Can You Microwave Nutella?

All about turning this yummy choco paste into a delicious syrup

Written by Elisa Chan. Updated on All about turning this yummy choco paste into a delicious syrup

Nutella is a staple in many families because of its rich chocolate taste with a nutty flavor. And since we most often take a jar of this paste to spread some on the toast in the morning, Nutella can actually be used in another way.

Some say we can melt it! Want to know whether it is really possible, and how to do that? Then our brief guide about microwaving Nutella will be handy for you!

Can You Microwave Nutella?

Yes, generally speaking, we can microwave Nutella. And this is an ideal way to turn this thick paste that we use as a spread into a flavorful chocolate syrup that can be drizzled over almost any dish or dessert.

However, melting Nutella has certain nuances that we must be aware of if we don’t want to turn it into a mess. When heating Nutella too much, the paste becomes overcooked and turns into a hard spread instead of liquid yummy.

In general words, for melting it successfully, we need to follow several simple rules and recommendations:

  • Nutella must never be heated in the original jar because it is not meant for microwave heating and it can crack causing both mess and certain danger (because of the broken glass pieces)
  • The paste needs to be transferred to the microwaveable tank for melting it
  • For better protection of the paste’s moisture, always cover the tank prior to heating it up
  • To get better results, microwave Nutella in short bursts (twenty to thirty seconds will be enough) and stir thoroughly between the sessions

These are the very basic suggestions, of course, but even those can help you get perfectly melted hazelnut paste. 

If you read on, you will learn about the more detailed melting guide, and also we will reveal some secrets about Nutella storage after melting it, and share the ideas of how it can be served.

If you never tried to do this before, we strongly recommend every Nutella-melting newbie stay tuned and keep on reading. We are not going to share any secret information here, of course, but certain handy tricks we will be giving will definitely become handy for you one day.

Can You Microwave Nutella
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What Happens When You Microwave Nutella?

If Nutella is correctly melted in microwave following all the instructions and precaution measures, it will turn into a chocolate hazelnut syrup, smooth and extremely delicious.

However, if anything goes wrong, and the paste is heated too much or for too long, you can evidence the unwanted transformation. From being thick and spreadable, it will first turn into a liquid, almost watery syrup, and then proceed to even more horrible phase and become as hard as a rock.

And the worst thing is that this will take even less than one minute! This is why melting this foodstuff correctly is a must and a great skill you will be appreciated for the rest of your life.

How to Melt Nutella. Precise Instruction

 Those who never tried or never had to liquify this paste might think that doing that is something extremely complicated. But basically, the procedure of melting is simple. However, it is crucially important to follow all the steps listed, and complete them in exactly the same order as advised! If you don’t do this, there is a high risk of ending up with the rocky sticky mass instead of a delicious syrupy treat.

Mind your safety first of all

Mind your safety first of all
Photo by Alexandru Acea

Before placing Nutella into the microwave, double-check that all the security measures are taken. Yes, you are not dealing with a toxic chemical substance, but even a harmless chocolate paste can turn into a hazard if heated wrongly.

  • First of all, never stick unopened jar of this foodstuff into the microwave! Most of you might think it is obvious, but one never knows, so reminding some obvious things will be needed.

Why can’t we do that, you may wonder? If you open the jar of Nutella, you will see that under the lid, it is covered with aluminum foil. It is done to keep its freshness, but this is also the reason why unopened jar must never be heated.

Any metals including aluminum must never be placed in a microwave! The best that can happen is that the foil will pop and spark. In the worst-case scenario, it will set the device on fire which is dangerous for the rest of the kitchen and your home.

  • The next thing to think about is the Nutella container. In most cases, this foodstuff is sold in plastic tanks in the USA even though we sometimes can see the glass ones that are imported.

But if you do have Nutella sealed in a plastic tank, you must remember that plastic should never go to the microwave! This material can easily melt when heated, but also, plastic contains harmful chemical compounds. 

They are safe when staying out of your foodstuff, but the second they get inside…nobody knows what can happen. Since heat causes such leakage, plastic tanks must never be warmed up!

  • Finally, melting the whole jar of this paste and then storing it will definitely influence the quality making it worse. 

Control the portions

HOW TO MAKE NUTELLA | healthy nutella recipeHOW TO MAKE NUTELLA | healthy nutella recipe

Since melting all Nutella you have is not the best idea because it will make its quality decay, we need to think of where to transfer it to in advance. The optimal decision is to find a small glass or ceramic container that can be heated in a microwave. If it comes with the lid, this is even better.

