2024 Buzzworthy Makeup Trends you need to know.

Trendy makeup moves that are all about expressing yourself without holding back.

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Makeup just got a whole lot cooler in 2024. 

This year’s hottest looks are all about having fun with bold, unconventional vibes. We’re talking wildly colorful graphic liner looks that’ll make your eyes pop. Blush isn’t just for apples of the cheeks anymore—it’s draped up towards the temples for a serious contoured sculpt. And the lip game is insane—whether you’re craving a just-bitten blotted stain or a mirror-shine ombré pout. Even the “no makeup” trend feels fresh with its dewy, fresh-faced glow. 

Get ready to remix your makeup routine with these totally buzzworthy beauty trends. 

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Blush Looks 

Let’s get flushed, beauties! Blush looks in 2024 is all about taking that pretty pink pop way beyond the apples of your cheeks. We’re talking a full-on blush moment that’ll give you the most gorgeous, youthful radiance.

  • Blush Draping: This trend involves draping blushy wash up towards your temples and around your eyes for a soft, sculpted effect. It’s like contouring but way prettier and more flattering. Swirl that vibrant cream blush from your cheekbones up in a curved shape, and watch as your features get an instant lift.       


  • Then we’ve got blurred lip tints, which give us the most kissable, just-made-out pout. Load up on that same creamy blush or a tinted lip balm and dab it over your lips and cheeks for a soft, monochromatic flush. It’s romantic and oh-so-french girl chic.


  • But the real game-changer is blush contouring. Who needs a harsh bronzer when you can chisel and define your bone structure with different shades of blush? Use a bright poppy shade on the apples, then a deeper plum or berry along the hollows. It’s smart contouring that leaves you with ‘that’ pretty glow.


  • Making a sheer wash of blush the main focus is also an ultra-feminine, doll-like look that’ll bring your complexion to life. As the experts say, ‘There’s a lightness and youthfulness to it!’
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When it comes to eyes in 2024, it’s all about making a captivating statement through color and artistic strokes. This year’s eye looks redefine what being a true makeup maverick means.

  • Colorful graphic liners: We’re talking electric blues, emerald greens, and regal purples being swiped and swooped into abstract shapes and patterns. It’s eye-catching, it’s edgy, it’s makeup as a creative outlet. And the best part? Colorful mascaras in those same jewel tones to make your glance smolder.


  • The sheer look: On the other end of the spectrum is the soft, romantic vibe of glazed sheer washes of color. Swipe a tinted balm or shimmery gloss over your lids for the prettiest veil of shine and subtle pastel dimension. It’s low-key yet luxurious…the ultimate ‘my lids but better’ look.


  • The power of neutral: But don’t count out the quiet power of matte neutrals just yet. Softly sculpted brown and taupe smokey eyes are having a serious moment that allows your skill as a makeup artist to truly shine. It’s all about using those muted, velvety matte shades to chisel and define your natural eye shape and features. 

2024 is the year to get experimental and expressive with your eye looks. As the runways showed, sometimes a single pop of vibrant color or an artfully blended neutral alone is powerful enough to make a statement. It’s time to let your lids do the talking.

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Pout Perfection

This year’s lip trends have an easygoing, low-key vibe that still manages to make a serious statement.

  • Blotted Lip Stains: The diffused, popsicle-tinted lip look gives us romantic, flushed-from-a-kiss vibes. It’s soft, subtle, and insanely pretty. People yearn for something a little softer and more organic-looking than a sharply drawn lip line. A blotted stain in a rosy nude or terracotta brown achieves that deliciously undone, just-been-kissed effect to perfection.


  • Glossy Overload: We’re talking full-on, high-shine glosses layered over lipstick or tint for a lavishly juicy finish. It’s a delectable throwback to the 90s lip gloss craze with a modern twist. Opt for a clear glassy gloss, or try a pretty tinted shade like sheer cherry or iridescent pearl.

  • Ombré Lips: It’s a chic take on the 90s dark liner trend, but now you use two lipstick shades in the same color family to create a soft gradient effect. Richer tones are concentrated on the outer lip edges, while a lighter hue is blended toward the center. The result is a multi-tonal, dimensionally sculpted lip that plays up your natural shape and color.
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Face Forth

This year’s face makeup vibes are all about playing up your natural radiance to the glowing max. We’re talking lit-from-within luminosity achieved through the most delectable, cream-based candies. It’s the ultimate ‘my skin, but better’ stive-for. 

  • Blinding Highlighter Beams: Why settle for a subtle sheen when you can be an ultra-lit sunbeam? 2024’s highlighter game is raising the shine factor. Use a light-reflecting, almost metallic formula to strategically place high-intensity highlights on cheekbones, cupid’s bows, and anywhere else you want to create a luminous, glass-like glow.


  • Cream is the Dream: Ditch the powders and mattes – dewy, natural-looking cream formulas are the move for bronzers and blushes this year. A cream bronzer delicately warmed along the high points of your face mimics a gorgeous natural tan. 


  • The ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup Look: At the same time, that ultra-fresh ‘no-makeup’ base is also having a major moment. We’re talking about using sheer skin tints and hydrating serum formulas to smooth and subtly perfect your stunning natural complexion—not mask it! The vibe is ‘expensive minimalism meets effortless cool-girl radiance.’  

Let your real skin do all the slaying in 2024. Whether you enhance it with an ethereal glow, a dewy berry pop, or a seamless, ‘I woke up like this’ base – we think true radiance comes from simply letting yourself shine.  

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At the end of the day, 2024’s makeup trends are a reminder that makeup should be straight-up fun and empowering – not just about covering up so-called ‘flaws.’ 

This year’s looks are all about unleashing your inner artist and using makeup as a bold way to express your unique self. Don’t be afraid to get innovative and expressive. The boldest looks yet are still to come!












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