How to Get Slime Out Of Hair. Useful Tips and Helpful Advice

Here you will find helpful tips regarding the process of deleting slime

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Slime can be a great fun for kids but the second it gets stuck somewhere, it can turn into a nightmare. The worse thing that can happen is when this colorful gluey substance ends up in someone’s hair. That is why we have prepared a detailed guide for all mothers and those who have ever had to deal with this toy.

What Is Slime?

Slime is a jelly-like colored substance with a thick texture that reminds glue a bit. It was first produced in 1976 and back then slime was made of guar gum. However, today slime is mostly made of chemical ingredients.

slime in hair
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It can be shaped in various forms and it is pretty much viscid which can cause some troubles once it is stuck to something like hair or a rug. Is there a way to delete this jolly toy once it got to the wrong place?

Definitely, there is! And it is quite simple.

Deleting Guck from Hair. Step-By-Step Instruction

Removing Slime from Ha

Anyone would panic when noticing a bulb of this jelly-like substance on their own or someone else’s hair! However, there is nothing to worry about slime in hair. Slime, even though it may look a bunch of troubles, is quite easy to remove from your mane!

For getting slime out of hair, you can try one of the following methods, fortunately, all of them are safe for your locks!

  • Conditioner to get slime out of hair
remove slime from hair
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After you noticed some slime in your hair, take a shower and spread some hair conditioner over the damaged territory. If the slime bulb is stuck close to the hair tips, it will be enough to simply immerse the locks into lukewarm liquid.

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Using massage moves, apply the conditioner moving the same direction that your hair grows. As long as conditioners contain lipoids that effortlessly break slime, it will be much easier for you to remove slime from hair this way.

To fasten the process, you can use your hair tooth, and remember to continue watering your locks so that the slime stuck in hair could be easily loosened and pulled out.

After you wash the slime out of your hair, rinse it to delete the rest of the conditioner.

Now wash your locks with the remedy that you usually use.

  • Lipoids and oily things
removing slime from hair
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Oils break the slime very well and can help you out with removing slime from hair.

All you need to do is to apply some oil or any other remedy that contains it to your hair as if it was shampoo and rub it gently into the slimed territory. Make sure that you move the same direction your hair grows and your hair is sucked with the oil!

For this method, any vegetable oils like coconut oil, olive or sunflower oil will work well, the same as peanut butter and mayonnaise.

Now take a hair tooth with fine teeth and work the slime out of your hair accurately.

After you are done with it, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner afterward.

  • Diluted vinegar
How to get gak out of carpet

To begin with, remove as much slime as you manage with your fingers while your hair is still dry.

Before you apply vinegar, protect your eyes with goggles. 

Prepare a blend of two-third parts of vinegar and one-third part of lukewarm H2O and pour it over the damaged zone. Then rub into the locks softly.

For this procedure, apple cider vinegar or white vinegar will also work!

Finally, when all the mixture is applied, wash the rest of the slime out of your hair using a restoring curative.

How to Deal With Other Gluey Toy Things Like Slime?

How to get gak out of carpet

It’s not only slime that threatens your hair! Here you will find helpful hints regarding the process of deleting of other playthings of such kins

  • How to get silly goo out of hair 

Luckily, the producer of this gummy thing provides instructions for those whose hair got in a stretchy trap.

All you have to do is to apply a lot of hair conditioner on the damaged area and then carefully brush it starting from the bottom of the guck. Keep on doing this until all the plaything is out and then just wash your hair as you normally do.

  • How to get playdough out of hair

If your kid happened to have this thing in his or her hair, don’t worry! First of all, brush the hair properly to get to the dough. 

Then mix some hot water and soap for dishes, immerse a cloth in this mixture and grasp the dough with this fabric.

Massage the dough with the cloth until the clay begins to leave the locks.

Repeat the procedure until all the dough is gone and then wash the hair with shampoo.

What Is Gak? What to Do If It’s Stuck to the Rug?

remove slime from hair
Photo by Sanketh Rao from Pexels

Gak is a toy thing similar to silly putty, play dough and slime. It was pretty widely known in the early 90-s and back then it was real trouble for all the mothers! It can also be transformed into different shapes just like slime and play dough can, and…yes, it is the same viscid! How to get gak out of carpeting? It’s easy!

  • Use your hairdryer to dry the gak blot on the rug
  • The second it is downy, put a cellophane glove and pull the gak off the carpeting. You can heat it with hairdryer while removing to prevent it from hardening.
  • Make a blend of lukewarm H2O and laundry detergent and scrub the damaged carpet area using a soft brush.
  • Let the carpet dry itself.


These methods are very simple and don’t require any special chemicals which also makes them safe for applying on kids. Nevertheless, all of these slime-removing suggestions are very effective when removing such gluey toys from any hairy surface! 

So, next time you buy your children some slime, make sure they enjoy their colored viscid toys and don’t fuss – you will be able to deal with the slime blot no matter what!

Slimy toys have become popular among kids all over the world. And since this stretchy thing is cool and fun, it often causes problems when sticking everywhere.  

Does slime come out of hair without efforts? Everything hangs upon how well you’ll try.

And here is what bothers people most of all regarding this issue.

How to Clean Slime Marks Off Your Garments

How to Clean Slime Marks Off Your Garments
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Slime can become a true challenge once it gets to our hair but clothes are threatened even more since they are in closer contact with the gooey toy. Some mothers even say that the stains this gluey thing leaves are harder to delete than oil stains! For this reason, it is good to learn several basic ways of how to remove slime traces from your garments effortlessly. 

