15 Bold Eyeliner Colors To Try Out for a Glam Look

Discover trendy shades to elevate your look for any occasion.

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Eyeliner has always added to the beauty of your eyes; whether you like to create a classic everyday look or want to add some drama to look majestic at night, eyeliner has always been a girl’s best friend. With the evolving fashion trends, multiple new colors have been popped up to give you a glamorous and funky look.

These bold eyeliner colors are a joy to play with, and if applied correctly, they add a unique charm and charisma to your personality. Let’s try them out this season and let your eyes do the talking. 

List of Bold Eyeliner Colors

1-Neon Pink

Neon is the new black. It gives you an instant hint of colors and draws everyone’s attention towards your eyes. You can create a glamorous and dramatic look using neon pink eyeliner and you would love it more than your old favorite pink. 

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2-Aqua Blue

This is the most trending eyeliner color that adds a cool vibe to your eye makeup. It goes with almost all skin tones giving you a cool and chic look. Match it with your dress to complete the vibe or use it with a glitter finish to add that extra wow factor.

3-Lime Yellow

Add an electric twist to your eyes by using this oh-so-amazing lime yellow coloured eyeliner. Lime yellow is a refreshing colour and it will suit you best if you are daring enough to play around with it. A few interesting ways of its application can be graphic, bold or winged in contrast with black or other neon colors. 

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4-Swan White

Nothing can beat the magic created by white. If you want to portray an image of yourself carrying innocence and purity, you can use white eyeliner. It will also enhance the look of your eyes, making them look bigger and wider. Use the power of white in your favor to create the charismatic look you always wished for. 

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5-Peachy Pink

What can be better than the dreamy, natural peach tones for your eyeliner? It goes really well with your blushing cheeks and creates a glowing, natural look. This peach eyeliner is your best friend in the daytime and also works best at night events if you want to opt for the most natural no-makeup look. 

6-Teal Tale

Teal green is the most fashionable yet underrated color for eyeliners. It gives a pop of color to your eyes without being too much. A subtle yet highlighting effect that it creates, works wonderfully for both warm and fair skin tones. Try out this teal colored eyeliner now to tell a new charming tale.  

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7-Deep Navy

Navy blue color in deep hues is ideal for women who don’t like to experiment much yet try to keep their makeup game on point. It suits best with warm and deep shades of clothing like black, grey, navy blue, and Silver. This deep navy color brings all the attention to your eyes adding intensity to your overall look.

8-Tangy Orange

Summers are all about fun, so why not play around with this orange-colored eyeliner? It is the boldest and most vibrant choice of color this summer. You can easily pull off your swim look or enjoy a mojito near the beach while wearing this cool and refreshing tangy orange eyeliner. It can also be a great choice for summer evenings when you want to pop your eyes with a bright color, giving sunny vibes. 

9-Lilac Dream

Cool hues of lilac colour sets you apart from the crowd and make you stand out in lovely hues of this trending colour. It is ideal to wear with light colored clothes especially floral dresses and summary silhouettes. This lovely lilac colored eyeliner assures that you look like a classic urban chic and it keeps your makeup game on point. 

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10-Candy Pop

This funky eyeliner look can be achieved by applying a hint of different colors blending together perfectly. Lighter shades of pink, blue, green and yellow blend in perfectly together to bring out the cotton candy inspired look. It will not only add to the beauty of your eyes but also make you look like a funky and fun loving person. 

11-Ash Grey

Ash Grey is the perfect color to blend in with your skin and create a mysterious dark eye look. It is a very safe color to play with and it can never disappoint you. Dark eyes are always a symbol of mesmerizing beauty adding glamour to your look. This beautiful Ash Grey Eyeliner will create a perfect bold statement look at night events making you stand out from the crowd.  


It is the only color that works best on your eyes as well as lips. It can work on any skin type so you can apply it without having to worry about its suitability. When applying a raspberry red eyeliner, make sure you keep your lips nude or in a lighter shade. Rock the unique glam look with the bold raspberry red color and enjoy the compliments you get. 

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13-Shimmery Gold

Shimmery gold is your best friend for night parties and events. It adds a magical sparkle to your eyes and gives a rich vibe. This terrific shimmery gold eyeliner gives you a chance to play around and create multiple looks like smudged eyes, floating liner look or maybe a basic winged eyeliner.


Magenta is a powerful color to highlight your eye makeup and you can use it as a tool to drive all the attention towards your eyes. Create funky glam looks with your Magenta eyeliner and pair it up with bold neon colors to get the perfect vibe.

15-Metallic Silver

Cool tone metallic shades can never go out of fashion. The best way to create a glitz and glam look is to blend the silver eyeliner with a hint of shimmer. Silver eyeliner is also ideal to make your eyes look bigger. Have fun creating terrific glam looks and rock your events. 

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We have got you covered for all the glam looks you always desire to carry. Now, your eye makeup is sorted with these 15 majestic eyeliner colors. Let’s play around with these cool, playful eyeliner colors and buy them now to rock your events.

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