How to Remove Slime From Clothes?

Fight the gooey stuff effortlessly with the simple remedies

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Slime is a marvelous plaything and very funny stuff to mess around with for kids! Its stretchy and gooey texture allows to shapeshift the stuff in all imagined ways providing a wide area for creativity.

However, for parents, this toy often turns into a nightmare, especially when the time comes to wash it off their kid’s clothing.

Is there anyone here today who is eager to learn how to get slime off your clothing without vigorous washing and rubbing?

Then stay tuned since we prepared lots of handy info for you!

How to Get Slime Out Of Clothes

When we face the necessity to clean the slimy residue off our garments, we can always go for one of the approaches that will work effectively and free our apparel from this gooey stuff.

Hanging upon whether the gak is dry or still fresh and flexible, distinct methods will have to be applied since fresh stuff is much simpler to deal with.

Playing with this stretchy colored stuff is fun but removing slime from clothes is a way less exciting occupation.

Due to its gooey nature, this substance tends to stick to fabrics rather easily and, what is even worse, it has a nasty habit to dry quickly transforming into a hard and almost impossible to remove crust!

So how to remove slime from clothes and not ruin your garments? Most of us would suggest that proper rubbing will do its job but let us assure you, such an approach can badly damage certain fabrics, especially those that are considered to be delicate, such as silk, wool, and several others.

But even if the material is rather sturdy, intensive rubbing with a harsh brush will result in quite a bad aftermath of damaged fibers and worn-out apparel.

In addition, hardened and soft gak will need distinct approaches for cleaning.

This is why we suggest everyone check out the most common methods of solving this problem without any super complicated means or tools.

How to get fresh slime out of fabric

The slime removal procedure is significantly simpler and takes less time when the stuff is still soft and stretchy. In this situation, we can start with taking the gak off the apparel accurately either with your fingers (if the blot is massive) or with any helping tool like a dessert knife or any flat and hard object that is not sharp in case the sticky mass is spread over the surface. 

Do your best to not rub it into the fibers and not to smear it wider over the item though! 

After you picked up most of the substance, treat the garment with either acetum or a washing up liquid.

For some materials, acetum might be too strong and even harmful, so in this situation, simply opt for a safer and gentler alternative.

How to get dry slime out of clothes

Getting slime out of clothes when it is already dry is a somewhat harder task.

No matter if it dried itself or the slimed item went through the drying barrel, start with peeling those hardened pieces off the apparel with the tweezers or simply use your nails!

To make the procedure even easier, apply ice onto the slimed area.

The cold will break the hardened crust and make it much easier to delete without damaging the material of the garment. As a final step, launder the item to get rid of any traces of the stuff on the fibers.

How to get homemade slime out of clothes

As a matter of fact, to remove a DIY slime from clothes, we will have to go through the same procedure as when dealing with commercially manufactured stuff.

First it is essential to start with deleting all the fresh gooey blot if there is any. If the blot is dry, apply ice to it so that the frost could break the crust and it could be peeled off accurately.

After the slimy residue is gone, treat the stain with any suitable cleansing remedy like acetum, laundry product, or a special slime remover.

How to Remove Slime From Delicate Fabric

Even though parents try to keep their kids (and their gak) away from the adults’ garments, nobody is protected from this gooey mass ending up on your favorite silk pajamas or woolen sweater. 

If something like that happened, removing slime out of clothes may become a hard challenge!

Delicate fabrics require another care and treatment in comparison with more durable and sturdy cotton or artificial materials.

What we can recommend is to act quickly. 

How to Remove Slime From Delicate Fabric
photo by cottonbro with Pexels
  • The second you noticed that sticky stuff on your garment, get rid of it instantly while it is still soft and can be taken off safely.
  • If for any reason the gak dried, apply ice to it until the slimy crust turns fragile and breaks. Then it will be much simpler to peel it off safely without damaging the material even if it is something sensitive like silk or wool.
  • After all the blot is gone, treat the apparel with a suitable cleansing product (go for those that are safe for a certain type of fabric!). It means that, for instance, acetum will hardly be a good option for using it on a silk item.
  • Finally, launder the apparel as you usually do it to make any slimy traces gone forever.

And please take into consideration that no cleansing product will cope with this sticky and stretchy stuff if it is not removed from the item!

So always take it off prior to laundering the slimed apparel, otherwise, a huge risk exists of only making things worse.

When gak is laundered being still on the fibers, it will spread even more and harden making it impossible to dissolve it.

Just don’t do things that will lead to throwing your garments away!

How to Get Slime Out Of Blankets

The most worrying issue for most of us is how to dissolve slime if it ended up on a blanket. Such covers are pretty hard to launder, everyone knows that, so how do we cope with such a disaster?! Fortunately, we know a simple and handy method. 

