How to Lighten a Wig?

Is it possible to make a synthetic wig lighter? We know the answer!

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People wear wigs for different reasons. Some of us just like changing our hair style and looks so frequently that no hair will survive if dyed that often! Others may need wigs for their work (stage performers, actors, etc).

No matter the reason, if you wear wigs now and then, you might probably have a situation where you need to make it lighter. And this is when most of us would stumble. Can I actually make my wig lighter? Will its type of hair allow that? And how to lighten hair on a wig at all?

Well, if that is what still bothers you, we have good news for you folks! Today you will finally learn what wigs can be lightened, and what wigs can not. And also, we will share an easy wig-lightening method with you so that you could turn your fake chevelure into a lighter-colored one quickly and with little effort.

How to Lighten a Wig Color

Well, to begin with, not all types of wigs can be lightened. We wish we could say the opposite but reality hits. If you have a wig that is made of human hair, you are lucky since such wigs can be lightened mostly by using different bleaching products on them. But again, note that bleaching will only be a part of a wig coloring procedure!

Also, when it comes to making wigs that are made of human hair lighter, you must be very careful and cautious! Even though they basically can be dyed lighter colors, the procedure is rather risky and it requires certain skill to do it right and not screw everything up.

However, if your item is made of synthetic hair, there is unfortunately no way you can make it lighter. This is because of the structure of fibers synthetic wigs are made of, so that’s it. But don’t get upset! First of all, we will share a detailed instruction on how to make your natural hair wig lighter with you. And second, we will provide you with a few handy tips on how to maintain your artificial hair in a good state so that you can wear it longer without even the minor repair or fixing!

How to Lighten a Synthetic Wig?

As we have already mentioned above, wigs that are made of artificial fibers can not be colored lighter. See, synthetic wigs are made of nylon mostly. And the thing is that the color of this type of fiber is already built into the pigment. This is the reason why nylon hair is not able to absorb dye color the same well as natural hair does.

In other words, you can not dye a nylon wig. So the only way you can make your artificial hair lighter is…to buy a light-colored wig! On the other hand, since synthetic wigs are rather cheap (most of them cost like 1/10 of a human hair wig price), buying a new one will not hit your budget.

But what you can really do with your artificial wig is to make it darker. This is possible thanks to the fiber specifics again since nylon is rather susceptible to certain dyes, for instance, fabric dyes.

How to Lighten a Wig Color
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How to Make Your Nylon Wig Darker

To stain your synthetic wig dark, you simply need to buy four ounces of a fabric dye and mix it with one gallon of water.

When the mixture is ready, all you need to do is to soak your wig and wait until it gets the color you want.

Then simply dry it using a manikin head, and brush to make the wig look neat again.

How to Make Your Nylon Wig Darker
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How to Lighten a Human Hair Wig?

Can you dye a wig that is made of a human hair? Well, basically you can even though the procedure is going to be rather difficult. We recommend you buy all the tools and stuff you need in advance so that you will not have to distract yourself during the dyeing process. Basically, your wig-coloring shopping list should look like this:

  • mixing bowls
  • brushes
  • clips
  • t-pins
  • foils
  • bleach
  • color-safe conditioner
  • the dye

First of all, you will have to bleach your wig, especially if you want to change its color into a more vibrant one. For this, it is better to use a 20-volume creme developer with bleach since it will allow you to avoid over-processing the wig.

How to Lighten the Color of a Synthetic WigHow to Lighten the Color of a Synthetic Wig

Also, ensure your wig is detangled and flat on a mannequin head being thoroughly secured with t-pins.

For coloring, section the wig from the back and make sure you keep the color at least half an inch away from the root. Like this, you will achieve the most natural-looking effect. In addition, when keeping the developer away from the roots, you ensure it doesn’t patch the lace.

There is one more useful trick you can make use of when coloring your human hair wig lighter. For activating the lightening process, try to make use of foils. Simply wrap the strands that are being dyed! Also, once the wig is bleached, apply a toner or gloss on top of it. It will allow you to neutralize the yellow tones and brassiness.

How to Lighten a Human Hair Wig
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Tips For Maintaining Your Wig Properly

Coloring your wig right is, of course, essential. However, proper maintenance is equally important. If you don’t keep it in a good condition, the hair may lose its quality and coloring might not be that successful. Luckily, wig-maintenance tips are rather simple to remember.

  1. Use special combs designed for wigs
  2. Wash your wig with a special shampoo and conditioner
  3. Better style your wigs in a professional salon
  4. Store it correctly
  5. Avoid using sprays on your wig
  6. Don’t apply heat to it
  7. Never sleep or take a shower in your wig!

And now let us explain each of these aspects in detail to you. Of course, everyone knows that wigs can not be washed with the products we use on our regular hair. This is because the chemicals that common shampoos and conditioners have may damage the wig.

How to Lighten a Wig maintaining tips
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As for the styling, doing it in a professional salon will guarantee that your wig will be safe and good-looking after any procedures. Proper storage also matters. Keep your wigs on a mannequin head in the upright position and remember to cover them to prevent dust from setting on the item.

Sprays must be avoided because they lead to your wig getting tangled and greasy. As for the use of any heating tools, they can easily melt the item, especially if it’s a synthetic one. So be careful with that, too. And naturally, if you sleep in your wig, it will become impossible to detangle and brush afterward!

With that in mind, you can now both dye and maintain your wig so that it serves you longer keeping its gorgeous look.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How much does a synthetic wig cost?

Its price is usually between 50 and 200 dollars.

⭐ Is it safe to use box dye on a wig?

Yes, it’s totally safe to use box dye.

⭐ Can I bleach a human hair wig?

Yes, bleaching such wigs is safe.

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