How Often to Tone My Hair?

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If you decide to dye your mane blonde, you need to keep in mind that your natural hair color contains red and orange pigments in it.

This is why in order to get an even blonde color, you need to get rid of those brassy and red tones first. This is why hair toner is used. However, should you decide to turn blonde, you will most likely face an issue of how often to tone your hair.

How often do you have to tone bleached hair so that you don’t cause damage to the strands?

We are going to give you an answer, and not only to this question!

You will also find out why toning your hair is important and how to use hair toner correctly when you undergo your toning procedure for the second time.

Also, you will learn what factors influence the frequency of hair toning and how you can extend the toner’s longevity on your mane.

How Often Do I Need to Tone My Hair?

If you have ever wanted to turn blonde, you know that toning is a mandatory step in this color change procedure. However, simply dyeing your mane blonde is not enough for getting that awesome and flawless silky platinum color!

You will have to tone your strands to keep brassiness away as long as possible. And this is where you might have a question: how often is it best to tone blonde hair to keep away brassiness?

In general, hair toner can be used once every two weeks, but you will have to take the next thing into consideration: think about how often you wash and care for your hair since it will affect how often you will use the toner.


For example, if you wash your hair frequently, the toner won’t last on your mane too long, which is why you will have to use more of it pretty soon.

In general, if you have had highlights, balayage or ombre done, or any other color treatment that uses bleach, you will need to use a toner afterward. When it comes to using the toner, there are a few things you should always keep in mind, depending on the hair color procedure you used.

  • You should use a toner every two weeks to keep your highlights looking like newly done
  • To keep your balayage looking its best, apply a toner to your hair every three weeks
  • A toner should be used every three weeks to keep your ombré looking natural
  • The amount of bleach used in each method determines how often the toner should be used. If you use extra bleach, you will also need to use more toner
  • Toner only stays in your hair for a short period of time, two to three weeks usually. For this reason, you must reapply the toner frequently

It is also recommended that you use a toning shampoo every time you wash your hair, regardless of color. Thanks to this, you will tone your hair every time you wash it, keeping the color vibrant.

How Often Do I Need to Tone My Hair
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How Do I Use the Toner For a Second Time?

When you dye your hair blonde, you might be tempted to tone it way too often just to keep that flawless platinum color untouched!

However, you should remember that bleach used during this coloring procedure is very harmful and stressful for your mane! Because of this, you should give your hair a break after you tone it for the first time.

It is important to keep in mind that there should be a thirty days gap between your first and second toning session!

How to apply hair tonic

This amount of time is needed for your mane to recover properly after bleaching and the first toning session. Besides, too frequent toning can leave you with the opposite effect: instead of even color, you might get brittle and dry locks!

So how do you apply your hair toner correctly when doing it for the second time? The procedure is pretty simple in fact.

  • Combine a 20-volume developer with a toner of one component
  • Apply the toner to your hair carefully
  • Wait for five minutes
  • Do not use shampoo to rinse the toner out of your hair after applying it
  • Apply a high-quality leave-in conditioner

If you want to go blonde, there is also another option for you: you can try bleaching your hair. Despite the fact that the purple shampoo’s effect may diminish over time, this product does not include any harsh chemicals.

It means that purple shampoo is more delicate on your hair. In addition, you can reapply it every four or five days if you like.

How Do I Use the Toner For a Second Time
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How Often Can You Re-Tone Your Hair?

You might now be wondering whether there is a time limit on how often a hair toner can be used on your mane. Well, there are indeed certain precautionary measures that should be taken.

For example, you should not tone your hair more than once in a single day, and also, you should not do it even once a week! Keep in mind that bleaching has already damaged your locks.


By adding more chemicals, you won’t make it look any better. You have probably seen that hair that resembles straw, right?

It’s dry, and brittle, and it looks completely lifeless. That’s what happens when you use toner uncontrollably on a recently bleached mane!

See, if you used hair toner but you didn’t get the desired hue, it is recommended that you wait for at least four weeks (or even a full month) before using toner again. If you have damaged or unhealthy hair, it might be even better to wait 7 to 8 weeks for it to fully recover.

