How to Dye Over Pink Hair. Tips And Tricks to Avoid Turning Your Head Into a Mess

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Written by Elisa Chan. Updated on How to Dye Over Pink Hair. Tips And Tricks to Avoid Turning Your Head Into a Mess

Girls are well-known hair coloring freaks! The speed they sometimes change their hair color may remind someone of the speed of light. Naturally, it means that the color palette you can see on one single female head may sometimes be as varied as a rainbow!

However, when you dye your chevelure quite frequently, you will sooner or later face one big stumbling question. How to apply a new color over the previous one? And since today bright colors are in great favor, we will tell you how to dye your mane over pink to make it, let’s say, purple. Or to bring it back to its initial color!

Stay with us, your hair will definitely like to read this!

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 All You Ever Wanted to Know About Coloring Over Pink Hair

Of course, to answer this question, too many factors will have to be taken into consideration. First of all, you need to take into account your current hair color. Is it your natural inborn shade that you got bored with and simply want to change? Or is it another go-crazy tone you applied a few months ago?

Also, you need to consider how much time has passed since you dyed your mane last time. See, when we apply hair dye too frequently, it will this way or another damage our tresses, no matter how well we try to avoid this. So if your recent coloring procedure took place like a month ago, you should probably wait until your hair restores enough to survive another color shifting challenge.

And even the quality of your hair dye matters! If you used a mass market dye last time to turn your mane into pink, you may face certain complications when trying to get rid of that color and cover it with another one instead. However, if you used a high-quality fashion color dye and applied it according to the instructions and the color wheel, you will have no problems with dyeing it over!

In addition, it is good to know a few handy tips about applying the pink hair dye over another color so that you are satisfied with the final result, as well as your hair.

  1. If you want to remove your pink gradually, stick to colors that have red tones in them, for instance, orange, purple, burgundy, mahogany, etc. By the way, brown can be your number one option since it is a mixture of all colors!
  2. Always start your pink color change odyssey with removing that pink! If you don’t do this, the new shade you apply on top will be changed by the pink more or less.
  3. For removing pink, you can use either a direct dye remover or a common bleaching procedure. But better always ask your hairstylist what option to prefer.
  4. Never apply green dye over the pink hair! This will result in quite a gross color you would not like to have on your head.

If you are careful enough and don’t simply apply a new hair color over the current pink yourself, you can be sure that dyeing will be successful. Pink fades relatively easily so changing it to another color will not be an issue if you ask a specialist in a salon to help you!

 All You Ever Wanted to Know About Coloring Over Pink Hair
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How to Dye Your Hair a Natural Color Over Pink?

If you have been experimenting with your hair color for quite a long time, you may realize one day that you want it all back. You want your natural hair color back again! But if you already have layers of hair dye on your mane, it might be rather complicated to change the current pink color (especially if it is a bright pink like fuchsia) to something more subtle and natural.

However, it is possible to do and the re-dyeing process will look like this:

  • First you need to remove pink from your locks. To do this, you will most likely need to do a light bleach wash to lift the current color up.
  • For removing the pinkness, you can either bleach your locks or make use of a dye remover.
  • The next step is to neutralize pink tones by applying another paint that is able to cover them. Dark colors like ash brown will cope perfectly since this particular color has greenish undertones that will cancel the red tones.

The paint you choose to apply over your pink locks will of course depend on your native hair color. If you are a natural brunette, you will definitely need help from a professional to do everything right.

How to Dye Your Hair a Natural Color Over Pink
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Best Colors to Apply Over Your Pink Chevelure

If you decided to say goodbye to your pink strands, you might be wondering what color to apply on top to cancel that candy pink properly. And if you are not much knowledgeable about hair dye colors and how they combine with each other, here are a few handy tips for you on what color to opt for:

  • violet or purple will cover dark pink perfectly
  • dark green will fit any pink base
  • try out orange if you are brave enough!
  • Mahogany brown looks more natural and also contains red tones that will cover pink ideally
  • light brown

These colors will cover your current pink easily since it creates a perfect base for accepting a new pigment.

