How Long Does It Take For Glitter Glue to Dry?

Learn how long you should wait for it to dry and how to speed up this process

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Glitter glue is a fun thing for creativity and various art projects for your kids. However, not all parents know how much time this glittery stuff requires for becoming thoroughly dry. And if you try to move a project decorated with glitter glue while the glue is not yet dry, you will most likely end up with a ruined design!

So today we are going to tell you more about that. You will find out how much time glitter glue needs to dry properly. Also, we will tell you what factors may influence the drying time and how long glitter glue of different brands dries.

In addition, you will find out in detail how you could speed up the drying process using different methods.

How Long Does It Take For Glitter Glue to Dry?

In general, glitter glue is a pretty fast-drying thing. You will not have to wait for days until your creative project is done drying! However, the drying time still varies pretty much.

Glitter glue can dry in as fast as 30 minutes but at the same time, some brands will need 24 hours for the flue to harden.

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The glue dry time fluctuations depend on several factors. Glitter glue will dry faster or slower, based on a few different nuances:

  • the material it’s used on
  • the temperature
  • the humidity in the room

Besides, all brands have different dry times depending on whether or not it’s used on glass, plastic, or fabric.

For example, you might be wondering: how long does it take for glitter glue to dry on paper?

The answer will satisfy you since glitter glue used on paper is likely to dry within minutes (of course, if it is used in a dry environment). However, you should note that bigger projects that use more glue and are used on non-porous surfaces like glass and/ or plastic will require more time.

How long does it take for glitter glue to dry on fabric?

The good news is that glitter glue can be used on most fabrics such as denim, cotton, and polyester. You should only avoid using it on silk and silk-like materials since the glue won’t adhere to them well due to the fabric’s surface. In general, glitter glue will need as much as 10 to 20 minutes to dry on a fabric completely.

When drying your glitter glue design, you should also take humidity into consideration! See, it is not your best friend if you are trying to dry glitter glue! If you’re drying your glitter glue project in a room with high humidity levels, you will most likely fail. This is why it is recommended to find a dry area for faster results.

Finally, you should keep in mind that each brand makes its glue with different amounts of water. This is why you will have a different dry time depending on whether it’s used in a hot or humid area, on paper, or on plastic.

Below, we have prepared a few of the different dry times for the most popular glitter glue brands. Like that, you will be able to approximately imagine what to expect when using a certain glue brand.

  • Crayola water-based (30 minutes – 24 hours)
  • Mod Podge Extreme Glitter water-based (20-30 minutes)
  • Darice Glitter Glue water-based dries in about an hour
  • Elmers Classic Glitter Glue water-based (30 minutes – 24 hours)
  • Art Glitter Glue industrial strength clear water-based adhesive 5-10 minutes

So, since now you are aware of how much time glitter glue typically takes to dry and how long different glue brands take to dry, you will be able to decide in advance what glue brand you might want to use for your specific project.

How long does it take for glitter glue to dry
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What Makes My Glitter Glue Dry So Long?

As you already know, glitter glue typically dries pretty fast. However, sometimes it happens that your project takes way too long to dry! Why is that? Glitter glue takes so long to dry because of the water content within the glue.

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See, in order for the glue to adhere to the surface it is applied to, the water inside the glue has to evaporate. The more moisture in the air the longer it takes for evaporation and the glue to dry out!

Since different glitter glue is made using different formulas, the amount of water inside them varies, thus changing the amount of time it takes to dry on a surface.

So if you know that you need a glitter glue that dries fast, we recommend you opt for a brand or brands of glitter glue that sell fast-drying products. Those typically take a few minutes to dry (well, unless you don’t use a whole tube for a single project!).

What Makes My Glitter Glue Dry So Long
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Is It Possible to Make Glitter Glue Dry Faster?

This is a common question that home crafters ask when they face a long-drying glitter glue for the first time. And yes, there are ways to make it dry faster! You just need to decide which one will suit you more.

Since glitter glue is a water-based adhesive, it will dry much better and faster in warmer temperatures.

This is why the best way to dry the glue faster is to blow some warm air on the project. Dry air and heat will speed up the evaporation process without causing any harm to the chemicals in the glue.

