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All you was about to ask about this delicious dish

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Crab cakes are simple to prepare and this is a very delicious and nutritious dish. Because of all these benefits, people are often curious about how they can freeze crab cakes for eating them later.

If this is what has been bothering you for a long time, too, today you will finally find the desired answer!

Can You Freeze Crab Cakes?

Can crab cakes be frozen? The short answer is yes, they can freeze since these goodies are not only simple to cook, they are also simple to preserve.

But even though this seafood yummy can be safely and (what is even more important) successfully exposed to frost in both cooked and uncooked forms, we would still recommend everyone expose them to frost raw for getting better results and taste preservation.

Can you freeze cooked crab cakes made with mayonnaise?

Why not? This dish includes variations that have mayo in them, but it doesn’t influence the result of preservation: such crabby foodstuff will still be delicious if we do our best to take care of it correctly! 

What about freezing picked crab?

Can fresh crabby meat be frosted? Is it the same simple as preserving the goodies made of it? 

Well, dealing with the raw crab flesh might be somewhat more complicated in fact, but still, preserving fresh crabby meat is not a big deal. Since crab is a very delicate foodstuff, its flesh tends to dry when being exposed to frost for long enough. Dryness thus will lead to the loss of savor and flavor which, let us agree, will not make the potential foodstuff any better.

Is it possible to escape that scenario? Easily! All we need to do to keep that tender meaty stuff’s texture untouched is to place the crab meat into the frost-resistant packet, and pour some regular milk inside until it covers the content. The tightly sealed packet must then be left in a frosting camera.

Like this, we will manage to save the texture and taste of the crab, and protect it from a possible freezer burn. To defrost it, simply rinse the milk off in a colander.

So, can you freeze cooked crab cakes? Yes! 

Can You Freeze Crab Chowder?

True lovers of this sort of seafood adore this dish pretty much for its taste and easiness. No wonder that so many questions are asked about whether the crabby chowder can be preserved.

Well, guys, you will probably be upset, but chowder is not the best thing to expose to frost if it contains milk or cream.

Dairy ingredients will make the dish turn grainy and finally separate while being defrosted. Let’s agree, nobody would like to taste messy and clumpy foodstuff.

Can You Freeze Crab Chowder
Photo by Jason Leung

How Long Can You Freeze Picked Crab Meat?

The maximum duration of storage will be three months.

When being not very much familiar with this foodstuff, people often ask questions about frosting picked crab flesh (picked means that it was already peeled off the carcass and packaged). Well, it is possible to do, however, take into account that if it is not in any preparations, for instance, casserole or crabby cakes, or not in a shell, it will deteriorate pretty fast.

The shell of the oceanic creature protects these tender meaty insides from decay, but if we remove it, the flesh of a crab will turn dry and stringy, lose its wonderful aroma, and basically will become useless.

This is why crab meat must always be frosted either cooked as a dish or inside of the crab shell. When freezing cooked crab, we can expect it to stay edible and delicious for nearly three months.

What about packaged stuff? Can you freeze canned crab meat? It can indeed be placed into a frosting camera, but only if we already opened the tank and there is a risk of spoilage due to oxidation or contamination. It makes no sense to preserve sealed cans. 

How To Clean Blue Crabs and Save Them in the FreezerHow To Clean Blue Crabs and Save Them in the Freezer

How to Freeze Crab Cakes?

Since freezing crab meat when it is thermally processed is very easy, everyone would probably like to learn how to freeze crab meat foodstuff.

Basically, these goodies can be preserved either cooked or raw (so-called pre-cooking preservation). And even though both approaches are fine, frosting them uncooked is a more preferable option since then these flattened meatballs will be much simpler to hold together when cooking.

How to Freeze Crab Cakes

When going to preserve some of these delicious goodies, remember the most important nuances to not mess up with the procedure:

  • Cooked foodstuff must first be cooled down prior to placing it into the frosting camera. Otherwise, when being frosted still warm, it will decay way faster.
  • Raw cakes must be first be pre-frozen to help them solidify better. Like that, they will not fall apart in the frosting camera.

Except for these specifics, the overall procedure is basically the same:

How to Freeze Crab Cakes
Photo by Katie Musial
  1. Each piece of foodstuff must be wrapped in a cling film. It will help to retain their shape better.
  2. Place the cakes into a frost-resistant thick packet or go for the hermetic tank, and seal tightly.
  3. Label the package.
  4. Leave them in a frosting camera.

Now let’s see how to deal with each of the variations exactly.