The only thing that must be remembered is that different types of fabric will need different methods of cleaning, otherwise, there is a high risk of damaging the apparel. And of course, always start with taking as much goo as possible off the clothes, if it’s still there. Like that, further cleaning will be way simpler!

  • Remove slime marks with vinegar

Yes, ordinary white acetum that can be found in any kitchen next to the bottle of the sunflower oil! Acetum is the best remedy both for new and old goo stains, so we recommend you to clean your clothes with it if you have no other solutions.

Make use of it in a few simple steps.

  • Pour acetum right to the slimy mark, and let it soak the goo for several minutes
  • Accurately scrub the scorch with a soft brush to prevent harming the apparel
  • If you’re dealing with a delicate fabric, use a paper towel or cloth instead of a bristle scraper
  • Rinse your clothing with lukewarm water to delete the rests of the slime, and wash away the acetum
  • If the mark is removed, launder the item according to its care instructions
How to remove slime from clothes - SOLVED REAL LIFE SOLUTIONHow to remove slime from clothes – SOLVED REAL LIFE SOLUTION
  • Remove slime traces using wash-up liquid

This approach is good to follow if you can’t stand the odor of acetum which is rather strong and specific. If this is your case, the best option would be to go for the wash-up liquid and go through all the steps described in the guide above.

  • Clean gooey marks from clothes with acetone

If you need to remove the glue-based slime, then acetone will be the best option. Just take a cotton pad, dampen it with the curative, and accurately work on the scorch. The second the spot is deleted, launder the apparel using relatively hot water.

Since acetone can discolor fabrics, try it on a small piece of cloth first!

  • What to do if guck is left on the garment after the laundry?
Easily Remove Slime From ClothesEasily Remove Slime From Clothes

It’s best of all when ooze is deleted prior to the launder since the contact with hot water makes slime sit firmer. However, if you spot any traces of it after the wash, there are still two ways of dealing with the problem! Follow the one that fits your particular situation.

  • If the item wasn’t tumble-dried yet

In this case, it’s good to go for the acetum method that was described before. This approach works for damp and wet clothing, too, but dry items (even if dried without tumbling) will need another treatment.

  • If the apparel has come out of the drying barrel/dried itself

In this case, one of the optimal ways is to peel off the dried goo with tweezers. As an option, treat the dry blot with a piece of ice. Another variant is to dampen the goo, place the garment into the freezing packet, and toss it to frosting camera to harden the blot. Later, it will be simpler to take it off.

Get Slime Out of Clothes! Quick & EasyGet Slime Out of Clothes! Quick & Easy

What if none of the described methods worked? Then we advise purchasing something professional like a special goo remover.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How to get slime out of barbie hair?

Dolls suffer often enough when kids play with slimy toys. How to get dried slime out of doll hair? Mix up some shampoo and conditioner with water, immerse the affected locks into the liquid and keep there for ten or fifteen minutes. Then remove the gluey substance with the fingers accurately until the guck is gone. If needed, redo the soaking again.
Finally, rinse and comb the doll’s chevelure meticulously.

⭐ How to get glue-based slime out of hair?

Rinse the hair with warm water to start breaking the slimy bulb. Then take some clarifying shampoo and spread over the affected locks moving downward. Keep it on the locks for several minutes and wash off. Do again if needed.
Finally, comb the locks to delete any leftover particles.
Also, vinegar will work well.

⭐ How to get slime out of curly hair?

Removing the sticky substance from curly chevelure may be tricky only because there is a risk of tangling.
To make the locks more even, moisten them with warm water (it will additionally soften the slimy blot) and then treat with any clarifying shampoo.
Such shampoos break through tough dirt which will ease the process of removal.
Apply it onto the locks with the downward moves to avoid tangling them and leave for a while.
Afterward, remove the sticky mass with the fingers, wash the product off and rinse the locks.

⭐ How to get fluffy slime out of hair?

Fluffy or not, goo is always the same. To destroy it, use either purifying shampoo or more “aggressive” means like vinegar. Oily products (e.g. peanut butter) will work as well.
The scheme is also the same. Dampen the damaged locks with water, apply the curative, spread it evenly to soak the strands and let it sit.
Then, using fingers or a wide comb, remove the sticky glob carefully going over the treatment if necessary.
In the end, rinse the chevelure.

⭐ Can you wash slime out of hair?

If it’s still soft, it can be just washed off the locks, however, using the additional means will be still mandatory since this substance is impossible to remove with water only.

⭐ How do you get slime out of dog hair?

To save the pet, remove all the excess goo with fingertips or comb. Using oil, conditioner or rubbing alcohol, work on the remaining glob rubbing the product into the fur and around.
Let it sit a bit and start combing the putty out carefully with a dampened comb.
Rinse the affected zone with warm water and go through the procedure if needed.

⭐ How to make slime come out of hair if it’s made of gel and water?

Such sort of putty can be treated the same as any other. Shampoo, conditioner, rubbing alcohol, oily products or vinegar - choose which one will be used.
Then wet the affected locks, spread the product over and leave.
After a while, start slowly combing off adding more curing products if necessary.
Finally, wash the strands again to remove any remaining particles of putty.
Whenever you see or hear something like “How to get slime out of hair with coke?”, you’d rather use one of the trusted methods that will work for sure. Don’t experiment since it’s about your chevelure.

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How to get slime out of your hair ( I got slime stuck in my hair)How to get slime out of your hair ( I got slime stuck in my hair)