How to Protect Your Car From Snow Without a Garage?

What if you don’t have a garage, but you still need to protect your vehicle from snowfall somehow? Read on to know the solution!

Written by Olivia Paxton. Updated on how to protect your car from snow without a garage

Heavy snowfalls are quite a rare thing, but there are areas where winters can turn really tough! Of course, it is fun to go to bed when there is still no snow outside, and wake up to see that everything turned white with the knee-high snowbanks. However, it is not fun for your car at all.

And since digging a vehicle out of snow takes too much time and effort, and this is definitely not something you are ready to do regularly, you might want to find a way of protecting your car from such trouble.

If you have a garage, then you have already found the solution. But what if you don’t have one? What shall you do in this case?

In this article we will share a few methods with you on how to protect a car from snow if you have nowhere to keep it.

After you read this material we have prepared for you today, you will learn about the following things:

  1. Car protection in winter
  2. Windshield protection
  3. Tires protection
  4. Snow cover use
  5. Battery upkeep

In addition, we will share a handful of simple yet handy tips regarding car parking in winter and preparing its insides for the upcoming frosts.

Also, you will learn handy life hacks that will allow you to do some extra checks to make sure your car is safe and sound during the heavy snowfall.

How to Protect Your Car From Snow If You Don’t Have a Garage?

Parking your car outside in cold weather is not the best and the wisest way of keeping it safe. However, reasons can be different why you decided to do so. Sometimes, we leave our vehicle outside in the snow just because we are not at home and there is no garage nearby where we can leave the car for a while. And so we have to leave it outdoors.

Or, as a variant, you may just have no garage of your own, and so circumstances force you to store a car outside for winter.

No matter the reason, the fact is that your car sits outside being exposed to snowfall that can be quite heavy in certain areas. And since we are sure you don’t want your car to turn into a wheeled snowbank, you might want to think of proper winter car protection.

How to Protect Your Car From Snow If You Don’t Have a Garage
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Usually, when it comes to keeping snow off your car, most of you would think of such options as:

  • using a snow cover for the vehicle
  • using special covers for the windshield
  • keeping the car’s battery working

But are these all the options you have to make use of?

How to Protect Your Car From Snow If You Don’t Have a Garage
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This is why it is when the majority of drivers stumble.

What methods are the best for protecting your car in winter? Will winter car cover be enough for shielding a vehicle from snow?

To answer these and a plenty of other questions you surely have, check out the best working winter protection methods for your car.

How to Protect Your Car From Snow If You Don’t Have a Garage
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Protect Your Car’s Windshield

The first and the foremost thing you need to have in your disposal as a driver in winter is a windshield snow cover! This designed-to-fit cover will work as a barrier between the glass and snow, and besides, once you don’t need it anymore (unless it ALWAYS snows where you live!), you can easily roll it up and keep it in the trunk!

In addition, we would recommend you consider a couple of extra snow-protecting solutions.

Since snow cover can only be used when the vehicle is not moving, you need to think of the protection measures that will be used while you are driving.

Protect Your Car’s Windshield
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One of them is to install heated wiper blades that will not even allow a snowflake to touch your car’s window. And another option is to make use of windshield washer heaters.

They will mist hot fluid onto the glass by heating your preexisting windshield liquid.

With such “weapons”, your car will be guarded from any traces of snow and ice. It will help you to avoid any troubles connected with that, such as cracked windshield or ruined wiper blades.

How To Properly Store Your Car - 12 Tips For Winter StorageHow To Properly Store Your Car – 12 Tips For Winter Storage

Keep It Covered

If you have to leave your vehicle outdoors when it is snowing, consider using a car cover for snow. Of course, since it can only be used on the parked vehicle, it can not be called a versatile snow-protecting option, however, it’s better than nothing.

And besides, since you don’t have a proper garage, this cover will work as one for you.

Why should you cover your car at all, you may ask?

Experienced drivers know very well that heavy snowfall will lead to snow buildup all over the vehicle. It may look fun, but it may also cause cracks on your car’s windshield! In addition, your car’s wiper blades can also suffer.

When using a snow cover, you will be protected from all of these issues.

These covers are designed to not only be water and snow-resistant.

They take protection even further: since such covers have a soft underside, it means that the paint on your car will not have a single scratch!

Besides, these snow covers have a glove-like fit which allows them to fully protect the vehicle and prevent them from being accidentally blown away by the wind.

Keep It Covered
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Make Sure Your Tires Are Safe

Tires make another point of concern for drivers in winter. Since they usually sit in snow at night and then being driven the whole day through the salted roads, your car’s tires are exposed to quite a serious beating.

This is why our advice is to make use of snow chains and snow-specific tires. See, the chains will prevent you from sliding the streets like a piece of butter on a hot pan!

And since they come in a variety of sizes and designs, you will be able to choose those that fit your type of desired traction.

