all parts of the face. 

Still doesn’t work? Try to make your own foundation!

Have you tried out all the tips given above, but you still struggle with those clogged pores? Well, it happens, and the most frequent reason is that your skin might simply be more predisposed to the use of the liquid product.

Luckily, we can make a liquid foundation ourselves easily. Just grab some product and blend it with some moisturizer or your favorite essential oil that is skin-friendly. The final substance must be thick and liquid enough, but not too runny. Like that, it can be applied in a significantly more even way, especially if you do it with a sponge.

What Can Makeup Settling Into Pores Lead To?

What Can Makeup Settling Into Pores Lead To
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When the foundation settles into pores, it will not pass without a trace for our skin. Clogged skin breathes worse, besides, the natural oils it produces will not be able to come out of the pores properly because of that makeup stuff that blocks them.

As a result, you get those annoying blackheads, whiteheads, and even acne. And of course, such skin will look dull and way less attractive and fresh.

Since struggling with those facial issues is always a time and money-consuming thing, it is better to regularly clean it using proper and delicate means. Also, remember that proper hydration will help your face look much younger and smooth allowing the makeup being applied more efficiently. 

Why Foundation Settles Into Pores

My makeup never looks good! Have you ever heard such a complaint? We bet you have, and perhaps, it was even you who said that! Since it mostly happens when your foundation tends to settle in the pores, let’s take a closer look at the most frequent reasons of why this may happen:

  • You apply powdered products right over the liquid foundation

If you are using a liquid foundation, you need to remember that it is…liquid. It means that it needs some time to dry completely before it will be possible to proceed to the next step of your makeup routine. However, what women often do is to speed up the whole process and apply the rest of the products when the foundation is still wet.

As a result, they end up with the skin being clogged and having uneven makeup because the powdered products will be absorbed into the very first spot you apply them to.

  • Your pores are already big

Perhaps the reason why foundation settles in pores was in the improper care or your skin is naturally predisposed to such a condition. The result is that the pores are big enough to accept the product you apply on the skin. The solution is to visit a cosmetologist to fix the issue and check your skin for any other flaws.  

  • Aged skin

Unfortunately, we can’t stay the same young and fresh-looking people all the time despite our age. As we grow older, our skin tends to lose quite a significant amount of collagen and elastin, the two components that make it elastic and firm. As a result, the pores get bigger becoming more prone to clogging and makeup settling in them.

  • You are using too much foundation

Yep, this is another reason! Too much is the same bad as not enough in this case. So just in case, make sure you are not being carried away and remember to apply makeup moderately. Eventually, you are not a clown in a circus!

  • Your foundation is too thick and of a too dark shade

This may not be that frequent cause, but still, just in case, double-check your foundation’s shade. The too-dark product with a thick texture will most likely be predisposed to clogging your pores in comparison with the one that is of a lighter shade and composition. 

Since there are several reasons why foundation can settle in our pores, we would recommend everyone visit a specialist (e.g. cosmetologist) to get the facial skin checked for any issues and flaws and have them fixed. 

And even if you are a lucky owner of young and elastic skin, the proper cleansing routine can help significantly with preventing your foundation from being settled in pores and thus clogging them.

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