From Pink Hair To Brown ❤From Pink Hair To Brown ❤

How You Can Get Pink Dye Out Of Your Strands

Removing pink can be difficult or it can be not. Everything hangs upon what hair color it was applied onto, as well as how intense the pink is itself. But regardless of these factors and nuances, you can always choose one of three effective methods that will free you from pink tresses relatively easily.

  • Use vitamin C tablets to wash the pink dye out
  • Bleach your pink hair to remove the color
  • Apply a color stripping product

And now let us explain in detail how each of these methods will work for you.

Vitamin C For Removing Pink Dye

For this method, you will need a 1000mg vitamin C tablet. Put on medical gloves to protect your hands and crush this tablet into a fine powder using a mortar and a pestle.

If you have no mortar and pestle, put the tablet into a plastic bag, seal it, and whack it with a rolling pin until you get that powder. When you are done, pour the vitamin C powder into a bowl. Also, you may find already powdered vitamin C in a local pharmacy. If you buy one, simply take a quarter of a teaspoon.

Now add one large squirt or shampoo to your powder and mix thoroughly with a spoon until you get a smooth mass. If you really want to strip that pink out, feel free to use clarifying or dandruff shampoo.

Now wet your locks so that they are soaked, squeeze out the excessive water, and apply your color removing paste throughout the mane. Let it sit for one hour under the shower cap, and then rinse your chevelure under the warm water until it no longer feels soapy. Finish with conditioning the locks.

How You Can Get Pink Dye Out Of Your Strands
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Use a Color Stripping Product

For this procedure, you will need a color remover that is used for a semi-permanent dye. Wearing protective gloves and having windows open (since these products are rather stinky!), prepare the color removing mixture according to the instructions. You’d better prep that solution in a non-metallic bowl and use a spoon or a tint brush for blending it. Also, make sure you stir it properly for no less than thirty seconds to combine the components thoroughly.

Now you can apply the mixture onto your tresses. If your hair is long, divide it into four sections, then apply the mixture on each of them, and brush each section to distribute the product.

Put on a dry shower cap and let the solution work for at least one hour. Like this, you will protect the solution from drying out right on your tresses!

Finally, you will need to shampoo and rinse your chevelure five times to completely get rid of the pink color and the color removing product’s leftovers.

Use a Color Stripping Product
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Bleach It Out!

Bleaching is rather harsh on our hair, but if for any reason you can’t use one of the methods we described above, stick to this one. Only make sure you do everything right.

Start with pouring one part bleach powder and one part developer into a bowl. Remember to wear protective gloves to avoid bleach reaching your skin! Stir the mixture until all the components are totally dissolved using either a tint brush or a non-metallic spoon. Remember that there must be no bleach powder clumps in that solution!

Add one or two tablespoons of shampoo into your “potion” and blend everything thoroughly. Then apply the mixture onto your hair moving from the bottom to the roots. We recommend you make use of a tint brush since it makes the whole process way easier and allows you to distribute the product evenly!

Now you can cover your head with a dry shower cap and leave it like this for fifteen to thirty minutes. By the way, a common plastic wrap will also do!

Finally, rinse the chevelure to get the shampoo and the dye out. Use warm water and keep on rinsing until you feel that no foamy suds are coming out of your mane.

Using any of these methods, you can easily get rid of the pink hair color if you feel bored with it and want to try something new.

So now you have learned what to do to dye your pink hair and what colors are the best for applying to cover such a bright dye. In addition, you are now aware of three universal pink color removing methods that you can use even at home to strip pink dye out of your locks easily.
With that in mind, changing your hair color will become way easier for you from now on. But in case you are still in doubts whether your hair will survive a color stripping procedure, better ask your stylist for advice!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What hair color removes pink?

Brown and all the colors with red tones will strip pink.

⭐ How to fix hair that’s too pink?

Try clarifying shampoo or a color removing product.

⭐ Can I use silver shampoo on pink hair?

Yes, if you want to remove pink.

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