HOW TO GET SLIME OFF ANYTHING!!(Carpet,clothes,hair and more!!)HOW TO GET SLIME OFF ANYTHING!!(Carpet,clothes,hair and more!!)
  • To fight the gak successfully, prepare some ice and a liquid laundering product.
  • Accurately scrape the slimy blot off and dispose of those leftovers so that they won’t end up somewhere else. 
  • Apply ice onto the remaining residue, and scrape the hardened crust away.
  • Now take some laundering product and massage it gently into the stained area. The remedy must sit on the blanket for ten minutes to do its job.
  • After that, place your cover into a plastic dishpan and pour about two gallons of hot tap aqua into it. Stir to mix and rinse the gak stains.
  • Leave the blanket like that for half an hour, and then pour the solution off and launder the cover as usual.

It is essential to undergo this procedure the second the “enemy” is noticed since then the chances are higher that gak will be removed easier.

How to Get Slime Out Of Clothing. Remedies to Use

When we need to get slime out of clothes, most of us often get stumbled and lost not knowing what remedy to grab and what product will be the safest and the most effective on certain material.

So to clarify this issue here and now, we prepared a list of the most frequently applied remedies that fight gak successfully and can be found in any home’s kitchen.


To remove slime from clothing, go for this liquid, only remember that it works on the fresh and soft stuff only. Also, it can be applied on the items that were slimed and laundered, but it is not fitting for the dry slimy blot.

How to Get Slime Out Of Clothing. Remedies to Use
Photo by Kyle Brinker

All that must be done is to pour some acetum onto the gak blot or stain until the fabric is a bit wet. After the product stays like that for five minutes, make use of a brush to carefully scrub the damaged zone with circular moves.

Afterward, rinse the item in hot aqua and launder as usual.  

Dish soap

A non-concentrated product will work best of all for getting slime out of fabric. Simply squirt it onto the gak, and rub the item together while holding it under the running aqua. Keep on doing so until the gak is gone.

Finish with laundering.

Laundry detergent

In general, to remove slime from fabric with this stuff, we will need to opt for the same scheme as described above in the example with soap. And of course, take into consideration that it is good to take off as much gak as possible prior to treating the slimy mark.

Ice cubes

For removing dry slime from fabric, ice is our best friend and savior! Cold hardens the gak and makes it fragile and easy to crack. So if we apply a piece of ice onto the dry gak blot, after a while, it will turn into an easy-to-break crust that can be harmlessly removed. If the blot is massive, we would recommend applying a plastic packet filled with ice to cover all the area. Also, as an alternative approach, small slimed items (for instance, hats, scarves, t-shirts, etc) can be placed into a frost-safe packet and tossed into the frosting camera until the gak freezes!

As a finishing step, launder the item that is freed of gak.

Acetone/Rubbing alcohol/Nail polish remover

These remedies are effective when we need to get a glue-based slime off clothes. However, we do warn everyone that all these liquids are very harmful to fabrics, so test them first before applying as a remedy!

But if your apparel is fine with that, then dab a little amount of the liquid into the gak blot using a cotton pad. Like that, the residue will come off easier. After all the mess is removed, launder the apparel under normal conditions.

How to Protect Yourself From Being Slimed?

No matter whether you work with this stuff yourself or your kids do, it is good to know the basic safety rules when dealing with the gak. To minimize the possible hazard, just ensure several simple steps are taken:

  1. Use covers (for instance, aprons and sleeve protectors) to shield your or your kids’ apparel while working with the gak. As a variant, simply put on some old clothing that you will not regret getting accidentally slimed.
  2. When making a DIY colored gak, better opt for water-based food-grade colorings that are simpler to wash off.
  3. For the youngest ones, choose a soap flake and water slime since they provide the same fun and zero chances to end up with a gooey disaster! 
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Curious Facts About the Gak

Since we got too concerned about struggling with this plaything, why not to take a look at it from completely another angle? We bet very few people are aware of the most unusual facts about this toy, and we are ready to share those!

It reduces stress

Yep, so if you feel stressed, just grab some of this flexible stuff and massage it and twist it for a while. The gak stimulates our senses and offers both calming ang concentrating effects, perhaps, something similar to meditation?

Making it develops kids’ fine motor skills

To make gak, a kid needs to measure all the components and manipulate them accurately, besides, the process also involves the eyesight, smell, and other senses.

There’s a cleaning slime!

There’s a cleaning slime
photo by cottonbro with Pexels

Well that’s a surprise! Such a gak is used instead of a lint brush to remove crud out of the keyboard, for instance.

Slime can be a nice plaything for kids, but anything else, it must be used with care and caution to prevent any unwanted disasters and situations. Fortunately, now you are aware of how to take the goo off your clothes, and even learned how to remove slime from a blanket! So hopefully, the slimy trouble will not touch you.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How to get flubber out of carpet?

Make a cleansing solution by mixing warm water and vinegar in ration ⅔ vinegar and ⅓ water in a bucket. With a soft brush, loosen the gak up from the carpet fibers, and blot it dry.

⭐ How to fix dried out slime?

Freeze it with ice to make it fragile and take those pieces of broken crust off. Then wash the item as usual.

⭐ How to dry slime for removing it?

Well, the best way is to run the slimed item through the drying barrel, but that can destroy the apparel. Try to use a hairdryer or just let it dry itself.

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How to remove slime from clothes - SOLVED REAL LIFE SOLUTIONHow to remove slime from clothes - SOLVED REAL LIFE SOLUTION