Can You Freeze Oranges?

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Oranges are one of the most popular citruses in any country. They are a famous source of C vitamin and are widely loved for their refreshing sour-sweet taste and juiciness.

No wonder that people often ask whether it is possible to preserve oranges somehow and freezing oranges interests everyone in particular.

Well, this article will solve this mystery for you!

Why Do We Love Oranges So Much?

Unless you have an allergy for citruses, you have tasted oranges many times for sure. Some people prefer consuming them fresh, some would rather make a glass of freshly-squeezed juice and others put oranges to the fruit salads and smoothies. 

And we are all right when eating this fruit so often! 

Oranges are very useful to our health, of course, when being consumed in a proper amount. Uncontrollable overeating may cause you some problems with health like an allergy.

Can oranges be frozen
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SO what is it so good about them? First of all, C vitamin. Then, oranges are very nutritious and have a very low level of calories which makes them perfect for any dietary menu.

Moreover, oranges help us to prevent cancer, they are good for stabilizing our blood pressure and prevent it from unpredictable rising, and in addition, these citruses contain the elements that contribute to our heart health.

They also fight with diabetes and make our skin look better and healthier!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask About Freezing Oranges

freezing oranges
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Now you know why so many people are obsessed with the idea of preserving oranges at home! When common methods like juice-making and jam-making are already used, it is time to proceed to something more serious!

And that’s when people ask themselves: Can oranges be frozen?

In fact, they can. On the other hand, you need to take into account that, when you freeze oranges, the impact of frost will affect the texture of their flesh which means that the citruses will be available for juices, smoothies, and sherbet but not for eating them raw or decorating desserts.

And here comes the list of the most common questions that you could ask regarding the process of oranges preservation.

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  • Can you freeze orange slices?

Of course, you can. Moreover, it is the most advised method of freezing them. Simply decide whether you will need them peeled or with the skin for further use and freeze them accordingly.

Сan you freeze peeled oranges?

Yes, peeled oranges can be frozen the same well as the ones that have skin on. The only thing you need to keep an eye on is the white pith that you need to take off as much as it is possible.

And of course, keep in mind that the thawed oranges can’t be eaten, they can only go to juices and smoothies as the texture of the unfrosted citrus is far from what it was fresh.

Is freezing oranges whole possible?

Some people wonder whether it is possible to freeze oranges and other citruses whole. And you know, it is possible indeed! You can either freeze them unpeeled or feel free to leave their skin on. If you want, you can also peel off the zest before tossing the citruses to the freezer.

  • Can you freeze tangerines?

Tangerines, the same as other citruses, can be frozen very well either whole or sliced, both peeled and unpeeled.

  • Can you freeze oranges for Smoothies?

In fact, freezing them is the best and only way to preserve the citruses and use them in smoothies later. Why is it the only way? Because the flesh of the fruits will change its texture after unfreezing and won’t be good for consuming.

How to Freeze Oranges. A Complete Guide

freezing oranges
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Now that you know all the tips and secrets regarding the orange-freezing process, let’s find out how to preserve these citruses at home.

  • To begin with, wash the citruses and wipe them afterward to get rid of the waxy layer on their skins. Never use any chemicals for washing!
  • Depending on your choice and taste, slice the oranges into circular slices or cut into sections.
  • Then take an airtight tank, wash it with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly to delete the traces of soap. 
  • Put orange slices into the tank placing them very tight and leave a bit of space between the upper layer and the lid. Close the tank tightly and freeze.

When stuffing the citruses like this, you prevent extra air from getting between the layers which will reduce the chance of rotting.

Now you can use the frozen orange slices anytime you need to make something tasty!

To preserve the texture of the oranges better, you can use a syrup made of water and sugar and pour it over the orange bits in the jar. For this method, you don’t have to stuff the citruses tight, on the contrary, the pieces must be spread loosely in the jar.

Frozen oranges can last for almost one year.

What about unfreezing? 

Can oranges be frozen
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That’s not a big deal at all! Simply take them out and leave on the kitchen counter or a table for five or six hours. 

And remember that unfrosted oranges must be used instantly otherwise they will start losing their taste and flavor gradually.

One more tip for you to remember. If, after unfreezing citruses, you notice that their flesh became dry and lost its juiciness, and the skin (if you did not peel it off previously) became wrinkled and/or has some whitish or dark dots, better discard the oranges because they have become spoiled already.

As you can see, these methods of orange preservation are very simple to perform at home as they don’t require any specific skills, experience or tools. SImple plastic freezer-friendly box, some homemade syrup (if you want) and a bit of your time – and you will get a tank full of delicious citruses that you can enjoy any time of the year!

As a result, you will get the chance to make delicious homemade juices, sherbets, and smoothies with this healthy and tasty fruit for yourself, your friends and the members of your family even every day.

Hope these tips were useful for you!

Take care!

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