As a variant, think of using a gravy boat if you are planning to make use of the melted paste this way. However, if the plan is to dip something into the melted Nutella, better opt for a dish that is wide enough.

The cover matters

This delicious foodstuff is rather sensitive when exposed to heat, this is why it can dry when not being covered properly. To not end up with a piece of hard chocolate instead of a decadent liquid treat, get ready for covering it beforehand.

The major goal is to both let the air escape from the tank, but at the same time, we need to keep most of it trapped under the cover to moisten the content.

To achieve that, try to loosely place a lid over the tank the paste will be melted in, but do not seal it!

If the foodstuff will be heated in a bowl, cover that with the inverted plate of the proper size.


Always melt this foodstuff in a microwave set to medium. Too extended warming or too high heat will cause more intensive moisture loss, and that’s what we need to avoid by all means.

Heat it for thirty seconds at a time. After this time passes, stir the paste and inspect it: if it is liquid enough, it’s OK to stop and make use of it. If not, go for another round of 30 seconds warming, and remember to stir.

While heating, check the paste for the texture. The second it’s ideally liquid, turn the microwave off.

What if you have no microwave but you need that melted Nutella badly? Well, then simply go for good old hot water melting trick: immerse the jar or the paste into a bowl with hot water, and wait until it melts!

How to Make Nutella More Liquid

The common issue that people face when liquifying Nutella is that the melted paste tends to return into its original thick state.

And since microwaving it all the time is not a good solution since it can simply destroy the foodstuff, everyone asks of other ways this delicious paste can be liquified without damaging its texture.

In fact, except for heating, several approaches exist of making the consistency of this paste more liquid.

  • Try to add some oil with a neutral flavor only make sure you add a little bit of it, otherwise, the foodstuff will get too greasy.
  • Mix in some chocolate syrup. This can be especially helpful since the chocolate taste of the paste will not suffer, and the consistency will become more liquified.
  • If none of the options suggested above fit you, go for another method. Prepare very thick chocolate milk with some cocoa powder, and dilute Nutella with that.

In any case, these are way better options compared to the constant warming up that will eventually lead to the taste and overall quality decay.

Can Nutella Go Bad?

Nutella Is A Lot Worse For You Than You Think — What's Really InsideNutella Is A Lot Worse For You Than You Think — What’s Really Inside

Of course, it can. The lifespan of this paste is not indicated precisely, but usually, it will safely stay edible for several months past the best-by when being open.

Do you refrigerate Nutella after opening? In fact, no, this paste should not be chilled since cold will make it harden and it will become useless as a spread.

Nutella unopened Best by + 6-12 months
Nutella opened 6 months

To stay of the best quality, the paste must be kept tightly sealed away from light and heat at 18-20 C. As for the melted foodstuff, transfer it to the hermetic tank and leave it in the pantry. When chilled, the melted paste will also harden, so try not to cool it.

And keep in mind that Nutella, when melted, will anyway harden pretty soon. Whether it will become stone-solid hangs upon how properly it is stocked.

Using Melted Nutella

Using Melted Nutella
Photo by Toa Heftiba

Of course, feel free to decide how to make use of this delicious liquid treat counting on personal preferences. Since Nutella becomes similar to chocolate syrup after being melted, and since it is sweet, we can suggest several ideas on how it can be utilized for culinary purposes:

  • Drizzle it over your ice cream (even if it’s chocolate).
  • Melted Nutella suits ideally as a dip for different fruits. Strawberries, grapes, pears, and peaches will pair with it especially good.
  • Try it on your pancakes or waffles instead of maple syrup.
  •  After all, why not just drizzle it over the french toast when having breakfast in the morning?
  • Some people find melted Nutella a perfect addition to various hot drinks like coffee, cacao, etc.
  • This liquid chocolate sauce will fit puddings and oatmeal perfectly.
  • Finally, if no other ideas come to mind, simply dip a hard cookie into it!

Well, this is all we wanted to share with you. You learned about microwaving Nutella and figured out how to get ready for the procedure to complete it successfully.

We also told about the basic precautionary measures that must be taken when melting this foodstuff and warned you of what must never be done in order to not harm your health.

Now that you are aware of how to melt it and how to use it afterward, we are sure that your culinary skill will grow giving you more ideas on how to serve various dishes and desserts with melted Nutella.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Can you melt Nutella in a microwave?

Yes, you can microwave it successfully.

⭐ What happens when you microwave Nutella?

The paste melts and turns into a syrup.

⭐ How to melt Nutella without a microwave?

You can liquify it by adding a bit of water or milk, or you can put it in a bowl with hot water.

⭐ Can you microwave a Nutella jar?

No, because it can crack and even break.

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