Best Ways to Pack a Jewelry for Traveling

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All done with your packing? Stuffed and managed to fit everything perfectly in your luggage? But oh! Wait! Did you carry the accessories that go with each dress? Jewelry pieces are usually fragile and if mishandled or not packed accurately can break or deform.

It doesn’t have to be emphasized how jewelry forms a vital part of every outfit. It has the ability to enhance your attire by leaps and bounds. When going on a trip; you can’t miss out on your jewelry. But hey, you can’t carry all along when traveling.

You have to pick the most suitable and sturdy ones. Delicate jewelry can’t be the part of your trip for it can easily trip off.

So, make sure you pack along versatile jewelry pieces that are easy to carry and can go well with multiple attires.

So here are best ways from Dolphin Galleries on how to efficiently pack your jewelry when traveling

There are two major aspects to consider when packing jewelry

  1. What jewelry do you need to carry?
  2. How to pack it?

Let’s look at each aspect individually

What jewelry do you need to carry?

Remember you are traveling; therefore, it’s always a good idea to carry only the most important stuff. You might have particular jewelry you pair with a particular outfit but you need to narrow down your options since you will have to carry your luggage around.

Narrowing down can be tricky, therefore, you should apply the technique of 3’S- simple, single and selective.

What jewelry do you need to carry
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Carry your standard items. We all have a piece of jewelry that goes with every outfit. This jewelry should be your go-to option when packing for a trip since it can be mixed and matched with any attire whatsoever. And, yes it looks cool too!


Stick to a singular pallet for your jewelry and make room for versatility. Flexibility is a prerequisite for travel; this holds true for jewelry too. For instance, choose either silver or gold jewelry pieces than going for a combination.

Style up accordingly and make the most of your travel. It’s fun to use a single piece of accessory in multiple ways. It definitely brings out your creativity.

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This is the most important S when packing jewelry. Be extra choosy when packing. It is highly recommended that you avoid carrying expensive jewelry since there are chances of swindles when you travel.

Losing expensive jewelry is not something anyone would want. Therefore, choose jewelry that you are okay losing. Take with yourself sturdy jewelry pieces that can be styled on the go without any second thoughts.

Once you have chosen your jewelry and selected your few, you can move to the next aspect which is packing your jewelry.

How to pack your jewelry?

Jewelry incorporates necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Each piece of jewelry has special requirements when it comes to packing. Necklaces and bracelets are prone to get tangled; hence they need something that will keep them unmeshed.

Earrings and rings have the risk of breaking for which they should be packed in a way that allows minimal movement. So, each piece should be packed in such a way that it doesn’t lose its look and feel.

There are several ways to pack your jewelry efficiently. You can either make use of organizers or adapt some DIY strategies to pack your accessories. Here we have elaborated upon a few ways to pack.

How to pack your jewelry
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Use a jewelry roll organizer

Jewelry roll organizers are compartmentalized which allows you to pack all your items in a way that they don’t get entangled.

Rolled up organizers are very good for travel since they effortlessly fit into the luggage without occupying much space and can be unrolled in the hotel room so you have your jewelry on display, making it easier for you to select the piece you want to wear on a particular day.

Additionally, they are affordable and your jewelry won’t rock and roll inside them during travel.

Jewelry box organizer

As mentioned before, it is recommended that you don’t carry heavy and precious jewelry for travel. But if you are traveling for an occasion that requires you to dress up elegantly, you will be forced to carry it anyway.

In such a case, a jewelry box organizer is a must since it provides both organization and protection for your valuable items. It has well-formed segments for each jewelry piece of yours; be it an earring, a neckpiece, and so on.

So, your pieces will stay intact no matter where and how you go.

Use a pouch jewelry holder

If your jewelry is low maintenance and artificial, you can always go for a soft pouch.

These pouches can be easily accommodated in the empty spaces of your bag. When it comes to a pouch jewelry holder; you have two options.

Either you can create a DIY pouch using ribbons and cloth or you can buy ready-made pouches. The choice is up to you.

How to make Pouches Using Ribbons  :  TutorialHow to make Pouches Using Ribbons : Tutorial

Organize jewelry in a pill case

The unique usage of pill boxes is organizing your jewelry! You can use a 7-day pill box and fill in each box with jewelry pieces for each day. Pill cases are sturdy and small, making them a good choice for travel.

Vacuum seal your jewelry

Sealing is the most common way people pack jewelry when traveling. Plastic seals or wraps allow the segregation of jewelry and are also easy to fit into luggage.

Vacuum seal your jewelry
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DIY using straw or buttons

A unique and productive DIY to pack jewelry involves the usage of straw and buttons. Necklaces can be inserted into straws eradicating chances of tangling and buttons can be used to keep earrings organized.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can skillfully pack your jewelry. Since the chances of misplacing items or thefts on a trip can’t be denied; make sure you carry only the jewelry that won’t make you go hysteric on losing it.

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How to Pack Jewelry for Traveling [Tips & Tricks]How to Pack Jewelry for Traveling [Tips & Tricks]