Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese?

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Velveeta cheese is a very versatile cheesy product that we can enjoy either as it is or eating it melted. It can even become a part of a dip!

Of course, the consumers wonder whether such a handy foodstuff can be frozen for later.

Can you freeze Velveeta? Unpacked Velveeta cheese can be frozen and should be thawed on the lowest fringe shelf. Due to the cheese do not lose its texture. The cheese producer doesn’t recommend freeze Velveeta cheese because it can lose its creamy texture, ice crystals can completely destroy your cheese.

Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese?

Technically speaking, any foodstuff that contains cheese can be frozen including Velveeta.

This processed cheese has a soft and smooth texture which makes it perfect for eating as it is or for melting it to add to the dips and cheesy sauces.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer of this goodie warns the consumers that their foodstuff should avoid the frosting camera.

They say that they advise not to expose Velveeta to frost since it may cause significant (and not quite positive) changes in the foodstuff’s texture:

  • The major problem is that freezing will create the crystals within the foodstuff turning it grainy.
  • Another threat is that the exposure to frost can lead to Velveeta becoming mushy.
  • The extended exposure to frost may also result in dramatic changes in flavor.
  • Finally, the exposure to frost can lead to the water appearing on the surface of the foodstuff.

So can Velveeta be frozen? Surprisingly, it can!

The enthusiasts who are into preserving this delicious yummy assure that this smooth cheesy goodie can be exposed to frost safely, we only need to learn how to do it right.

How to Freeze Velveeta Cheese?

How to Freeze Velveeta Cheese

To freeze Velveeta, no special skills are needed. The preparation stage is also very easy to complete. 

Since this cheesy foodstuff is usually sold in blocks, people often decide not to make any complication and freeze it as it is whole.

To tell the truth, it doesn’t matter how Velveeta will be frosted, as a block or cut in pieces.

It is also not a big deal if you decide to freeze the unopened box since it will be preserved the same well as the unsealed one.

What matters most is that the cheese must be taken out of its original package since that carton box is not meant for keeping it frosted at all.

Once this is done, complete the following steps to have perfectly frozen Velveeta:

  1. Decide whether the foodstuff will be preserved whole or not. If you want it in smaller pieces, dice the block and divide into portions.
  2. Once this is done, wrap the cheese with the cling film leaving no uncovered spots.
  3. Now the extra protective layer must be applied. Take a frost-resistant packet or a hermetic tank, and place the wrapped cheesy foodstuff inside. If you are using a packet, we would recommend you squeeze out the air.
  4. Now seal the tank, sign it writing the packing date, and place it into the frosting camera.
  5. For achieving better results, we would advise everyone to place the packet closer to the back wall of the frosting camera since the frost is stable there which means the foodstuff will not undergo any texture changes.

When being packed correctly, this foodstuff will easily stay edible for three months in your frosting camera. 

Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese Dip?

So, can you freeze Velveeta cheese dip? Yes, you can freeze Velveeta cheese dip. Put it into the plastic container or to the special bags and you can store it for one month in the freezer. To thaw the Velveeta cheese dip just put it on the lowest shelf in the fridge and it will be ready to eat in 4 hours.

Shortly speaking, yes, this cheese-based foodstuff can be exposed to frost.

Naturally, since the smooth cheesy foodstuff is often used for making sauces out of it, the consumers often wonder how well the Velveeta dip will freeze, and whether it will freeze at all.

And the answer is yes. The cheesy dip will not last in the fridge longer than three or four days, so preserving it is the only solution if you made too much, for instance.

For freezing the Velveeta dip, simply transfer it into the hermetic tank (remember to leave some spare space for the dip to expand!) and place it into the frosting camera. If you lack space there, better opt for the frost-resistant packets instead.

When it is time to defrost the dip, simply transfer it into the fridge overnight.

The dip must stay there for at least four hours to unfreeze thoroughly. 

How to Thaw Velveeta Cheese?

Buy Velveeta or Cheaper Walmart Brand Cheese Block Substitute?  Taste Test Comparison and ReviewBuy Velveeta or Cheaper Walmart Brand Cheese Block Substitute? Taste Test Comparison and Review

Defrosting Velveeta that’s frozen may seem to be tricky, however, this foodstuff can easily be handled. The major requirement is that the procedure of defrosting goes slowly without any temperature fluctuations.

This is why never immerse the packet with frosted Velveeta into the hot water and never heat it up in a microwave. Such aggressive heating procedures will ruin the texture of the foodstuff which will anyway change a bit after thawing.

The only exception that can be made is when you are in a hurry, and you don’t mind the cheese becoming somewhat melted.

If that is the case, feel free to microwave it on high heat in two-minutes intervals.

The optimal solution, however, is to transfer the tank with the frozen cheese into the fridge and leave it there overnight or at least for four hours.

Like that, the foodstuff will defrost gradually, and no dramatic texture changes will take place.

Velveeta Cheese Shelf Life

So, what is the shelf life of Velveeta cheese? Velveeta cheese product contains preservatives, so its shelf life is up to 6 months unopened. In 68°F you can keep in up to 2 months. In the opened package in the fridge, it will last for 3 weeks. And you always should check “use-by-date”.

Since Velveeta can in fact be exposed to frost, people may wonder how much time this foodstuff will survive in the frosting camera.

Another question that is frequently asked is: how long can Velveeta last in the refrigerator?


Well, let’s answer them one by one.

The shelf life of Velveeta cheese hangs upon whether we are talking about the refrigerated or frozen goodie.

When being frosted, this foodstuff can successfully last for several months, however, the refrigerated cheese will have a way longer lifespan if unopened.

On the other hand, the open package will not last longer than eight weeks.

Pantry Fridge
Velveeta unopened Use-by + 2-3 weeks 6 months
Velveeta opened - 8 weeks

How to tell Velveeta has gone bad?

First of all, look for mold. If you spot any, discard the foodstuff.

Also, any worsening of its color, taste, aroma, or texture will most likely mean that the cheese can’t be consumed anymore.

Remember: as a rule, fresh Velveeta has a creamy, pale-yellow tint, and its consistency is soft and almost mushy.

Velveeta cheese is a great foodstuff to use for many purposes: either melted, added to the dish, or eaten as it is, it has a pleasant cheesy taste that will pair well with many dishes and even with a simple toast.

Store it correctly, and you will be able to enjoy this goodie way longer.

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