How Often Can You Re Tone Your Hair
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Factors That Affect the Frequency Of Toner Application

As you probably know, hair toners typically last from 3 to 5 weeks. However, this timeframe might be affected by a variety of factors.

For example, if you wash your hair daily, you may need to apply a toner only once a week. But if you wash your locks every other day, then your toner application can be scheduled to once every two weeks.

However, the frequency of your hair washes is not the only factor that can influence the toner application schedule. Below, there are two more important nuances you should know about.

Hair Care Products

The frequency of your hair products’ use depends on your hair washing and maintenance routine. Of course, your hair care products have a direct impact on how long your toner lasts. The more often you wash your hair the more frequently it will need toning sessions.

Hair Care Products
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Shampoo You Use

The kind of shampoo you are using also matters a lot. See, if you use the first shampoo you come across, you will have to reapply your hair toner more frequently. You might be wondering why, and here is the answer: simply because of the sulfates that the shampoo most likely contains!

Sulfates, among other components, are considered to be powerful detergents. They are added to the shampoo in order to remove dirt and oil from the hair.

But because of their destructive nature, your hair toner will be in danger! To avoid having your toner wear off faster than it should, avoid using such shampoos. Instead, shift to those that are labeled as sulfate-free.

Now that you know what can affect your hair toner to get washed off your mane, you will be able to select hair care products so that they don’t harm your hair color and the effect your toner has.

Shampoo You Use
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Is It Possible to Do Something to Extend the Effect Of Toner On Brassy Hair?

After you bleach your hair to get blonde, you will have to change your hair care routine a bit in order to extend the use of toner for at least five weeks. Also, your hair products need some refreshment. For example, you should only have one sort of hair cleansing product, and it should be a sulfate-free shampoo.

Don’t hesitate to throw away any shampoo or hair conditioner whose label does not include this “sulfate-free” signature! This is mandatory because toner may be corrosive to the chemicals in the product, especially if it contains sulfates.

In addition, any hair coloring technique can be protected by specific sulfate-free lines from the main brand manufacturers. Here are a few examples for you to keep in mind:

  • Rose water, which is sulfate-free, paraben-free and color-free (Pantene Pro V)
  • Vitamin b & honey by Herbal Essences

If you use any of these shampoos and conditioners, you won’t have to reapply your toner every three weeks!

Is It Possible to Do Something to Extend the Effect Of Toner On Brassy Hair
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Why Toning Is Important?

Those who are going to get blonde for the first time often wonder whether it is possible to skip the bleaching part and thus avoid the need for toning. However, there are many reasons why toning your hair is so important in the hair coloring process.

Why do you need to do hair toning
  • Toning is your hair’s final color. In fact, toning is what gives your hair its final color
  • Regardless of the color of your hair, toner will help you get a more suitable hue
  • Toner contributes to a healthy-looking hair color
  • Your hair’s color will last longer if you use toner between color treatments, not just after one

A toner will help you maintain healthy-looking hair color and keep your hair shining between salon visits. Additionally, it can brighten your hair’s current color, make your mane softer and more manageable, and reduce the look of split ends! Now you know why you should not strive for skipping the use of a hair toner.

So, this is all that you should know about hair toners and the recommended frequency of their use.

Now you understand why it is important to give your hair a break between toning sessions, why using a toner is important, and what exactly this product does to your mane.

In addition, you are now aware of a few handy tips and life hacks regarding the correct use of it! With all that, you will be able to not only get the flawless blonde but also keep it the same awesome for much longer.

Why Toning Is Important
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Is it too often to tone my hair twice a week?

In order to allow your hair to recuperate from the chemical process of toning, tone it every four weeks. Wait a week or two before toning if your hair is extremely dry and brittle.

⭐How long shall I wait between toning sessions?

To not damage your hair, 30 days should pass between toning sessions.

⭐Is it possible to tone my hair a week after I’ve already done so?

It’s recommended to wait for two days after the original toner has set before you re-tone. This is because the color can shift.

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