Freezing Raw Crab Cakes Nuances

Freezing Raw Crab Cakes Nuances
Photo by Michal Mrozek

Uncooked crabby goodies have to be pre-frosted prior to preserving. Just place them on a baking tray covered with parchment ensuring that cakes do not touch each other. Keep in the frosting camera for two hours uncovered, and take out when they are ready.

Now it is time to freeze:

  1. Cover each piece of foodstuff with a cling film
  2. Fill the frost-resistant packet or a hermetic tank with them, and seal
  3. Label and date the packaging
  4. Stock in the frosting camera for ninety days

Individual wrapping will allow the cakes to stay well shaped and not fall apart because of cold.

Freezing Cooked Crab Cakes Step By Step

As for the already prepared goodies, the procedure of preservation is very much alike except for the one tiny nuance.

  1. Cool them down after cooking to exclude any chances for spoilage, but never let the goodies sit out for more than one hour
  2. Warp them individually, better in foil since like that they can be later warmed up in this “shell” easier
  3. Place the foodstuff into a frost-resistant packet and seal
  4. Label and date them

Such foodstuff can easily stay preserved for up to three months.

How to Thaw Frozen Crab Cakes?

Unfreezing is often an even more complicated operation than the preservation itself. However, crabby yummies have beaten the opponents here as well. How to unfreeze crabby cakes that are frozen? It will hang upon whether they are cooked or not.

Cooked goodies are better to be baked to get defrosted since it will preserve the quality and taste. Nevertheless, the raw ones must be transferred to the fridge overnight and then seared in a pan.

What do We Need to Know to Reheat Crab Cakes?

What We Need to Know to Reheat Crab Cakes
Photo by Jason Leung

Even though reheating crab cakes is not a big deal and it can be done even by a child, the procedure has several nuances hanging upon where we are going to warm them up. 

How to reheat crab sticks

Can you reheat crab cakes in a microwave?

No, you’d better not do this. Microwaving will turn this delicate meaty stuff into a rubbery, tough, and completely tasteless mess. 

What about the oven?

It will work pretty well if the cakes are not frozen or even cold. Place the room-temperature foodstuff on a foiled baking tray and slide into the oven preheated to 325 F. We would recommend placing a pan of water, too, since hot air will make the goodies dry. After fifteen minutes, these yummies are ready to be enjoyed.

Instant pot

Instant Pot Crab LegsInstant Pot Crab Legs

This is literally the best way to reheat crab cakes! Only make sure not to use it as a pressure cooker, only as a warmer. Simply set it at the keep-warm function, and let the foodstuff be gently warmed preserving its taste.


Also quite a reliable method. Take a skillet, place a bit of oil inside, and heat it up. When it’s ready, pour in some water, and place the crabby cakes in. It is essential to keep the item closed all the time to keep the steam inside and warm the foodstuff evenly. 

This approach is simple and quick, but we must always keep an eye on the skillet since water evaporates fast and the cakes can burn.

How Long Are Crab Cakes Good For?

How Long Are Crab Cakes Good For
Photo by Mae Mu

Cooked foodstuff will stay edible for five days when refrigerated. To achieve the best quality while stocking it, wrap the goodies tightly and find a separate packet for them.

Nevertheless, if the plan is to enjoy the delicious, still uncooked dish later, it will be more reasonable to expose it to frost, otherwise, the cakes can quickly deteriorate.

How Long Are Crab Cakes Good For

Fridge Freezer
Crab cakes cooked 3-5 days 3 months
Crab cakes uncooked - 3 months

You learned how to freeze crab meat, how to freeze fresh crab, and how to reheat crab cakes. This is a very delicious, delicate dish with a tender texture that can pair almost any garnish perfectly. Stock it correctly according to the advised instructions, and you will be able to enjoy it any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How long will uncooked crab cakes last in the fridge?

Uncooked crab cakes are better not to be left refrigerated since they will most likely start drying and spoiling.

⭐ How long is crab meat good for?

Cooked meat will last refrigerated for 5 days whereas when frozen, it can remain edible for 3 months just like the raw counterpart.

⭐ How far in advance can I make crab cakes?

If leaving them raw, they can be kept frozen for 3 months, so count on that term.

⭐ How do you thaw frozen crab cakes?

Raw ones must be removed to the fridge overnight, but cooked ones can be warmed up at once by baking.

⭐ How do you cook frozen raw crab?

A whole crab can be processed in a steamer.

⭐ Does frozen crab go bad?

Basically, if frozen properly, its meat can last indefinitely, but the quality will anyway diminish. Spoilage can take place if something was wrong with the storage/preservation.

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