Can You Freeze Carrots?

Tips And Nuances

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Carrot is known for its healthy qualities and the benefit this vegetable brings to our immune system. Besides, we use it in many different dishes and it tastes perfect both in salads being raw and in hot foodstuff.

No wonder that freezing carrots is one of the most popular ways to preserve this vegetable for further use.

However, it is essential to do everything correctly to make this orange veggie last longer.

In this article, we will discuss how to store carrots in the freezer and what steps must be taken to do it properly.

Health Benefits Of Carrots

Before we begin, let’s figure out why such a common vegetable has become so popular and widespread almost all over the globe.

We all, probably, know that carrot is very healthy, one can hear and read it everywhere. But what exactly is so special about it? 

freezing carrots
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  • Carrot contains a lot of beta carotene and fiber
  • It is the source of vitamin K, A, B6, B, and antioxidants
  • This vegetable has ability to decrease the level of cholesterol
  • It is also a proved proper food for weight-loss purposes
  • Antioxidants that carrots contain protect us from cancer
  • Regular consumption of carrots not only boosts our general health and strengthens the immune system, but it also prevents different diseases
  • Finally, the carrot is very good for the eye-health 

Taking all these benefits into account, no wonder that people tend to preserve this vegetable as much as possible to get all of its usefulness any time they want.

Can You Freeze Carrots

At that point, different means can be used to protect carrots from spoiling.

How to Store Carrots Correctly at Home

how to store carrots in the freezer
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First of all, everything depends on how long carrots are planned to be stored. If the vegetables are going to be used pretty soon, then keeping them refrigerated would be the best variant.

Here it is essential to keep in mind that carrots tend to become covered with the excess moisture when being stored improperly. That is why proper conditions are a must.

  • Don’t wash or peel carrots before refrigerating since it will cause the sooner drying of the vegetables.
  • Clean the carrots from dirt if there is any, wrap them in a paper towel and put into a perforated breathable plastic packet. Double-check that the packet allows some ventilation because the excess moisture will speed up the rotting.

When being stored this way, carrots will remain crisp and edible for nearly one month. 

But for longer storage, freezing carrots would be a much better option.

How to Freeze Carrots. Handy Advice and Rules to Know


For keeping carrots tasty and to preserve their texture and qualities, the exposure to frost is the optimal variant.

However, it is necessary to know that one can freeze carrots in two different ways which make people somewhat confused sometimes.

Carrots can be frozen raw or previously blanched. Which way is the best? Let’s take a closer look at both and figure it out.

  • Can you freeze fresh carrots?

Definitely, freezing fresh carrots is possible. Nevertheless, keep in mind that at that point, the vegetable will lose its texture and crispness but will keep the taste and flavor.

  • How to prepare carrots for freezing?

It depends on how it is going to be stored. For freezing it blanched, it will have to be washed meticulously first before you blanch carrots, also, feel free to peel it if you want but that’s not necessary.

In addition, all the stems must be cut off.

Can You Freeze Carrots

As for storing it raw, removing the stems and dirt, cut off the ends and cut the carrots into even 1-inch pieces.

In connection to this, people often ask: can you freeze whole carrots? Well, to tell the truth, freezing carrots whole will not be as effective as doing the same with the cut vegetables. You see, when being divided into smaller pieces, carrots will manage to freeze evenly whereas the whole root may be partly too much frozen.

As for the freezing procedure itself, it is nor complicated at all.

  • To freeze carrots blanched, wash them, cut off the stems and ends.

Cut the vegetables as finely as desired making sure that the pieces are of the same size.

Boil some water, put the carrots in it and wait until it starts boiling again. Then wait for three minutes.

Instantly remove the carrots to the ice-water to stop the process of boiling, drain, and sort into frost-friendly packets. Leave as little air inside as possible.

Now the veggies will last for nearly a year!

Can you freeze fresh carrots
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  • For preserving carrots raw, no need to wash them or peel. Just trim the stems and cut off the ends, cut each carrot into even parts, put on a cooking sheet and insert into the freezing camera for twenty-four hours.

Afterward, repack the carrots into the frost-resistant packets and return to where they belong.

Both of these approaches can be also used to freeze fresh baby carrots.

How to Blanch Carrots?

How to prepare carrots for freezing
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When blanching, it is necessary to mind the timing, otherwise, the carrots will become too soft.

As a rule, this method allows preserving the taste and texture of the veggies, as well as all the vitamins.

In fact, blanching carrots is simple.

Vegetables must be cleaned from dirt and washed first. Peel them if needed, but that’s not so essential.

cut the carrots either in slices or into smaller pieces but make sure they are of the same size anyway. Like this, the veggies will freeze better and more evenly.

how long to blanch carrots for freezing? Normally, three minutes will be enough for the cut vegetables whereas baby-carrots might need something like five minutes since they must be blanched whole.

Freezing Cooked Carrots. Things to Note

how to store carrots in the freezer
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Naturally, a question may occur: do carrots freeze well when cooked? 

Cooked carrots were boiled longer that blanched, so they are already softer, however, it doesn’t make them unable to freeze.

So, if some cooked carrots need to be preserved badly, just wait until they cool down, drain and sort into the frost-resistant packets with no air inside (or remove the most of it). 

Like this, carrots will extend their lifespan for one year.

How to Defrost Carrots at Home?

Proper defrosting will guarantee that the product will be still edible.

The optimal way is to remove the vegetables to the fridge overnight but if there is no time to wait, frozen carrots can be used for cooking at once right after you take them out from the freezing camera.

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