Correct Products For Washing Squishmallows

Not sure what detergent to use to wash your plush toy? Read on to figure this out!

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Squishmallows are rather demanding when it comes to maintenance and care. This is why their owners often feel uncertain about the proper washing products they should use to keep these plush softies clean. If you are unsure what detergent to use and how to wash squishmallows, we recommend you keep on reading.

In this article, we will explain whether this toy can be washed with a regular detergent, how to sanitize it, and whether it will be ok after washing it with regular soap.

Can You Wash Squishmallows With Detergent?

Speaking of washing detergent to use for this toy, a regular laundry detergent is usually enough. Some owners of plush toys recommend using low-sud detergents since they produce less foam. As a result, you will spend less time and water rinsing your softy.

Squishmallow Short Film: Danny the Dino Takes a BathSquishmallow Short Film: Danny the Dino Takes a Bath

Also, we would add that you should opt for delicate detergents and avoid any products that contain chlorine bleach or any bleaching components! These products will damage the soft texture of the fabric the toy is made of. Besides, bleach will discolor the brightly colored plush material, leaving the item patchy.

Can You Wash Squishmallows With Detergent

Can You Wash Squishmallows With Tide Pods?

Since washing pods are very popular these days due to their simplicity of use, people often want to know whether it is safe to use Tide pods and other similar detergents for washing squishmallows. The answer is yes. Using Tide pods and other laundry pods is ok.

In fact, you can use any laundry detergent when cleaning your squishmallows as long as it is mild. It doesn’t matter whether it is a powder detergent, a liquid detergent, or laundry pods. Just make sure it’s not a strong detergent or chemical since this one might damage the toy.

How to Sanitize Squishmallows?

Parents often buy squishmallows for their children because kids adore these plush softies! They use mallows as toys and pillows for sleeping. But if your kid plays with the plush toy regularly, chances are high that the toy will often end up on the floor! It means that its soft material will collect not only dust but will also host microbes!

How to disinfect Squishmallows

This is why the issue of sanitizing squishmallows in a household with little children is crucial. Luckily, sanitizing this toy is simple:

  • Spot-clean the toy if needed using a clean soft cloth.
  • Wash the toy with a mild detergent using a cold cycle and low-spin regime.
  • Air-dry the squishmallow.
  • Treat it with hand sanitizer.

Since there are now many hand sanitizers that come with a pleasant smell, you should not worry that the toy will smell bad or something!

How to Sanitize Squishmallows
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What Setting to Use to Wash Squishmallows?

Since these toys are made of polyester and spandex, the use of these materials makes squishmallows very delicate to wash. There is a number of restrictions you should follow if you want the toy to remain soft and spongy longer, retaining its bright colors and marshmallow-like texture.

  • Always wash your toy in cold water.
  • In a washer, use a low-spin cycle.
  • Wash squishmallows with a mild detergent. Also, you can use a low-sud detergent to reduce foam.
  • Never wash it in hot or warm water to avoid damaging the fabric!
  • Never use bleaching agents and products that contain any bleach on this toy!
  • Don’t treat the toy with harsh chemicals (e.g., to spot-clean it).

With these tips and recommendations, you will be able to keep your soft plush “friend” good-looking much longer.

What Setting to Use to Wash Squishmallows

Can You Wash Squishmallows With Soap?

Some people ask whether they can wash their squishmallows with regular liquid hand soap or bar soap. Also, it is a common question whether dish soap can be used for this purpose. To be honest, we would not recommend you use these types of washing products on any type of squishmallows!

See, dish soaps are often rather harsh since they are supposed to cope with grease and oil on your dishes.

However, what is suitable for greasy plates can be bad for tender synthetic fabrics!  The only exception could be a mild dish soap like an eco-friendly/organic one, or a natural dishwashing product. Such soaps typically have a less aggressive formula, so they might be safer for the toy.

As for the bar soap or hand soap, this is also not a suitable product for washing this plush toy. The only exception could be made for a children’s soap since it has a very mild formula that won’t damage the toy.

Can You Wash Squishmallows With Soap
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Can You Wash Squishmallows Together?

If you have many squishmallows, washing them separately, one by one, can be painful! Besides, it is a waste of time and an excessive waste of water and electricity. Your bills will not thank you for that!

The only solution is to wash the toys altogether. But is it ok, you may wonder?

How to clean a Squishmallow #shortsHow to clean a Squishmallow #shorts

Well, this can be an appropriate approach only if the toys are small. See, the point is to put them in your washing machine, so there is still enough space in the barrel. Otherwise, the toys will be squeezed inside, making the washing less efficient. In addition, stuffed in a barrel of your washer, your toys can quickly get damaged and distorted!

But if the toys are small (like your palm size), you can wash them together without fear. We would only still insist on using mesh bags for each to protect the soft, plush material of the items.

Can You Wash Squishmallows With Clothes?

People often make the same mistake when washing their squishmallows: they tend to wash them together with clothes. But this is not correct! Moreover, this can cause damage to the toy. This often happens when people toss toys into their washers and clothes that must be washed in different settings.

Can Squishmallow be washed with clothes

Instead, if you want to wash these plush toys with other items, do the following:

  • Make sure all the items have the same washing cycle/temperature requirements.
  • Put your toy in a mesh bag.
  • Load the washer with the toy and a few other items (it’s ok to wash mallows with bedding, light blankets, etc.).
  • Add your mild detergent.
  • Start the wash.
Can Squishmallow be washed together

With these tips and life hacks, you will now wash your squishmallow correctly, even if you lost its care tag! As you can see, the washing rules are simple, you just need to ensure you use the right detergent and the right washing cycle, and the toy will come out clean and soft as it was before!

Can You Wash Squishmallows With Clothes
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