How Long Do Candy Canes Last?

Learn how long your favorite candy last and how you can make them please you longer

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There are definitely quite few people who do not like candy canes! These cane-shaped hard candy are not only one of the symbols of Christmas, they are also very tasty being manufactured in plenty of different tastes!

And since hard candy is usually pretty long-lasting, you might already be asking yourself what the shelf life of this kind of sweets is. So today we will share this information with you (and not only this one!).

How Long Are Candy Canes Good For?

Since this is a type of hard candy, their shelf life is pretty long, especially if you store them correctly according to basic storage rules and recommendations. That means, no keeping them in direct sunlight or close to the sources of heat (for instance, stoves, microwaves, etc.).

Also, letting this confection get moist is not a good idea since it may reduce its durability. And of course, it matters whether you keep them unwrapped or sealed in their original wrapping.

In general, candy canes can stay edible for two or even three years without any quality decay thanks to the very high sugar content. But that is possible only if they are packed in the original package that is unopened.

If you have already torn the packet of candy canes open, you can still expect them to last for another twelve months easily. As we already said, this kind of confection is pretty long-lasting!

Counter/Pantry Fridge Freezer
Open 12 months up to 1 year up to 1 year
Unopen 2-3 years 2-3 years 2-3 years

As for the optimal storage place, you can safely keep candy canes either in the fridge or even freezer, but if you simply let them stay in your pantry or in a kitchen cabinet, this will not make the confection spoil faster. ANyway, even if the expiry date has already passed, candy canes are still safe to consume since this date only shows the term when the sweet stuff is of its best quality and taste.

This is also why people often buy candy canes in large batches to keep them for Christmas and other holidays. Thanks to their durability, these sweets can last for quite an impressive period of time!

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How Long Do Candy Canes Last When They Are Open?

As we know, most of our foodstuffs tend to spoil and degrade faster after we open the package. This happens because air gets into the packet and speeds up the process of food decay.

However, when it comes to sweets, things get somewhat different. Since candy canes (like any other sugary confections) contain quite a lot of sugar, this ingredient stops them from spoiling too fast.

This is why, even if you open the packet of these confections, you can be absolutely sure that they will last for several more months, remaining safe to eat and retaining their taste.

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How Long Do Candy Canes Last If Individually Wrapped?

Sometimes, candy canes are being sold in individual wraps. And if you happen to buy way too many of these, you might need to know how long you can store them. Fortunately, the lifespan of this type of confection is pretty long.

Unopened candy canes that are wrapped individually will stay edible for at least one year. And if you store them correctly according to the storage rules, be sure that your yummies will remain tasty and flavorus for two or even three years!

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How Long Do Unopened Candy Canes Last?

We love these sweets not only for the variety of tastes and their colorful appearance. Their long lifespan is another reason why candy canes are often purchased in pretty large batches, especially before holidays!

So if you tend to buy them in advance to enjoy candy canes during the Christmas time, be sure that your sweet treats will easily last for up to three years if you keep them properly.

How Long Do Candy Canes Last unopened
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Can Candy Canes Go Bad?

Since candy canes contain a lot of sugar, they will not be able to spoil really badly to cause any serious harm to your health. However, they still can degrade making the taste way less attractive. This is why it is important to know when your candy canes must be thrown away.

The simplest way you can check your candy cane’s safety is to bite it or press the candy with your finger nail. If you feel that it is way too soft, it means that the confection is already old. It does not mean you can’t consume it, but it will definitely not be as hard and delicious as the new one.

Also, old candy canes must be discarded because they tend to attract insects and bugs over time. And if the sweets are not sealed properly, those creatures can contaminate them and thus make them harmful for you.

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What Are Candy Canes Made Of?

Since these confections are so durable, you might be wondering what makes them last so long. Well, the basic ingredients used for making these sweets are sugar and corn syrup. That means that candy canes can hardly be called healthy sweets. And also, such an extreme content of sugar allows them to have such an impressive lifespan.

How Long Do Candy Canes Last what are made of
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How to Store Candy Canes to Keep Them Tasty Longer

Yes, this type of confection is rather long-lasting as it is. However, it does not mean you can get careless when storing it! Like any other foodstuff, candy canes will last longer and retain their quality and taste better if they are being kept under the proper conditions.

So what can you do to make them last longer? Well, you simply need to keep in mind a few simple rules:

  • humid and hot environment is forbidden for candy canes
  • keep them in a cool and dry place, such as kitchen cabinets, pantry, or the basement
  • keep these confections tightly sealed to stop bugs and other insects from reaching them
  • for the extended storage, better place your candy canes into the fridge or even freeze them

This way, you will be able to make sure that your sweets are safe and sound, and you will be able to enjoy them even next year!

So now you learned more about such a widespread and popular confection as candy canes. It is well known for its long shelf life which makes it possible for us to store these yummies for months to use them for decorating our Christmas trees or to simply enjoy them whenever we feel like.

And now, with all the information we gave you in mind, you will surely be able to not only store your candy canes properly, but you will also manage to preserve their taste and texture longer keeping these delicious sweets enjoyable for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Will the taste and texture of candy canes change after thawing?

Yes, they will change a bit.

⭐ What is the best way to store candy canes?

The best way is to keep them in a dry location in a plastic bag with all the air being sucked out.

⭐ What are the most popular uses for candy canes?

Well, you can eat them or use for decorating your Christmas tree. Also, candy canes are often used for decorating cup with hot drinks like cacao.

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