Can I Dye My Hair After Bleaching It The Same Day?

All you ever wondered about regarding this question now revealed

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on all you ever wondered about regarding this question now revealed

Getting prepared for the dramatic style changes requires both patience and knowledge.

Coloring our hair may only seem to be so easy, whereas in fact this procedure is complicated and must be performed by the experienced professional.

However, even those girls that always dye the locks in a salon, frequently ask themselves: can I dye my hair after bleaching it the same day? Will that not be too much?

Well, we would like to share several tips and suggestions on this topic with you.

How to Bleach And Dye Hair On The Same Day?

Changing the color of the locks is such an exciting event!

However, no matter whether you are about to become a bit darker or lighter than the current natural shade or your goal is to turn completely different by becoming red or blonde, the result will be awesome only if all the instructions are followed precisely.

Most girls who want to change their appearance completely and fast often ask the same recurring question: can I dye my hair right after bleaching it?

It is clear that nobody likes to wait, and we would prefer seeing our new self as fast as we can. 

Nevertheless, all the experienced colorists warn that dyeing hair right after bleaching can be harmful to our mane.

Since the locks are exposed to quite an intense chemical treatment while the discoloration procedure, forcing them to go through another chemical exposure can be too much. Especially if the chevelure was initially in not the best state.

How Long After Bleaching Hair Can You Dye It?

How To Bleach & Dye Hair At HomeHow To Bleach & Dye Hair At Home

In terms of safety and to keep the strands healthy, it is strongly recommended to be patient and wait for several days.

Like this, the locks will have a little rest before the next stage of your transformation.

Can you bleach and dye the same day then? Well, yes.

But we would recommend you ask yourself several questions to ensure the state of the chevelure allows such procedures:

How many times did I bleach my mane?

If the procedure was applied too often, it may lead to unpleasant effects like hair loss. 

What is my present strands condition?

Be honest to yourself: if you experience any hair issues, it will be wise to stay away from the chemicals.

Am I suffering hair loss?

How Long After Bleaching Hair Can You Dye It
Photo by Ashley Byrd

All of us lose hair regularly since that is the natural process. However, if you have significant problems and it’s not just a few hairs on the comb, better wait for a couple of weeks before going through the coloring procedure.

Did I color my hair?

If you recently applied a deep shade, your locks are already weighty with the chemical pigment. Bleaching will most likely lead to bad damage.

If after completing this questionnaire you realize that no problems exist, go for it!

To both discolor and dye the chevelure the same day, complete several steps precisely.

Bleach first

The night before the procedure, nourish the strands with coconut oil. It will moisturize them and prevent excessive damage. Also, ensure all the tools and equipment is ready so that nothing will distract you or interrupt the process. We advise wearing some old apparel since coloring often ends up in stained clothing.

  • To begin, divide the locks so that the crown is opened, and the top is arranged on the side.
  • Blend the discoloring agent and the developer. If you are not using a coloring kit, don’t be greedy, buy a really good and pricey developer since it matters a lot for the final result!
  • Once the mixture is prepared, start applying it at the roots first. It will make the crown more lightened. Act carefully and slowly to smear the mixture thoroughly. Ensure you’re not applying too much though, otherwise, the locks will be excessively discolored.
  • After the mane is finished, take a break for half an hour, 45 minutes the longest, to let the bleach do its best. Longer exposure will change the desired shade so be careful!
  • For washing the substance away, ordinary shampoo will do. Girls often ask: can I condition after bleaching before coloring? You can, and it must be done! This will wash away all the rests of the discoloring chemicals.
  • Dry the locks with a blow-dryer using a low-heat setting.

If you already decided on the color you want to have on the locks, that’s great. Simply open the box and proceed to the next stage of the “how to dye hair after bleaching” transformation.


It would be better if the dye is applied from the roots since they absorb more pigment. Also, make use of a wide tooth comb to evenly spread the dye over the locks and achieve that silky look.

Make gaps of five minutes approximately to spread the pigment. After that, go for a comb again. Finally, wash the strands and dry them by gently patting since any rubbing may lead to damages. Your locks are very fragile now being wet and exposed to chemicals, so be careful.