As for the winter tires, if you install them, you will not need any tire chains at all. Such tires are designed for winter and snowy roads, so you can safely drive all day without being worried about your car’s “footwear”.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Safe
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Back It Up

Keeping your car’s battery properly working is a must in winter, since when a vehicle sits outside too long, the chemicals within the battery become debilitated from producing their strongest current to help electricity flow smoothly.

This is why we recommend you consider a portable power station.

They can become really helpful in case of emergency when no other cars are around.

With these tips and life hacks, you will now be able to shield your car from snow and ice during the winter in case you don’t have a garage for some reason.

Back It Up
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Use Snow Brush For Car

Using a snow brush is another simple way of protecting your vehicle from snow in winter. However, note that this method requires time and effort since you will have to brush the snow off your car regularly to keep it clean. 

Use Snow Brush For Car
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Raise the Wiper Blades

Keeping your windshield wiper blades up will not actually keep your car snow-free. However, it will allow you to brush the snow quickly afterward. Besides, if you leave the wiper blades down, they can get frozen to the glass, which will lead to faster wear and tear of the wiper blades rubber.

Raise the Wiper Blades
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Cover and Canopy In Winter

A canopy cover is a good and easy way to keep your car snow-free. A good thing about a canopy is that it’s attached to the car directly, which means you can use it anywhere. No need to search for a proper place to set up this tent! Just park your car wherever you feel like and spread the canopy over it.

Cover and Canopy In Winter
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Other Things to Consider When Leaving Your Car Outside In Cold Weather

Winter is a challenging season for your car, that’s for sure, so you need to consider all the possible issues and have all of the precaution measures taken in case of emergency.

This is why, except for the snow-protecting methods we have described for you above, we suggest you take into consideration a few handy hints on what else to think of when winter comes and your car is unprotected being kept outside in the snow.

Other Things to Consider When Leaving Your Car Outside In Cold Weather
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Protect the Finish

Snow on its own is not a big threat for your vehicle’s paint job. However, with snow, there also comes grime, dirt, debris, and chemicals on the road. Not to mention the road salt! And those are way more dangerous.

This is why in order to protect your car’s paint and finish, we recommend you make use of a special car wax or any other paint sealant.

It will help you to protect the car from the majority of these winter concerns. And also, if you decide to apply wax, make sure it is done before colds arrive!

Protect the Finish
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Check the Seals

The plastic fixtures and rubber seals on the outside of your car are in need of being in a proper working condition. Any tiny crack or space will allow moisture to get into the car and lead to quite a significant damage.

By the way, ice can also get into the tiniest spaces and push them apart wider. If your car is going to be out in the snow for long enough, you need to make sure it is totally sealed up.

Check the Seals
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Be Careful With Where You Park Your Car

What we mean is that in winter, you might want to park your car beneath a tree or under the eave of a building to protect it from snow. However, this is the worst thing you can do for your vehicle!

See, if you leave your car beneath a tree or near any structures, you put it under the risk of snow avalanches that may come off the roof, as well as falling branches and many other dangers!

This is why it is recommended to park your car in an open area, at least ten feet from any buildings or overhanging tree branches, as well as power lines.

Be Careful With Where You Park Your Car
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Mind the Fluid

Before winter becomes really tough, make sure that the fluids of your car are full to manufacturer’s specifications. See, larger amounts of liquids ensure that your car will resist dangerous freezes.

Like this, the vehicle will still be able to perform optimally even after being kept outside for quite a while.

In particular, double-check that your car has a weather-resistant cooler and washer fluid!

And if necessary, drain and replace non-winterized fluids. Frozen coolant can lead to serious damage to the engine, and if your washer fluid freezes, it can split lines and fluid reservoirs which will result in huge repair costs!

Mind the Fluid
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Make Sure That the Gas Tank Is Full

In winter, it is imperative to keep an adequate amount of gas in your car when storing it outside. If there is not enough gas in the tank, it can freeze either in the tank or in the gas lines. And that will result in serious damage to the car!

Why Not to Overfill (Top Up) Your Car's Gas TankWhy Not to Overfill (Top Up) Your Car’s Gas Tank

So as much as possible, we encourage you to keep a gas tank full.

You can even use a common rule of thumb to never park your car if there is less than half a tank of gas and there is snow on the road.

Well, this was all that we wanted to share with you today on the subject of winter car protection.

Now you know how to make your car properly shielded from snow and ice, and what extra measures to take in order to keep your vehicle safe and sound in snow.


Well, this was all that we wanted to share with you today on the subject of winter car protection. Now you know how to make your car shielded adequately from snow and ice and what extra measures to take in order to keep your vehicle safe and sound in snow.

With these tips, you will not only keep your vehicle snow-free. You will also know how to prepare it for heavy snowfalls correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How much does it cost to install heated wiper blades?

Usually it costs around 7-20 dollars each, or 14-40 bucks if you install a pair.

⭐ Shall I warm up my car in winter before I drive if it spent a night outside?

Yes, you should warm it up.

⭐ Do I need any car snow-protection measures if my car is kept in the garage in winter?

If you have a garage, you don’t need any extra measures.

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