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How to Get Slime Out Of Hair. Useful Tips and Helpful Advice

Here you will find helpful tips regarding the process of removal slime

Removing Slime from Hair

Slime can be a great fun for kids but the second it gets stuck somewhere, it can turn into a nightmare. The worse thing that can happen is when this colorful sticky substance ends up in someone’s hair. That is why we have prepared a detailed guide for all mothers and those who have ever had to deal with this toy.

What Is Slime?

slime in hair
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Slime is a jelly-like colored substance with a thick texture that reminds glue a bit. It was first produced in 1976 and back then slime was made of guar gum. However, today slime is mostly made of chemical ingredients.

It can be shaped in various forms and it is pretty much sticky which can cause some troubles once it is stuck to something like hair or a carpet. Is there a way to delete this jolly toy once it got to the wrong place? Definitely there is! And it is quite simple.

Removing Slime from Hair. Step-By-Step Instruction

Removing Slime from Ha
Photo by Bennie Lukas Bester from Pexels

Anyone would panic when noticing a bulb of this jelly-like substance on their own or someone else’s hair! However, there is nothing to worry about slime in hair. Slime, even though it may look a bunch of troubles, is quite easy to remove from your mane!

For getting slime out of hair, you can try one of the following methods, fortunately, all of them are safe for your locks!

  • Conditioner to get slime out of hair
remove slime from hair
Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

After you noticed some slime in your hair, take a shower and spread some hair conditioner over the damaged area. If the slime bulb is stuck close to the hair tips, it will be enough to simply immerse the locks into warm water.

Using massage moves, apply the conditioner moving the same direction that your hair grows. As long as conditioners contain oils that easily break slime, it will be much easier for you to remove slime from hair this way.

To fasten the process, you can use your comb, and remember to continue watering your locks so that the slime stuck in hair could be easily loosened and pulled out.

After you wash the slime out of your hair, rinse it to delete the rest of the conditioner.

Now wash your hair with the shampoo that you usually use.

  • Oils and oily products
removing slime from hair
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Oils break the slime very well and can help you out with removing slime from hair.

All you need to do is to apply some oil or any other product that contains it to your hair as if it was shampoo and rub it gently into the slimed area. Make sure that you move the same direction your hair grows and your hair is sucked with the oil!

For this method, any vegetable oils like coconut oil, olive or sunflower oil will work well, the same as peanut butter and mayonnaise.

Now take a comb with fine teeth and comb the slime out of your hair carefully.

After you are done with it, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner afterward.

  • Diluted vinegar
How to get gak out of carpet

To begin with, remove as much slime as you manage with your fingers while your hair is still dry.

Before you apply vinegar, protect your eyes with goggles. 

Prepare a mixture of two-third parts of vinegar and one-third part of warm water and pour it over the damaged area. Then rub into the locks carefully.

For this procedure, apple cider vinegar or white vinegar will also work!

Finally, when all the mixture is applied, wash the rest of the slime out of your hair using a hair conditioner.

How to Deal With Other Sticky Toy Things Like Slime?

How to get gak out of carpet

It’s not only slime that threatens your hair! Here you will find helpful tips regarding the process of removal of other playthings of such kins

  • How to get silly putty out of hair 

Luckily, the producer of this sticky thing provides instructions for those whose hair got in a stretchy trap.

All you have to do is to apply a lot of hair conditioner on the damaged area and then carefully comb it starting from the bottom of the putty. Keep on doing this until all the plaything is out and then just wash your hair as you normally do.

  • How to get playdough out of hair

If your kid happened to have this thing in his or her hair, don’t worry! First of all, comb the hair properly to get to the dough. 

Then mix some hot water and soap for dishes, soak a cloth in this mixture and grasp the dough with this fabric.

Massage the dough with the cloth until the clay begins to leave the locks.

Repeat the procedure until all the dough is gone and then wash the hair with shampoo.

What Is Gak? What to Do If It’s Stuck to the Carpet?

remove slime from hair
Photo by Sanketh Rao from Pexels

Gak is a toy thing similar to silly putty, play dough and slime. It was pretty popular in the early 90-s and back then it was real trouble for all the mothers! It can also be transformed into different shapes just like slime and play dough can, and…yes, it is the same sticky! How to get gak out of carpet? It’s easy!

  • Use your hairdryer to dry the gak blot on the carpet
  • The second it is soft, put a cellophane glove and pull the gak off the carpet. You can heat it with hairdryer while removing to prevent it from hardening.
  • Make a blend of warm water and laundry liquid and scrub the damaged carpet area using a soft brush.
  • Let the carpet dry itself.


These methods are very simple and don’t require any special chemicals which also makes them safe for applying on kids. Nevertheless, all of these slime-removing tips are very effective when removing such sticky toys from any hairy surface! 

So, next time you buy your children some slime, make sure they enjoy their colorful sticky toys and don’t worry — you will be able to deal with the slime blot no matter what!

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