Can You Freeze Chicken Livers?

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The liver is not something that people eat as frequently as, for instance, regular meat. And if you are fond of this foodstuff and buy it quite often, one day you may face the necessity of preserving it to avoid spoilage. 

Can you freeze chicken livers? What do we need to know before freezing chicken livers? These and other questions will be answered below in detail.

Can You Freeze Livers?

Shortly speaking, yes, chicken livers can be frozen successfully. Actually, just like the liver of any other animal of a bird. 

We mostly think of preservation in a frosting camera when we purchased too much of the foodstuff, or we have the leftovers that we are sure we will not finish in time, and they will spoil.

To avoid unnecessary food-wasting, tossing a batch of livers into the frosting camera is the optimal solution since refrigeration is a no-go variant for long-term storage of this foodstuff. Besides, livers belong to the food that quite a few people truly enjoy which makes it somewhat difficult to use the product quickly enough. 

However, prior to freezing it, we need to remember that the liver is a rather delicate sort of meaty food. It means that for freezing, it is better to opt for the fresh foodstuff since if we cook, freeze, and then defrost and cook it again, it will destroy the meat completely.

In terms of this, a question often arises: can you freeze liver sausage? Well, everything is not so easy with this foodstuff. As you know, liver sausage has a smooth, almost spreadable texture that will become worse after exposure to frost. Except for that nuance, it is absolutely safe to preserve in a frosting camera.

Can You Freeze Livermush?

The housewives that make use of the liver often enough tend to ask whether the livermush can be exposed to frost safely. Fortunately, this foodstuff freezes pretty well, only take into account that the mush must be raw.

To preserve some for the future, take the leftovers (of the extra amount) of the livermush you have, place the mass into the frost-resistant bag, label, and toss it into the cold box.

Like that, the foodstuff will successfully last from half a year to twelve months in your frosting camera being edible and ready to use.

How to cure chicken liver with borax and salt - tough chicken liverHow to cure chicken liver with borax and salt – tough chicken liver

Can You Freeze Fresh Pate?

Somebody might think: if the chicken liver is so tender, then is it OK to freeze some pate made of it? The good news is that this foodstuff can be successfully preserved in your frosting camera!  

Ensure you place it in a hermetic tank, and freeze it for a maximum of two months. For defrosting, simply transfer the foodstuff into the fridge overnight and take it out an hour before serving to let it warm up a bit.

How to Freeze Livers?

How to Freeze Livers
Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

In general, freezing the liver is not a big deal. However, we would recommend everyone keep in mind one simple rule: it’s better always freeze the raw foodstuff.

Since the liver gets worse after the repeated heating, preserving the cooked foodstuff may end up in the ruined dish after it’s defrosted and repeatedly warmed.

So unless you are 100% sure that your liver dish can be safely reheated, opt for the raw freezing.

The procedure of freezing is very simple and quick:

Get everything you’ll need ready. The paper towels and frost-resistant packets are all that will be needed.

Start with draining the excessive liquid. The liver is sold being quite moist, and if we toss it into the frosting camera like that, that liquid will make the foodstuff turn into the ice. To avoid that scenario, simply place the pieces of liver onto the towels to let them soak the excessive moisture for 2-3 minutes.

Now it’s time to divide the foodstuff into portions. If you’re freezing too much liver, and it can’t be used at a time, it’s better to freeze it in smaller portions. Like that, it will be simpler to defrost and utilize it later.

Once the liver is divided, proceed to package it. Go for either a hermetic tank or a freezer-safe packet, it doesn’t matter, but packets will save you some space in the frosting camera.

Like that, the liver will get frosted in two hours already, and it will last longer, surely for months. However, we would advise making use of it asap since the longer it’s kept frosted the more its texture and overall quality will decay.

How to cook Livermush / Livermush TipHow to cook Livermush / Livermush Tip

How to Defrost Frozen Livers?

OK, somebody might say, freezing the liver is simple, but what about defrosting it? Fortunately, thawing the frozen liver will also not take you much time and effort.

Normally, the optimal approach is to transfer the frosted foodstuff to the fridge and leave there overnight since it’s the safest and gentlest way to thaw it. 

However, if you’re short on time, it’s OK to immerse the tank or packet with the frozen liver into the lukewarm water to unfreeze it. In three to six hours, you’ll have it ready to cook.

How to Use Frozen and Thawed Livers?

can you freeze liver

The frozen chicken livers will have the same taste and texture as the raw foodstuff has, so feel free to go for the same cooking methods you’d use for the fresh meaty stuff.

The simplest and the quickest way is to sautee it with onions: it takes only half an hour, and results in a super delicious meal!

However, feel free to make use of the thawed chicken liver for making pates, stews, or for frying it.

Can Cooked Chicken Livers Be Frozen?

Can Cooked Chicken Livers Be Frozen
photo by Janine Beth Salazar with Pexels

Can you freeze cooked liver? Well, basically, you can. However, we need to warn you that not all methods of cooking allow this foodstuff to be exposed to frost later!

For instance, a chicken liver pate will freeze perfectly well. However, if you decide to do the same with the sautee, the result may disappoint you: the repeated heating (before and after the freezing) will lead to the dish’s decay or even spoilage.

So unless you’re absolutely sure that the dish you have will freeze and thaw well, opt for freezing the raw liver.

Can You Freeze Chopped Chicken Liver?

One of the most frequent questions asked about storing the liver is: can you freeze chopped liver? For some reason, people think that only the solid pieces of this meat will freeze well. In fact, chopped liver freezes pretty well, too.

The procedure of preservation is the same as for the solid piece of the foodstuff: delete the excess liquid, place it into the hermetic tank, and freeze.

Chicken Liver Storage Nuances And Hints

Chicken Liver Storage Nuances And Hints
photo by cottonbro with Pexels

Preserving the liver is simple, but is it the same with storing it? How long can you keep the raw liver in the fridge? Shall it go there at all?

Well, honestly speaking, meats don’t last long when refrigerated. So the only reason it can be kept there is to thaw it before cooking. If the liver is refrigerated for too long, it will spoil and become useless. 

The only exception is the liver pate. How long can you keep chicken liver pate refrigerated? Well, the average term of storage is between seven and ten days, but for extending its lifespan, better expose it to frost.

How long does cooked chicken liver last in the fridge? Check out the chart below for the answer.

Fridge Freezer
Raw liver 1-2 days at 35-40 F 3-4 months
Liver pate 7-10 days 2 months
Cooked liver 3-4 days up to 4 months (depends on the dish)

If the liver goes bad, it starts smelling like ammonia, color changes appear, and the surface of the foodstuff turns slimy. When noticing any of these signs, toss the spoiled liver away.

So now you’re informed about all the nuances of the liver storage and use. This foodstuff is loaded with nutrients and it’s very healthy, so keep it correctly to be able to benefit from consuming this delicious thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Why should you not eat liver?

We should not eat too much of it. The liver is rich in vitamin A and copper, and if we ingest too much of those, it can result in certain problems.

⭐ What is the green stuff on chicken livers?

It usually happens when the gall bladder that’s attached to the liver breaks, and some of the liquid ends up on the liver making it green.

⭐ How do you store chicken livers?

It’s best to be frozen since livers can’t last long in the fridge.
However, liver pate can safely stay edible for up to 10 days refrigerated.

⭐ How long can you keep the cooked liver in the freezer?

It can last for up to 4 months, but that hangs upon the dish: certain dishes will decay after thawing and heating.

⭐ Are chicken livers healthy?

Yes, the chicken liver is full of protein, iron, B12, and folate that are beneficial for our eyes health, our energy level, and the overall health.

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