How to Get Cranberry Juice Out of Carpet?

Easy-to-follow tips on how to remove cranberry stains from your lovely carpet once and for all

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Cranberry juice is not only very delicious and healthy, but it also looks very beautiful – the ruby red color of this juice reminds a garnet. And its fresh and a bit sour odor is so lovely, too! However, the second this liquid gets spilled on the carpet, from a source of please it turns into a disaster!

Want to know the ways you save your carpet from bearing those bright red marks forever? In this article, we have collected the most useful and easy-to-follow tips on how to remove cranberry stains from your lovely fluffy carpet once and for all!

Cranberry Juice Stain Removal With Minimal Efforts and Maximum Effect

Cranberry juice, the same as all the other fruit juices, is very easy to mark a fabric once it gets onto it. The reason is simple: fruit juices contain natural pigments which easily color any fabric the second they contact with it. If you don’t take any actions immediately while the cranberry juice stain is still fresh, your carpet, clothes or furniture is on the high risk of being ruined completely.

Cranberry juice, and especially other desserts based on it and containing the pieces of the berries (like sauces, for example), are very dangerous to your carpets in particular. Especially if your carpets are fluffy and have long piles where these particles can get stuck in.

The faster you spot the trace that a cranberry juice left on your carpet the more thoroughly it will be possible to take care of it.

Fresh cranberry stain

So, what shall you do if you noticed a fresh red juice stain in the carpet? First of all, you will have to remove the juice that is still not soaked from the carpet by using a towel to blot the surface. However, this method will work well only if the juice has been just spilled and is not completely soaked by the fibers yet.

After you prepare the carpet like that, use the following utilities provided below for removing cranberry juice from the carpet.

  • Prepare a cleaning blend that consists of a full tablespoon of any liquid product for washing dishes and a couple of full cups of warm water, stir the mixture vigorously till both the components are mixed well, and then wash away cranberry juice out of the carpet. 
  • If the means suggested before didn’t work (and it is considered to be quite mild and can work better on a fresh spot), try out another option. Take a full tablespoon of ammonia and mix it into a couple of full cups of warm water. Stir properly and pour this mixture over the juicy mark to remove cranberry juice from the carpet.
  • We can share another do-it-yourself blot-fighting means. The sequence of actions is going to be the following: mix four parts of water, two parts of vinegar and one part of liquid dish cleaning product. When the blend is ready, spread it on top of the mark and let it absorb the “medicine”. Leave it like that for a quarter of an hour. The next thing you have to do is to wash the blotted area with cold water and check for any traces of juice. If there are still some being visible, repeat the whole procedure from the beginning.

These are the most efficient and easy to prepare products for those who want to know how to get cranberry juice out of the carpet. 

How to Remove Any Carpet Stain - Martha StewartHow to Remove Any Carpet Stain – Martha Stewart

How to Get Cranberry Juice Out of Clothes. Fast and Easy Methods

Unfortunately, carpets are not the only target for that sneaky cranberry juice! It can end up on nearly any surface and item, from your floor to the table cloth and upholstery. Does cranberry juice stain clothes, you may ask. Sadly speaking, yes, it does.

However, there are some handy and wise methods that will help you to remove cranberry stain once and for all.

  • Same as with carpets, remove the rest of the juice first by drying the spot with a clean napkin. 
  • Then, if the “enemy” is found on the thin piece of fabric, stretch the damaged area over the sink and pour a pot of freshly-boiled water right over the juicy mark. Keep watering the cranberry spot until it is gone. This method works well for linen, too, by the way.
  • Another option is to prepare a blot-fighting blend of water, vinegar, and liquid used for cleaning dishes and immerse the marked piece of clothes into it for fifteen minutes. Afterward, rinse with cold water.
  • If none of the methods described above help, try out some rubbing alcohol. Apply some of it right on top of the cranberry juice trace and then rinse with water meticulously.
  • What you can also do is to launder your garments in the hottest water allowed for this particular kind of fabric adding some chlorine bleach or, if your item is not resistant to that, take color-safe bleach.

how to get cranberry juice out of carpet

These easy and cheap methods don’t require any specific chemicals and are rather gentle to your clothes, besides, they will allow you to restore your item quickly and keep wearing it afterward.

How to Delete Cranberry Stain From Your Upholstery?

When some cranberry juice or sauce happens to end up on your armchair or sofa, take the rescuing actions immediately.