Can You Dye Your Hair After Bleaching And Toning?

Can You Dye Your Hair After Bleaching And Toning
Photo by Emma Simpson

What if you toned your mane but now the goal is to color the locks, we would recommend waiting for just a little. It can be very exciting to look forward to the upcoming style changes, but have some mercy! Your hair needs time to restore after the toner exposure before undergoing a more aggressive coloring procedure.

The best thing that can be done is to take a break and wait for three or four days. Toner is less harmful compared to the dye, so the strands will feel better prepared for the upcoming challenge.

How to Take Care Of Bleached And Dyed Hair

Bleaching is extremely stressful for the hair because it leaves the cuticles open and vulnerable for a long period of time. No wonder that discolored locks need much more attention and care than they used to need.

If your goal is to have smooth and silky strands instead of the straw-like dry mess, ensure that the proper caring procedures are taken to nourish and cure the locks.

Minimum of washing

Bleached strands are already too dry, and exposure to the washing product will only rinse out the leftovers of the natural oils they have. Once in four days will be enough, and for keeping the mane fresh, better go for a dry shampoo.

Stick to color-preserving products

With this magical thing, the new shade will keep up longer, besides, you can be sure that it will protect the freshly-colored locks from getting brassy or fading.

Reduce styling

Not completely, of course. On certain occasions, it is very welcome! Nevertheless, avoid applying styling tools daily or even weekly, and always pulverize a protection prior to using them.

Never brush when still wet!

The hair filled with moisture is prone to breakage. When we brush it, we can cause significant loss of the hairs.

Go for a microfiber towel

It’s softer, lighter, and more absorbent than cotton which means the tresses will be safe and sound. No fizzing, no damage.  

Things to Consider When Coloring Hair After Bleach

Dyeing hair after bleaching is very stressful to the locks because of the massive chemical exposure. You are probably aware that the discoloring agent breaks into the hair shaft and destroys the natural pigment molecules. 

This is a very tough procedure because it requires breaking the fatty acids on the shafts. This leads to the locks getting dry, prone to breakages, and vulnerable. Especially, if we bleach and dye hair the same day, the mane undergoes even more damage.

This is why, when bleaching then dyeing hair, consider to keep in mind several facts that people often stumble upon:

  1. Don’t skip the strand test. When completing this step, you will be 100% sure that nothing weird will happen to your locks, no unpredictable color changes, nothing.
  2. Better not bleach alone, even if you did it a thousand times. Ask a friend to assist, or go to the salon. Otherwise, some spots can be missed or the substance can be applied unevenly.
  3. Don’t leave the bleach too long! It can result in permanent damages and even burn the skin of the head!
  4. Remember to deep-condition the day the mane is discolored. This will make the strands easier to comb and return some nutrients needed after bleaching.
  5. Don’t bleach already discolored locks. If you need to color the dark roots, it doesn’t mean the whole length has to be bleached again. But even if you are the owner of the very dark locks, and you need to discolor them repeatedly to get the desired shade, wait for several weeks between each procedure to let the strands restore.

Being aware of these nuances, you will have much better results when coloring hair after bleaching. Thanks to them, keeping the locks safe will become simpler and more effective. 

 We shared the most essential and handy information with you regarding bleaching and dyeing hair the same day and how to take care of the bleached hair before and after the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How long does it take to bleach and dye your hair?

The whole procedure will take approximately 45 minutes.

⭐ What color can I dye my black hair without bleaching?

Try to apply the temporary dye that’s made for working on a dark hair base without lightening it.

⭐ Which bleach is best for dark hair?

Among the best brands, we can name Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder, Manic Panic Flash Hair Bleach Kit, Schwarzkopf Professional Blonde Me premium, and L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder bleach.

⭐ What happens when you mix bleach and hair dye?

These two will blend into a thick paste that’s very hard to apply, as a result, you’ll get the uneven color.
Bleach and dye mix need a developer to set the pigment better.

⭐ How do you dye black hair to blonde?

To achieve blonde, black hair must be bleached, usually twice at least.

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