To dry your glitter glue faster, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Use a blow dryer
  2. Use a fan
  3. Place your project in the sun
  4. Turn up the heat in the room

In addition, you can place your project near a fireplace or use a heat gun if you have it. But with every heat option, you will need to be careful!

Glitter glue is flammable, so be careful when placing your glitter glue projects near the open fire or when using heat directly on them! In terms of safety, placing your project near a sunny window to dry is the safest option of all.

Nevertheless, we find it useful to explain in detail how to dry glitter glue projects using different heating tools. Like that, you will know what to do and how to use the tools correctly to not set your project on fire!

Is It Possible to Make Glitter Glue Dry Faster
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How to Make Your Glitter Glue Dry Faster With a Hair Dryer?

Using your hairdryer is the simplest way to dry your glitter glue project. A hair dryer is a tool that all of us have at home so you won’t have problems with drying.

  • Plug in a hairdryer and set it to low or medium heat.
  • Hold your hairdryer about ten inches from the surface of your glitter glue project.
  • Hold the hair dryer at a distance that’s about the length of your forearm, from your elbow to your wrist.
  • Wave the nozzle of the hairdryer back and forth to distribute heat evenly and dry the glitter glue. It’s important not to keep the hair
  • dryer still!
  • Dry your project for about two to five minutes before testing whether the glue is sufficiently dry.
How to Make Your Glitter Glue Dry Faster With a Hair Dryer
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How to Make Your Glitter Glue Dry Faster With a Fan?

Using a fan is another option you can try. It has certain nuances of use so we suggest you read the instructions carefully!

  • Secure your project on an even surface. You can use paperweights to weigh down your project, for example, or pin it up on a clothesline.
  • Turn the fan on to medium or low and point it towards your glitter glue project.
  • Wait at least ten minutes. Depending on how much glue you apply, you may have to wait up to twenty minutes.
  • After ten minutes pass, check your project to see whether the glue is dry.
  • If the glue is clear and hard to the touch, you’re done drying.
How to Make Your Glitter Glue Dry Faster With a Fan
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Make Your Glitter Glue Dry Faster Under the Sun

This is the safest way to dry your glitter glue project but it is also the longest one. Plus, you need to be sure that there will be no rain or wind that might damage the project!

  • Lay your project on a sunny spot in front of a window for at least twenty minutes.
  • Open the window to let the breeze blow on the glitter glue.
  • Wait for twenty minutes.

While using this method, you should also check your project after twenty minutes pass. If you see the glue is hard and dry to the touch, you can remove the project from the drying spot.

As you can see, there are several alternative ways to dry your glitter glue design. The one you choose will depend on how much time you can spend waiting until the project is dry.

Also, it matters how much glue is used since the more is applied the more time you will need for it to dry!

Make Your Glitter Glue Dry Faster Under the Sun
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Does Glitter Glue Dry On Glass, Plastic, Fabric?

When you decide to try out glitter glue for your creative projects, or your kid says they need to use this stuff for a school crafting project, you migth be wondering what surfaces glitter glue can be used on.

Since glitter glue is water-based, it dries on a porous material like paper and fabric easily. because these surfaces absorb the water in glitter glue helping it dry faster.

Speaking of glass and plastic, they are not porous, so you will have to wait for quite a long time for glitter glue to dry! But even when it dries, you will most likely find out that it won’t stick to the surface!

There is another issue with plastic and glass: over time, glitter glue may peel off these surfaces. If you really want glitter glue to stick to glass or plastic, you should add a primer before you add the glue.

Like that, now you know more about glitter glue and some specifics regarding its drying time and drying methods. We told you what factors can influence this adhesive’s drying time and what you could do in order to speed up the drying process a bit.

Also, we shared a few alternative drying methods with you so that you could get a better idea of how to dry your glitter glue project depending on what surface it is used on and how much glue is applied.

Does Glitter Glue Dry On Glass, Plastic, Fabric
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How long does it take for crayola glitter glue to dry?

Depending on the application and atmospheric conditions, it takes approximately 30 minutes to 24 hours to dry.

⭐How long does it take for imagine glitter glue to dry?

Drying this glue will take from hald an hour up to one hour, depending on how much you applied and how you dry it.

⭐How long does it take for elmers glitter glue to dry?

Elmers Classic Glitter Glue water-based dries for 30 minutes at least. The longest you’ll have to wait is 24 hours.

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