  • Blot up all the excess juice from the surface to prevent it from soaking deeper into the cushioned furniture.
  • Take one full tablespoon of white vinegar and two-thirds of a cup of rubbing alcohol, mix them together, soak a piece of clean cloth in this mixture and soak the juice stain with it.
  • Pay attention to that the mixture must be fully absorbed!
  • Reiterate the procedure until the blot is removed completely.
  • Finally, blot out the cleaned area with a clean cloth moisturized with cold water.
how to get cranberry juice out of clothes
Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

How to Get Out Cranberry Juice Stains From Other Items In Your House?

It is not only soft surfaces like clothes or cushioned furniture that can be spotted with some cranberry juice. It can also leave its marks on the floor, linen, curtains, and many others.

To stop cranberry invasion, use the following advice.

  • To delete a cranberry juice mark from linoleum, mix up some bleach in a cup full of water and walk through the blot with it. Be careful with rubbing too hard as bleach can affect the color of the floor by making it fade!
  • If you found a cranberry red mark on your table linen, remove the extra moisture first by using a piece of cloth. For bigger spills, flush the juicy mark with cold water right in the sink.

Apply some stain remover or laundry detergent and let it work for fifteen minutes at least.

Then laundry the item according to its care requirements that can be found on the hangtag.

remove cranberry stain

Best Products to Apply When Dealing With Cranberry Juice Marks

Home-made cleaning means are good, but sometimes it is impossible to deal with an old cranberry juice mark without using special products meant for this sort of cleaning.

To make your life easier, we have collected the most useful, cheap and effective cleaning and stain-removing products that can save your home from being covered with those red dots!

  • For pretreating the blots, you can use white bar soap. It helps to take the coloring pigments out of the fabric if the spill is fresh.
  • Oxiclean Powder and Biz Powder will work well on more stubborn stains and spills as it destroys the pigments of the juice and takes them out on the very surface of the fabric/carpet so that you could easily remove the blot from there.
  • Carbona Stain #8 is helpful not only with juice stains but with many other food and drinks stains, too. 

How to Get Fruit Juice Out of Clothes?

How, as we figured out how to fight the cranberry juice stains, let’s take a look at other juicy marks that can be found in our homes.

How many of us drink a glass of orange juice in the morning? And how many of us find those light-yellow citrus-smelling dots on our shirt or a dress afterward? Quite many, let’s agree!

But, if we don’t notice those spills at once, we risk destroying our clothes as, when getting older, fruit juice marks become not so easy to remove from fabrics.

  • First of all, flush the juicy mark with cold water.
  • Put the item into the barrel and launder at the highest temperature that its fabric can stand.
  • If, after you take all these actions, the mark is still there, immerse the item in a water and detergent mixture for the night and launder again in the morning.
  • After you wash it, check it for any traces of juice. If you put the spotted item to the drying machine, the hot air will only make it worse by setting the blot deeper into the fabric.
  • Another variant is to deepen the damaged item in a blend of white vinegar and dishwashing soap before you send it to the barrel.
  • For some fabrics, freshly squeezed lemon juice, when being applied on the stain, works pretty well, too.
  • If you happened to set a juice stain on the item that is supposed to be dry-cleaned only, don’t do anything to it, Instead, take it to the professional dry cleaners at once and let them take care of it properly.
How to get Fruit Juice Stains out of Carpet | Spot Removal GuideHow to get Fruit Juice Stains out of Carpet | Spot Removal Guide

Useful Tips to Help You to Remove Stains Correctly

In order not to damage your item even more than it already is, it is better to keep in mind several essential notes that will allow you not to mess up more than it already is.

  • Before treating the juice stain, test any washing solution or home-made mixture before you try to apply it to the blotted area. You can choose some inconspicuous part of the item for this purpose, for example, an inside part of the sleeve. Like that you will ensure that you will not ruin the whole item.
  • When treating juice stains, it is always better to react quickly as they tend to set very fast, especially marks from orange juice, cranberry or raspberry juice or tomato juice.
  • If the juice has just been spilled over, try to flush the blot with cold water first. It may help.
  • If you are going to try more than one cleaning solution on the same item, be sure that you have washed the previously applied one carefully and completely.
  • Always read the requirements and instructions mentioned on the hangtag on your item! It will help to keep it alive longer and treat it right.
  • When you want to delete a juice blot, don’t rub it actively as it will only deepen the juice pigments into the fabric’s fibers and add you more work to do.
  • When choosing to use stain removers or detergents, always follow the instruction and do not exceed the amount of product that must be applied to the fabric.
how to remove cranberry stains
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

We hope that the tips and advice that you found in this article will be a great help for you when dealing with such a difficult task as cleaning the cranberry juice out of your carpets or any other item in your house, no matter whether it is cushioned furniture, curtains, clothes, etc. All of these methods are easy to apply, they are cheap and fast, and they have already proved themselves to be very efficient even with the old firmly set blots.

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