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Strawberries… Is it possible to find at least one person in the world who would not enjoy these juicy, sweet and delicious berries?! They are good when eaten fresh, as a jam or with a dessert.

Of course, everyone would like to know how to keep strawberries fresh.

For this purpose, we will discuss how we can keep these berries at home fresh, as well as give a detailed instruction on how to make frozen strawberries.

How to Store Strawberries?

If we want to keep something edible and fresh as long as it’s possible, the optimal way is to provide the best and proper conditions of storage for this food.

When it comes to keeping berries or fruits, we need to take into account that their storage conditions are different from those of other kinds of food and products.

Storing strawberries may be somewhat tricky compared to other berries so it would be useful to memorize certain nuances to be prepared.

How to Freeze Strawberries
  • Strawberries are quite watery and juicy. That is why these berries tend to get moldy more than some other fruits and berries. 
  • Due to the high content of water in them, strawberries must always be kept cold and dry to protect them from rotting and mold. Like this, their lifespan will be extended to its most.
  • For the same reason (the high level of juice), and to keep strawberries fresh, these berries must not be previously washed and their stems must not be removed before storing.
how to keep strawberries fresh
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How to store fresh strawberries?

Well, in fact, it is not so complicated as it could seem at first!

Storing fresh strawberries will only require several simple actions.

Whenever some berries need to be kept for later use, just take a tray, cover it with new and clean paper towels, put the berries evenly and cover everything with a plastic wrap.

Never wash them or tear off the stems!

When being sealed like this, strawberries will remain fresh and edible longer. Before consuming, just rinse the berries carefully and delete the stems.

Store Strawberries
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This is the best possible way how to make strawberries last longer in a natural way at home.

At this point, the berries will be able to extend their lifespan for seven days at most!

However, this method is good for keeping strawberries for a short period of time.

But what if we want them to stay consumable even longer than that?

Well, for this purpose, there is another approach exists.

Freezing Strawberries

Storing strawberries
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All of us have seen those packets stuffed with frozen strawberries in stores and supermarkets.

However, those berries are not always as juicy and tasty as we used to. Because of this, make people wonder how to freeze fresh strawberries so that they won’t lose their sweetness and juice.

In fact, there is only one way that we know and it is to freeze strawberries by yourself.

How long do strawberries last when frozen?

Normally, if all the requirements were followed precisely, these berries will remain edible for nearly a year in a freezer’s camera.

For some reason, many people think that freezing strawberries is quite complicated, however, this is only a sort of “kitchen myth”.

The only essential moment one needs to keep in mind all the time is that all the steps must be done correctly, otherwise, the result may be not quite good enough and berries can, for instance, lose their flavor or the texture will turn damaged.

keep strawberries fresh
keep strawberries fresh

In fact, there is nothing difficult about it at all. So what steps does the best way to store strawberries have to include to be successful?

  • First of all, strawberries must be prepared. It is essential to know how to clean strawberries before freezing properly because it will influence the result of freezing greatly.

So, to prep the berries, pick those that are firm, deep-red and completely ripe.

Then the berries need to be washed and dried on a towel, and their stems removed.

It is important not to soak them in water completely because then strawberries will lose their taste!

How to Freeze Strawberries
  • The next step is to cut strawberry. In fact, these berries can be exposed to frost being whole, sliced, cut or even crushed, it doesn’t matter. Take into account only where they will be used afterward.

Normally, strawberries are being frozen whole when unsweetened whereas sweet berries are most often sliced or cut. But again, it’s up to you.

  • For preserving unsweetened berries, place them on a baking sheet making sure the layer is even. Like this, they won’t get stuck to each other. 

As soon as they are solid, remove the berries to a frost-friendly tank or packet and toss it into a freezing camera.

  • When preserving sweet berries, cut them, add some sugar, wait until it’s dissolved and put the strawberries into a tank.

How to preserve strawberry?

As you can see, both these ways of how to preserve strawberry are easy and they don’t require neither much time nor much effort or any special skills.

Everything needed for preservation can be found in any kitchen so even a child could do it!

How to store fresh strawberries

Why do we do all this when we can just consume strawberries fresh, some may ask? Well, it is quite a reasonable question, in fact.

Of course, eating berries fresh allows us to intake all the vitamins, minerals and other useful elements when it is the season. But preserving them frozen will let us do the same any time of the year! And let’s agree, being able to have some fresh summer food is so delightful in the middle of winter!

Besides, frozen strawberries are good to have at home for many other purposes.

For instance, they can be used later for baking, for making different desserts or, let’s say, for preparing a glass of fruit-and-berry smoothie.

One can find many frozen strawberries recipes to see how this product can be consumed except for being eaten raw.

Be sure that, when using the tips that are given above, all your family members will appreciate some fresh strawberry anytime they want!

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