How to Dry Squishmallows?

All you need to know about drying these softies correctly to keep them fluffy longer!

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Squishmallows are very sensitive toys and require very delicate treatment when it comes to washing and/or drying them. Since you can’t just leave your toy unattended and dirty, collecting dust from all around it, you need to know a few simple drying tips and life hacks that will allow you to restore your Squishmallow’s softness and appearance quickly after you wash it.

Below, we will explain the most commonly asked questions to help you figure out how to wash Squishmallows.

Can Squishmallows Go In The Washer And Dryer?

The most significant point of concern for mallow owners is whether or not the toy can be washed in a washing machine and dried in a tumble dryer. Well, let’s make it clear at once. As for the washing method, squishmallows can be washed either manually or in a washing machine.

Basically, your washer will not damage the toy (which is exactly what owners are afraid of!).

However, to be sure of that, you must set your washing machine to the most delicate washing cycle with the lowest spin and cold water.

Can Squishmallows Go In The Washer And Dryer

Remember the rule of thumb: mallows don’t like hot water and fast spinning! Both will ruin the toy, decreasing its softness. So always keep this nuance in your mind!


There is another tip that you will find helpful. If your toy is not too big and it can fit into the barrel of your washer, put the mallow either into a special washing bag with a zip lock, or use a clean pillowcase as a cover. It will protect the squishmallow during the washing cycle.

Now, let’s speak about drying them. Since mallows are very delicate and soft, they can distort even after being washed in a washer. And since these toys can’t stand the heat, you probably realize that putting them into a tumble dryer is not the best idea.

This is why you should air dry your softy instead without using any heating objects like hairdryers, fans, heaters, etc.! Yes, it will take you more time, but your squishmallow will be safe and sound.

Can Squishmallows Go In The Washer And Dry

How Do You Dry Squishmallows After Washing?

Since air drying is the optimal way of drying a squishmallow after it is washed, don’t be attempted to toss your soft toy into the dryer right after the washing cycle is finished. Instead, find a place with enough air circulation and leave your mallow there on a drying rack.

How do you dry Squishmallows after washing

If you have a balcony or a terrace where the toy will not be blown away by the wind, leave it there to dry. If it’s raining outdoors or if it’s winter and it’s way too cold for the toy to dry, it’s ok if you keep it indoors on a drying rack.

Just make sure toys stay away from fireplaces

Just make sure the mallow stays away from fireplaces, ovens, stoves, heaters, and other handheld heated appliances!

How Do You Dry Squishmallows After Washing
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Сan Squishmallows Go In the Dryer?

If you visit the official squishmallow website, you will see that they don’t recommend people to dry these toys in tumble dryers. It makes sense because these toys are made of a delicate fabric that can easily distort and lose its shape when exposed to high heat.


Besides, since squishmallows are stuffed toys, they can lose their shape if you dry them in a dryer due to the intensive spinning cycle!

Сan You Tumble Dry Small Squishmallows?

Since squishmallows come in different sizes, people are often tempted to toss smaller toys into the dryer’s barrel. The way of their thoughts is approximately like this: since these toys are small, they might not deform that much compared to bigger ones. So if I tumble dry them quickly, they may come out soft again!

Well, we’d not be that certain, guys. See, it doesn’t matter how big your squishmallow is, the toy is always made the same way. It is a soft and stuffed toy made of delicate material.

This fabric will easily distort and stretch if you place it into a wildly spinning drying barrel on a high heat setting! So unless your goal is to ruin your squishmallow as soon as possible, stay away from dryers!

As you can see now, squishmallows do have certain specifics and peculiarities regarding care and maintenance. However, those nuances are not dramatic, so you will easily learn how to wash and dry your soft toys correctly.

All you have to do is to follow a few simple wash-and-dry steps to ensure your toy remains soft and retains its colors after each wash.

Сan You Tumble Dry Small Squishmallow
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